17-20 April 2014
Salt Lake City, Utah
Maryam Namazie will be speaking at 2014 American Atheists National Convention. More details here.

11-12 October 2014
London, UK
Maryam Namazie will be organising and speaking at a two-day international conference on the Religious-Right, Secularism and Civil Rights at Tower Hotel, London. More information can be found here.

Past speaking engagements can be found here.


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    Deborah Jamil

    Are any of these women/organizations tackling the “man was first, woman came out of him and is the weak one” story of creation? We managed to replace the Church’s version of the earth and solar system but not this even though it affects all of us all of the time. “Evolution” is not enough because it does not directly address the absurdity of a woman coming out of a man or her being the weak one when both men and women, all of humanity, come out of the woman.

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    Dear Maryam,

    If you have a newsletter, please add my email to your list.
    I am interested in events (Amina, human rights etc) in Toronto.

    Kindest regards & take care,

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    Iranian Atheist

    Thank you for what you do Maryam, I would love to know when you are in Toronto!
    I’m an ex-Muslim Iranian atheist as well, living in Toronto. I run the following blog:

    I have a fairly large number of followers on tumblr, and I have just made a post about your blog to advertise your page, who you are, and your views. As someone who completely relates to what you are doing, and does the same, albeit, in a much lesser extent than the hard work you do, I just want to thank you!

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