A ‘different culture’ doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt when one is stoned

In September 2011, Mina Ahadi was invited to give a speech at the TEDxESPM conference in São Paulo, Brazil on her campaign against stoning and execution. In her speech she talks about her work and the campaign to save Iran stoning case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. Mina’s first husband was executed in the same prison that Sakineh awaits her death by stoning sentence. Read on…

I am Mina Ahadi from Iran. About 5 years ago a boy called me from Iran. He was 17/18 years old and said: “Is this human rights office?” And I replied: “Yes, I deal with human rights.” He said: “Are you Mina Ahadi?” and I said: “Yes, what can I do to help you?” And he said: “My mother is going to be stoned to death. Mina, you have to help me.” I took a deep breath and said: “Who is your mother?” And he replied: “Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.” I asked: “Where is your mother?” And he answered: “In Tabriz prison.”

I had to take several breaths for Sakineh sits in the prison where my husband was executed. That’s when I said: “Okay, wait, I’m writing down the name, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, and I promise you Sajjad, I’ll help you. I won’t allow your mother to be stoned to death.”

He called again on 2nd June 2010. He said: “Mina, now it’s time. In 2 weeks my mother will be stoned to death.” I said: “You and your sister Saideh (17 years old) have to write a letter and we will translate this letter and I’ll ask people all over the world: Are we going to let this woman be stoned to death in Iran? What are we going to do about it?”

They wrote the letter and we at the International Committee against Stoning translated it into German and English and published it on the Internet. After two days, people, ordinary people from all over the world, had translated it into 30 languages and we have reached millions of people through this campaign. We managed to organise demonstrations in 110 cities. All these people stood up and did something against this barbarism.

I want to explain here why my husband was executed in Iran in the very same prison Sakineh languishes in. I was a medical student in Iran; I was born in a small village named Abhar and because of religion I was forced to go out from the age of nine dressed in a chador. I wanted to play. I asked my mother why my brother could and I couldn’t and the answer was always: because we are Muslims, because we are a Muslim family. Then I thought, I’m going to go to a big city, and then I’ll have my freedom. There I was allowed to study medicine at the University of Tabriz. The first day when I entered the university I threw away my chador and wore a mini skirt and went out. And I thought: Okay, now I have my freedom. At the University of Tabriz (back then it was the Shah’s time) I slowly realised that it’s not a free life because we were for example not allowed to discuss many things or to think. We were not allowed to read Maxim Gorky, and of course, reading Marx was also prohibited. I participated in a revolution against the Shah’s regime. Back then, we young people were on the streets but we didn’t have the chance to give reports of our revolution. There was no Facebook or Twitter then. I heard from the BBC that our revolution was an ‘Islamic’ revolution, and I laughed. Our leader was supposed to be a man named Khomeini. When we heard that name from the BBC, we all laughed. But this was no laughing matter, because the Islamists gained power in Iran. From the beginning I was against the Islamic regime of Iran too. [Read more…]

They always lie; Sakineh is not safe

I had mentioned earlier that the head of the judiciary in East Azerbaijan had said that the prison did not have the “necessary facilities” to carry out Sakineh Mohamadi Ashtiani’s sentence of stoning and that therefore they were considering hanging as an alternative.

Two days after the news of Sakineh’s imminent execution spread, he has now said he was misrepresented!

This is the usual cat and mouse game the regime often plays in order to exhaust those concerned and also cause confusion by giving conflicting statements.

But there can be no confusion. As long as Sakineh is in their prison, she is at risk of execution. According to reports received by the International Committee against Stoning, she has herself been informed of her imminent execution.

This is the Islamic Republic of Iran we are talking about. There are many people who have been executed even though their cases were under review. Remember Delara Darabi? [Read more…]

We will not let them kill Sakineh!

The Islamic Republic of Iran has announced plans to execute rather than stone Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. We can’t let this happen.

Please take the time to send an email, letter or fax to the authorities demanding that her execution be stopped immediately and that she be released. Here’s a list of things you can do to help her. Do it now!

