September 2012: Freedom and Nudity

September 2012 is here. The photo for this month’s Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar is that of atheist  blogger, Emily Dietle.

Here’s what Emily said about the project:

– Why did you join the ‘Scream’ and Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar?
There are people who are actively trying to silence, shame, and control women, in this country and abroad.  It is up to those of us who can make an impact, to do so.

My involvement with this calendar has nothing to do with religion, other than it being a stand against those, this time in Islam, that wish to control women; it has everything to do with my values. I have no shame about my body, and this is a stand against those who fear & despise women and want them to be hidden in society.  If it weren’t for people who took a strong stand against misogyny and for free-expression, we’d still be in an age where showing your ankles was taboo. Look to countries that still practice misogynistic practices, without opposition, they are successful at their attempts to bind and control women. [Read more…]

British Police: You did the Islamic morality police proud

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join the FEMEN action against Sharia law and Islamism at the Olympics today as I am really sick and travelling tomorrow for a conference in Montreal (which I would most likely have missed since they were arrested).

Reza Moradi was there and filmed their action and the police’s brutal arrest. Interesting how the police were so pre-occupied with covering up their breasts and bodies.

British police: you did your Islamic morality counterparts in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan proud!

Talk about an upside down world. Regimes that have killed a generation, impose sex apartheid, and still stone people to death in the 21st century are given red carpet treatments by the Olympics Committee and this is what women’s rights campaigners get.

But not to worry, our day will come.

FEMEN activists arrested

Police were brutal towards the FEMEN activists protesting Sharia law and Islamist states in the Olympics. I got a text today saying that four activists had been arrested at their action today. This report says five.

Shame on the British police. They have arrested the wrong people.

There are plenty of representatives of Islamic states that should be arrested instead of women defending rights and opposing violence against women. But then we already know which side the ruling elite is on.

After all Islamism has merely annihilated an entire generation… But it is topless activists that must be brutalised and arrested!?

A victory for women!?

Have you seen the new Egyptian channel called Maria where women must all wear the niqab and full Islamic veil to work there?

An Islamic ‘scholar’ says this is a ‘victory for women’.


Is anyone else finding absurd the contradiction of hiding women away in a mobile prison and then putting them on television for all to see?

The ‘scholar’ may package it any way he wants but clearly this is another attempt in ensuring that women know their place in Egyptian society.

It’s the Islamists, however, that need to know their place – somewhere in the dustbins of history…


(Link via Dawood)

Topless activism against the Olympics and Sharia law


As you know, we’ve been involved in some protests against the International Olympics Committee’s violation of its principles of gender equality and neutrality with regards Islamic states, veiling and inequality. On 25 July, One Law for All co-organised an event on this at which activist Sundas Hoorain spoke. Here is her speech.

Tomorrow, FEMEN is organising another related event, which is demanding that the International Olympics Committee condemn violence against women via Islamist states. Femen demands that those states that apply Sharia law be shut out of the Olympic games, because of the inhumanity of Sharia laws, which are in total contradiction with Olympic principles.

With the support of the IOC, these Islamist governments are using their participation of women in the Olympic games to hide thousands of victims and dead.

FEMEN’s action will take place tomorrow at 11am. The meeting point for the media is 10.45am in front of the London House, near Tower Bridge.

Join FEMEN if you can tomorrow. We have to do all we can whilst attention is on the Olympics to show our opposition to Islamism and our support of women’s rights and equality.

For more information, contact: / 0033662839340 or 0033663187245.


August 2012: I am my body

August 2012 is here. The photo for this month’s Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar is that of atheist writer and blogger, Greta Christina, who was one of the first women to agree to take part in the calendar.

When Greta was asked why nudity and the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar, she said:

Sexuality is one of the most powerful aspects of human experience, and the suppression of sexuality by religious or other tyranny can have devastating consequences.

Sexual freedom is an important freedom — but it’s one that commonly gets ignored or trivialized. When Aliaa Magda Elmahdy posted nude photos of herself in defiance of Islamist theocracy, she did something incredibly brave, and I want to stand with her and support her.

Here’s some other things Greta has written on the calendar and nudity:

Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar is here and I’m in it

What I may do with my nude body

Unmixing messages

By the way, here is her photo censored for Facebook since it doesn’t allow nudity…

You can download the calendar or purchase it here and join the scream on Facebook or Tweet #NudePhotoRevolutionary Calendar.

None of your business!

For those who think all ‘Muslims’ think alike and love to live under restrictions and Sharia law, here’s a brilliant video of a Saudi woman refusing to comply with the demand of the morality police that she leave the mall because her hair is showing, she’s got nail polish and lip stick. She stands her ground in a way that will make you smile all day, every day for the rest of the week.

(Link via Hassan Radwan)

25 July 2012: Protest against the Olympics Committee’s failure to implement principles of equality and neutrality

On 25 July 2012 in conjunction with the opening of the London Olympics, ‘London 2012: Justice for Women’ is organising a protest against the Olympics Committee’s failure to implement principles of equality and neutrality. The group’s concerns include the banning of female athletes in contravention of principles of equality by Saudi Arabia and the inclusion of veiled women in contravention to neutrality principles. The group is also calling for homage to women pioneers in sports, amongst other demands.

The protest begins with a public meeting on the Hispaniola (moored near Embankment tube station) from 10.30am-13.00pm, focusing on the concepts of neutrality versus politico-religious symbols, and how women’s rights to equality and universalism are being ignored and denied by the Olympics Committee. Speakers at the public meeting include representatives of the European Women’s Lobby, secularists and women’s rights defenders, including from countries under Islamic laws.

Drinks, sandwiches and a New-Orleans jazz band will be made available at the meeting. [Read more…]

What happened to all that talk on Afghan women’s rights?

The second Bonn conference starts today to determine Afghanistan’s future ten years after the fall of the Taliban. As was to be expected, women were excluded from the talks (until less than ten days ago and as a result of protests).  ‘Gender issues are going to have to take a back seat to other priorities,’ says a senior US official. [Read more…]

Gulnaz pardoned… so she can marry her rapist

Hamid Karzai is pardoning Gulnaz, the Afghan woman serving a 12-year prison sentence after she was raped.

But don’t get too excited. He is pardoning her so she can marry her rapist!

According to a statement from the presidential palace, ‘As the both sides [Gulnaz and the rapist] have agreed to get married to each other with conditions, respective authorities were tasked to take action upon it according to Islamic Shariah’.

It doesn’t get more [un]just than that. [Read more…]

Anyone looking for a job?

The women’s basij group (the Islamic regime of Iran’s paramilitary militia) has trained 52,000 ‘experts’ to ‘promote chastity and veiling’ in the society. Maybe some of those ‘progressives’ who so love the hejab can join the women’s basij as they are also looking to create an Institute for chastity and veiling and a group of scholars and experts on – you guessed it – chastity and veiling. [Read more…]

Calling All Nude Photo Revolutionaries

Remember Calendar Girls when a group of women posed nude to raise money for charity? As a follow up to the photo of Israeli women who stripped in solidarity with Egyptian blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, why not make a calendar of Nude Photo Revolutionaries in homage to Aliaa and also to raise awareness on free expression and women’s rights and against misogyny and Islamism. [Read more…]