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Jun 11 2012

Blogging for Secular Student Alliance

I’m blogging every half an hour from 9am to 3pm UK time in support of the Secular Student Alliance blogathon. The SSA is trying to raise £100,000 by 16 June. I’m not quite sure what I’m meant to write about so I’ll start writing about some of the things that I’ve been meaning to comment …

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Mar 29 2012

Seriously, we are intolerant!?


Below is my speech at my first ever QED Conference in Manchester. It’s a real pleasure to be here. It’s my first QED and for that matter skeptic event. I’m grateful for the things I have learnt this weekend. I have to admit that I would most probably never have attended a talk about werewolves …

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Mar 18 2012

Long live Peter Tatchell

On Saturday, I went to the National Secular Society’s Secularist of the Year award ceremony. Peter Tatchell was the deserving winner for his life-long commitment to human rights. NSS President Terry Sanderson said of him: ‘But he has persevered and now he has made the unprecedented transition from public enemy number one to national treasure.’ …

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Feb 21 2012

They will never learn

Multi-culturalism – not as a positive lived experience – but as a social policy is a politics of division. I agree. It divides people into cultures and puts cultures (the most regressive aspects) before citizens. But in response, Minister Eric Pickles says a return of Christianity in Britain’s public life will bring about the community …

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Feb 19 2012

In defence of militant secularisation

In a recent speech the Tory Party Chairperson Lady Warsi said: ‘My fear is that, today, militant secularisation is taking hold of our societies. We see it in a number of things: when signs of religion cannot be displayed or worn in government buildings, and where religion is sidelined and downgraded in the public sphere. …

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Nov 26 2011

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy and RAWA support it – so should you!

More than 2,000 people have signed on to the Manifesto for a Free and Secular Middle East and North Africa including Women Living Under Muslims Laws, Egyptian blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, Writer Salman Rushdie, European Women’s Lobby, and the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA).

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Nov 03 2011

You really need to sign this

Whilst we are on the subject of campaigning, there’s a really important manifesto that you need to support. We have to intervene and stop the Arab spring being hijacked by Islamists and US-led militarism and turned into an Arab winter. Nothing is guaranteed in this world. We have to fight for progressive change and it’s …

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Apr 28 2010

The fight for a secular society in Iran is intrinsically linked to the fight for a secular one in Britain

I received the following letter from ‘a group of students from Tehran University the other day. They wrote: ‘We are a group of Iranian students at Tehran University. We found about your group activity two years ago when you held an event on 10th of October 2008 (International day against the Death Penalty). We all …

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