(Via Patty Debonitas and Iran Solidarity)

Iran does not have necessary facilities to stone Sakineh to death so want to hang her instead

Malek Ajdar Sharifi, the head of the judiciary in East Azerbaijan, said on Sunday that the prison does not have the “necessary facilities” to carry out Sakineh Mohamadi Ashtiani’s sentence of stoning!! Therefore, he said, they are considering hanging as an alternative. Really? Have they run out of stones and hired Islamic sadists?

More likely, it is as Mina Ahadi of the International Committee against Stoning says. “Sharifi’s remarks prove[s] that international pressure ha[s] succeeded”. We may never see another stoning take place as a result of this pressure but this international outrage must also save Sakineh’s life. It’s been done before. It can be done again.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is considering Sakineh Mohamadi Ashtiani’s execution

International Committee against Stoning
Press Release 26 December 2011

Malek Ajdar Sharifi, the head of East Azerbaijan province’s justice department, has announced that the Islamic Republic of Iran is considering changing Sakineh Mohamadi Ashtiani’s stoning sentence to execution by hanging and said that they are waiting for the go-ahead from the Ministry of Justice to execute Sakineh.

Clearly, the regime has been unable to stone Sakineh to death because of the global outrage. The regime arrested her lawyer and son and forced her and her son to ‘confess’ on Press TV and incriminate themselves. They have been barred from contacting international institutions. [Read more…]

Enough! On the ‘storm’ around Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s case

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have raised the issue of 41 year old Teresa Lewis’ impending execution in the US to challenge the “storm” surrounding 43 year old Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani who has been sentenced to death by stoning in Iran.

Clearly both women must not be executed. Executions – for whatever reason – are the most deplorable form of intentional murder.

Having said that, however, there are a number of reasons why Sakineh’s impending stoning has caused such a huge public outcry.

Firstly, we have a photo of Sakineh; we know her full name, that she has had a fifth grade education, and that she ‘wants to live,’ making it extremely personal.

Her children have pleaded for help. The international campaign took off in an unprecedented manner after an open letter from Sakineh’s two children calling on people to intervene.

Who can ever forget that letter?

It said: ‘Today we stretch out our hands to the people of the whole world… Is the world so cruel that it can watch this catastrophe and do nothing about it?’

Also we – and particularly Mina Ahadi – have been campaigning against stoning for years. Mina first started working on Sakineh’s case three years ago.

Finally, stoning is the most egregious and barbaric form of execution. The law even specifies the size of stone to be used. Prior to the stoning, the bodies of the victims are washed in the same way the dead are (whilst they are alive), wrapped in a shroud, and then buried in a ditch – up to the waist for men and chest for women. They are then pelted with stones – on prison grounds or in their already dug out graves – until they are dead.

Sakineh has become the cry of 21st century humanity vis-à-vis this era’s barbarism.

Today, stoning has become the racial apartheid of this century – intolerable and unacceptable. The public are just not going to stand for stoning anymore. And as a result governments have taken heed. We know that many governments supported racial apartheid in South Africa for a very long time and only as a result of public pressure did they eventually deem racial apartheid a crime against humanity. We also know that many of the very governments criticising Iran on Sakineh’s case have had and continue to have wonderfully cosy relations with that regime despite its slaughter of an entire generation.

But that is the nature of public outcries – they change laws, they ban the intolerable, they challenge the powers that be and even bring down governments and regimes.

Sakineh’s case has caused such a storm because we want her to live.

We want to save her.

We won’t let her die.

Not because she is the only one in this situation but because she symbolises that which we will no longer tolerate.

There are many others like her – in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, China and yes the US waiting to be killed one way or the other by the state as a tool to repress and intimidate society at large.

But there are also many others like Baby P or Dua Khalil, yet it is their faces and names and stories that force us to scream enough.


Remember Us! A letter from Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s two children

These days, still,
We are lost in our pursuit.

