28 June 2014, 14:00 – 17:00
CitizenM Hotel, 60 Renfrew St, Glasgow, G2 3BW
Apostasy, Atheism, Secularism and Ex-Muslims
First Public Seminar of Ex-Muslims Scotland

9 August 2014
Oxford, UK
Maryam will participate in a panel “Is there something about Islam?” with Majid Nawaaz and Kenan Malik amongst others. More details to follow.

11-12 October 2014
London, UK
Maryam Namazie will be organising and speaking at a two-day international conference on the Religious-Right, Secularism and Civil Rights at Tower Hotel, London. More information can be found here.

Past speaking engagements can be found here.


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    Deborah Jamil

    Are any of these women/organizations tackling the “man was first, woman came out of him and is the weak one” story of creation? We managed to replace the Church’s version of the earth and solar system but not this even though it affects all of us all of the time. “Evolution” is not enough because it does not directly address the absurdity of a woman coming out of a man or her being the weak one when both men and women, all of humanity, come out of the woman.

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    Dear Maryam,

    If you have a newsletter, please add my email to your list.
    I am interested in events (Amina, human rights etc) in Toronto.

    Kindest regards & take care,

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    Iranian Atheist

    Thank you for what you do Maryam, I would love to know when you are in Toronto!
    I’m an ex-Muslim Iranian atheist as well, living in Toronto. I run the following blog:

    I have a fairly large number of followers on tumblr, and I have just made a post about your blog to advertise your page, who you are, and your views. As someone who completely relates to what you are doing, and does the same, albeit, in a much lesser extent than the hard work you do, I just want to thank you!

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    I stumbled across your blog from watching youtube video’s of the issues related around anti fascists aligning themselves with islamist groups, which I consider a more dangerous mix of a inappropriate delusional message thats sending to the masses. The issues of ismlamaphobia is a reaction to post colonial guilt by the 19th & early 20th century european imperial powers that brought exploitation to most of the middle east and south Asia.

    In recent times of age this has been an issues thats gone far past its racsim boundaries to the point that islamism is now a tool of using the freedoms of the political institutions against themselves. This has been a dangerous political mess where islamism has become untouched with its sharia objectives and awakening and objection to its objectives has come under very heavy racist and fascist fire from ignorant opponents.

    I have paid close attention and great interest in the region, and I wish that the world can live in freedom and mutual respect/ peace. Unfortunately the 7th century is still a large chunk of this planet and at its core fundamentally wants to violently force the rest to join it.

    Europe itself systematically took centuries to get where it is now cutting its strangle holds from the church and establishing secularism, that by far in recent times, any intelligent person cant agree more that freedom for all is the way to go. Having debates on secularism being an militant ideology is a scary and frightening reaction to me because simply what other way works..than total and full control of one religious or ideological rule.

    Another issue that I have paid much attention to is the rapid rise of anti- Semitism. This carries a frightening historic return of jewish extermination. The New world order conspiracy theory as you have heard carries the blame that the zionist jews are at the centre pint of designing a new world order, in which they use the excuse of destabilised nations around them to expand there territory and take over the middle east then the rest of the world.. This absurd theory has been at theory tip and mindset at most shia ( iranian, Hezbolah) believers. They seem to blame the Whabbi ( Saudi, Qatari) as being zionists in disguise and causing destabilisation in the region. This has not yet ever been self critical, the blame is always set on someone else from a non islamic background. The rise of this so called 3rd instalment which follows after the fall of the soviets and before the nazis, is a new world crisis and I fear cant be ignored.

    I myself have lost a brother to a jesus cult, which brainwashed him and completely distorted his views. I think having global islamic funding from Saudi Arabia into schools has a immense negative impact in youth and a entire generation of muslims to come.

    I hope to hear from you, Im from Australia.


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