Time goes by and
We become more complicated,
We become less capable of making sense of this life.
How can we make sense of this life?

Sure enough, like children all do,
We too knew the secrets of the universe.
We too listened to the tales told by the flowers…
Oh, not to forget the butterflies!
Alas, our childhood was lost in our pursuit!

Dear Mother!
We are so tired now; now more than ever, we long for the tranquillity, the warmth of being held in your arms. We are exhausted from chilling accusations, tired from crying in our loneliness, weary of weeping in the crowd of strangers. We are spent from walking through our lives alone on an unlit path, being so scared, so constantly, that fear now takes pity on us. We ache from travelling this lonely path of sadness. We want to cry with you; you wipe our tears from our cheeks. We want to hold on to you, and stand alone no more; we yearn to kiss your cheeks.

Yes dearest mother!
It is years since we felt your protecting presence in our lives, or that of our father. Our eyes are fixed on the door; might they let us hear from you? We want to part from this stalemate; but not without you, dearest companion.

We ask ourselves: Who are we? Why are we here? What was the purpose of our existence? Was it to be tortured? Why and for how long? We were left alone, having only each other to hold on to, in the chill, dark, fear-filled alleys. While other little girls sat on their mothers’ knees having their hair combed, my sister, in the bitter cold with only a shirt on, stood shivering behind the high walls, begging to be allowed to see our mother. While I (Sajjad) was witnessing my father’s painful murder – and even more painful, the false, dirty accusations against our mother of killing our father, by those of the Islamic Republic with stones in their hands – those my age sat together with their fathers going through their homework. If we had been given a chance to go to school, we would have loved to write the word “mother” wrong, only so we could draw the punishment from the teacher to write and re-write a thousand times on a clean, white sheet of paper: “mother”!

Would Victor Hugo, if he were alive, create his Les Misérables, and Cosette and Fantine, or Charles Dickens his Oliver Twist and Fagin, when they had us to write about? If Cosette later found her Jean Valjean, if Oliver Twist had his Mr. Brownlow to protect him, the story of our lives is abysmal, is a black whirlpool of breathtaking uncertainty. It is an unfair fall into an endless helplessness. Our protector Mr. Kian (Sakineh’s lawyer) himself has no haven to turn to. He may no longer set foot in the court because he has defended us; he himself needs a (defense lawyer and) protector. What a tragedy is this story of our lives and our future. Perhaps that Information agent was right last week, saying, as they ransacked our lawyer’s office: “Even if you get your mother back, we won’t let you have a life. The world is concerned with your mother, yet you are at our mercy.” How deadly is religious fundamentalism, and how back-breaking the weight of the cross we carry on our back.

We don’t really know what would have become of us if we didn’t have Mr. Kian in Iran, and you abroad. We really don’t know and can’t imagine that. The day I, in tears and total desperation, called an angel named Mina Ahadi, the day that conscience placed Mr. Kian on the same path with us, the day that we were embraced by your support – these are the only moments of joyful hope in our miserable lives. These are the lanterns burning amidst total darkness and hopelessness. So… we humbly beg you, remember us and those like us. Remember our lawyer Mr. Kian and all those like him. Remember Shiva Nazar Ahari, Mohammad Oliyifard, Nasrine Sotoudeh, and all those like them.

We humbly beg you!
Sajjad and Sayideh, to the whole world.

Translation: Ahmad Fatemi, Maria Rohaly

Iran stoning case: ‘Our mother is innocent and should be released unconditionally’

Join September days of action against stoning, execution and flogging in Iran


Since I last wrote to you Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has again been flogged 99 times for an unveiled photo mistakenly attributed to her. She has also been threatened with execution, and denied visitation rights. Even, her lawyer’s home (Hatoun Kian) has been ransacked and his computer and documents seized. Court documents pertaining to Ms Ashtiani’s husband’s closed murder case have also gone missing.

Her 22-year-old son Sajjad is extremely concerned that the Iranian authorities are trying to frame Ms Ashtiani for his father’s murder by constructing a ‘new’ murder case to refute the stoning sentence. Unfortunately a number of media outlets have bought into the lie (see for example BBC Sunday Morning Live’s bias here. In fact, the press have been given a copy of the actual court judgment of stoning for adultery at a 30 July press conference in London. Also, even the man who has been found guilty of murdering her husband has not been executed. In Iran, under Diyeh laws, the family of the victim can ask for the death penalty to be revoked. Ms Ashtiani’s son explains why he and his 17 year old sister spared the man’s life in an interview with French writer and philosopher, Bernard-Henri Levy.

Despite all the regime’s outrages against Ms Ashtiani, her lawyers and family, on 8 September, a government official had the audacity to deceivingly claim that Ms Ashtiani had not been denied visitation rights, that her televised confession was not made under duress, and that she had not been flogged again. He also went on to say that her execution had been halted when no official documents halting her stoning or execution have been given to her lawyer or family.

Clearly this is yet another one of the regime’s ploys to push back the international campaign in her defence by giving the false impression that Ms Ashtiani is safe.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

On 18 September, we call on citizens everywhere to come out in defence of Ms Ashtiani and against the regime of flogging, stoning and execution. We are also calling for protests during 23-24 September when Ahmadinejad will be addressing the UN General Assembly.

Nothing can and will stop us from defending Sakineh’s precious life and bringing an end to the medieval and barbaric punishments of stoning and execution.

Let’s keep the pressure on.

We look forward to receiving news of your actions and events at Actions for Sakineh.

Warmest wishes


Maryam Namazie


1- Find out about 18 September 2010 and 23-24 September 2010 actions here. The events will be updated on a daily basis.

2- Send actions you are organising in your city of residence to actionforsakineh@gmail.com so we can post it on the events page.

If you need help organising an event, see our toolkit on how to organise an action in your city.

3- See reports from the brilliant 100 Cities against Stoning that took place on 28 August. Thanks to all of you who participated. It was an historic day and hopefully one of many more to come!

4- See an updated list of those stoned or awaiting death by stoning compiled by the International Committee against Executions here.

5- Send Sakineh a postcard telling her you are thinking of her and other prisoners on death row in Tabriz prison. You can address it to:
Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani
Tabriz Prison
Tabriz, Iran

6- Write letters of protest to the Islamic regime of Iran demanding Ashtiani’s release and an end to stonings, floggings and executions. Protest letters can be addressed to the below:

Head of the Judiciary
Sadeqh Larijani
Howzeh Riyasat-e Qoveh Qazaiyeh (Office of the Head of the Judiciary)
Pasteur St., Vali Asr Ave., south of Serah-e Jomhouri
Tehran 1316814737, Iran
Email: info@dadiran.ir or via website
First starred box: your given name; second starred box: your family name; third: your email address

Head of the Judiciary in East Azerbaijan Province
Malek-Ashtar Sharifi
Office of the Head of the Judiciary in Tabriz
East Azerbaijan, Iran

Ali Khamenei
The Office of the Supreme Leader
Islamic Republic Street – Shahid Keshvar Doust Street
Tehran, Iran
Email: (English)

Secretary General, High Council for Human Rights
Mohammad Javad Larijani
Howzeh Riassat-e Ghoveh Ghazaiyeh
Pasteur St, Vali Asr Ave., south of Serah-e Jomhuri
Tehran 1316814737, Iran
Fax: +98 21 3390 4986
Email: bia.judi@yahoo.com

7- Sign petitions in support of her case if you haven’t already done so. Here are two of them here and here.

8- Write to government officials, heads of state, MEPs and MPs in your country of residence and the UN calling on them to intervene to save her life and to cease recognition of a regime that stones people to death in the 21st century.

9- Donate to the important work of the International Committee Against Stoning, International Committee Against Executions and Iran Solidarity by making your cheque payable to ‘Count Me In – Iran’ and sending it to BM Box 6754, London WC1N 3XX, UK. You can also pay via Paypal. Please earmark your donation.

10- For more information, contact:
Mina Ahadi, International Committee Against Stoning and International Committee Against Executions, minaahadi@aol.com, 0049 1775692413.

Maryam Namazie, Iran Solidarity, iransolidaritynow@gmail.com, 0044 7719166731, Iran SolidarityBlog.

Maria Rohaly, Mission Free Iran, maria.rohaly@gmail.com.

The Islamic Republic’s of Iran’s new manoeuvre will be thwarted

Press Release 66
September 8, 2010

Under worldwide pressures to overturn the stoning and execution sentences against Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and secure her release, Iran’s Islamic Republic has resorted to a new ploy. Vahid Kazem-zadeh, the District 7 Secretary of the regime’s Islamic Human Rights Commission, stated today on MashreqNews website, quoting the Head of the Judiciary, that the execution of Sakineh has for now been halted. He added that no restrictions had been imposed on Sakineh in prison, the weekly visits with her son, Sajjad, and her daughter, Saeedeh, had continued, she had not been subjected to a new round of flogging and she had not been coerced into the state TV interview in August. In response, we wish to make the following statement:

1- The Islamic Republic’s judiciary has also many times previously, under the pressure of worldwide protests, said that a decision on Sakineh’s case has been postponed. This is a familiar tactic of the regime in order to buy time and deflect the international pressures. In this way, the regime wants to give the impression that Sakineh is not in any immediate danger and to push this issue off the agenda of the worldwide campaign to save Sakineh and of the media and states which have supported her. However, even concerning the stay of execution, Sajjad, Sakineh’s son, has said that no official document to this effect has been given to Sakineh’s lawyer.

2- The statement by the District Secretary of the Islamic Human Rights Commission claiming that Sakineh and her children have been able to meet is also a pure lie. Sajjad and Mr Houtan Kian, Sakineh’s lawyer, have repeatedly said that Sakineh has not been allowed to see her children and lawyer for two weeks, and that even telephone contact with her has been cut. By claiming that the decision on Sakineh’s execution has been postponed and that Sakineh’s condition in prison is fine, the regime’s Human Rights Commission wants to undermine the international protest against the restrictions imposed on Sakineh, her flogging for the second time and the coerced televised confession. Sajjad has said that all prison visits are recorded and has challenged the Islamic Republic to produce evidence that Sakineh and her children have met.

3- Our campaign will continue until Sakineh is freed and reunited with her children at her home, until the stoning sentence of all the others condemned to death by stoning have been revoked and until the barbaric punishment of stoning has been abolished. Our response to the Islamic Republic’s manoeuvre and the shameless assertions of its Human Rights Commission is to continue the protest without letup against the regime and to expose its crimes. We call on all citizens of the world to answer these claims of the Islamic regime of stoning by vast participation in the worldwide protests called for 18 September. This is the only way to push the regime back completely and secure the release of Sakineh. We also call on personalities, organisations and states that have protested against Sakineh’s stoning and execution sentences and demanded her release to keep up the pressure on the Islamic Republic, to help thwart its manoeuvres and to keep insisting on the demand for the revoking of Sakineh’s stoning and execution sentences and her release.

International Committee Against Stoning (http://stopstonningnow.com)
International Committee Against Execution (http://notonemoreexecution.org)
Spokesperson: Mina Ahadi minaahadi@aol.com 0049-177-569-2413

Sajad Ghaderzadeh: Our mother is innocent and should be released unconditionally.

PR 65
Sept. 8, 2010

I ask the eight industrial countries and the governments of Turkey and Brazil and the entire world to continue the pressure against the Islamic Republic and don’t assume that the case is resolved.

Announcement made by Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s son, regarding the statement of the Press Secretary of the Islamic Republic’s Judiciary power about Sakineh and the regime’s Islamic human rights

Shahrivar 17, 1389

Regarding the statement of Mr. Ramin Mehmanparast, press secretary of the Judiciary power: as we have so far not received an official and legal document on stopping the stoning sentence and execution, we therefore do not accept these claims. They must issue us legal documents in this regard.

Regarding our mother’s statements, as the interview had not taken place in the presence of our lawyer Mr. Hootan Kian, but rather in the presence of Azad Press, we cannot confirm the [contents], as the circumstances surrounding this interview are not clear.

About beating up and maltreatment with regard to this interview, Mr. Kian has not received any news yet.

Regarding our mother saying that we have a weekly visit, the Islamic Republic must produce evidence that we visit our mother every week. Our name should be registered there to prove these people have been there to visit the inmate.

Regarding this statement, we, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s children, declare that our mother is innocent and should be freed by the Islamic Republic immediately and without any conditions.

I have an announcement to make to the world. I ask the eight industrial countries and Turkey and Brazil and the entire world to continue the pressure against Iran, and do not assume that the case is resolved. We do not have any official document. If the Islamic Republic is sincere, it should produce evidence.

Sajjad, son of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

Disseminated by the International Committees against Stoning and Execution

Mina Ahadi
International Committee against Execution
International Committee against Stoning
Email: minaahadi@aol.com
Tel: 0049 (0) 1775692413

Saturday September 18th: Citizens of the World against the Regime of Flogging and Stoning

A Call for Urgent Action

The Islamic Republic has once again, in accordance with its savage Islamic laws, flogged Sakineh 99 times. The regime has used a picture published in the London Times of a woman, purportedly Ashtiani, whithout the Islamic hijab, as an excuse to flog her on charges of spreading corruption and indecency. The regime last week threatened Sakineh to be executed on Sunday August 29th. And of course both the execution sentence and stoning are still hanging over her head.

Sajjad told the audience of today’s press conference in Paris by phone that he’s worried that by the conclusion of Ramadan this week, his mother would be executed.

Indeed we are dealing with a sadistic Islamic regime. It is killing Sakineh little by little, to demonstrate its continued existence. Every move of this regime further reveals the depths of its savagery, the utter absence of peoples’ rights, the dimensions of the regime’s misogyny, the sheer defenseless of prisoners, the barbarity of the judiciary system of this regime, the backwardness of religious laws, and the heights of the regime’s savagery and blood lust, and – at the same time – its total impotence.

It is necessary to come out with full force to save Sakineh Ashtiani and stand against the Regime of Stoning and Flogging.

We have always said that as an effective step to supporting the people in Iran in their struggle against the Islamic Republic, this regime should be politically boycotted and its embassies and offices closed around the world. For years we have said this regime should be expelled from the international community, from the United Nations, from the International Labor Organization, and all other communities, and not to be recognized as the representative of the Iranian people. The time to implement these demands is now.

The people of Iran do not accept that the Islamic Republic be given a podium from which to speak by any entity or government . The Islamic Republic is the shame of humanity and its leaders must be prosecuted for 31 years of daily crimes against people.

We ask all citizens of the world to demonstrate on Saturday, the 18th of September, in all cities around the world, against the Islamic Republic of Flogging, Stoning and Execution. Demonstrate and condemn this regime. Announce that Sakineh must be immediately and unconditionally free. Stoning, execution, flogging and the like all should be abolished forever. Demand that this Regime of Flogging, Stoning and Execution not be recognized and that its offices and embassies be closed everywhere.

Announce that Ahmadinejad should not be permitted to take part in the General Assembly of the United Nations, from behind a podium, as the representative of Iranian people. Prepare yourself for demonstrations against the Regime of Flogging and Stoning and Execution. Tell your friends. Decide the place and time of demonstration and inform us. We know that this is short notice, but this time, we must try to have even larger demonstrations that on the 28th of August.

International Committee Against Stoning (http://stopstonningnow.com)
Iran Solidarity (www.iransolidarity.org.uk)
Mission Free Iran (www.missionfreeiran.com)
International Committee Against Execution (http://notonemoreexecution.org)

September 6, 2010

On Sakine Mohahammadi Ashtiani’s flogging for the second time

PR 62
Sep 5, 2010

On Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s flogging for the second time

The news of Sakineh Ashtiani’s recent lashing sentence as punishment for spreading corruption and prostitution” because an unveiled photo of her – which turned out to be of another individual – was published in the London Times on August 28, 2010, stirred media attention and invoked international outrage against this barbaric act by the Islamic Republic. However, the person who leaked the alleged photo of Sakineh to The Times is “strongly” denying the new flogging sentencing for Sakineh, on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s judicial system. We, of course, strongly wish to believe that Sakineh’s new sentence is not true, but the evidence provided indicates otherwise. So the following details should be noted:

1) The accuracy of this new sentence has been confirmed by both Sakineh’s’ son, Sajjad, and her attorney Mr. Houtan Kian during their interviews with various media outlets.
2) As we reported before, the Islamic Republic has prohibited any visits to Sakineh for the past two weeks. Her children and her attorney have not been allowed to see her or talk to her over the phone. This in itself could be an indication that the barbaric regime in Iran wanted to cover up the flogging of Sakineh based on a false allegation.
3) It was precisely because Sakineh was denied any visits or contacts that her children and Mr. Kian had to find out about the flogging sentence through two of Sakineh’s former cellmates, who were released recently. The news has also later been confirmed by other sources, such as the prison workers.
4) One of the reasons Sakineh’s former attorney has mentioned for denying that this sentence has been issued is that there is no legal basis within the Islamic Republic’s judicial system for this punishment. First of all, let’s not forget that lawlessness rules in the Islamic Republic’s judicial system where the rule of law is based on terror, cruelty and crimes against humanity, especially against women. Secondly, based on the information we have received, Sakineh Mohammadi was sentenced to a second round of 99 lashes based on the Prison’s interior disciplinary regulations and this sentencing was not part of her ongoing and current case, a practice that regularly happens in prisons.

Finally, we would like to point out that Sakineh is still being imprisoned by the Islamic Republic, that her stoning sentence formally stands, that her execution sentence has been passed to the ‘Implementation Department’, that it was only on Saturday, August 28th, that she was subjected to a sick hoax by being told to prepare for execution the next day, and that it has been almost two weeks that we have not had any news about her. It is under these circumstances that we received the news about the second round of flogging, 99 lashes, from her current attorney and her children. We should not allow the statements of those who unfortunately try to appear in the role of prosecutors for and supporters of the Islamic Republic to undermine the worldwide human campaign to save Sakineh and others like her caught in the prisons of the Islamic Republic.

International Committee Against Stoning
International Committee Against Execution

(Translated from Farsi by Kathy Montazem)

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Your contribution, however small, is essential to help move the campaign to save Sakineh forward.

Italy rises to Sakineh’s defence

PR 59
Sep 1, 2010

On Wednesday 1st September, a large poster of Sakineh was hung from a building in the centre of Rome. The Italian government has also hung a large image of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani from the offices of the ‘Ministry of Equal Rights’ and has exhorted the Iranian government to cancel Sakineh’s execution.

Today, 1st of September, almost all branches of the Italian media carried news about Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. In Venice, following the annual film festival, a demonstration has been organised to protest against the sentence to execute and stone Sakineh. Tomorrow, Thursday, there will be a major protest in front of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s embassy in Rome against stoning and in defence of Sakineh.

Italy’s foreign minister has written against this sentence on his website and has asked people to join the protests. In the last ten days, 86,528 signatures have been collected in Italy for the defence and freedom of Sakineh. Tomorrow’s protest is organised by the green party and other left-wing parties and it is anticipated that many people will join this demonstration. The Italian authorities want to be seen as strong supporters of Sakineh’s rights and there is talk of their going further than France in her defence.

In Florence, a large image of Sakineh has been hung from the entrance of the town council. It is expected that other cities will follow their example.

The International Committee against Stoning and Execution invites everybody, regardless of their nationality, to join this great, world-wide movement to save Sakineh, to prohibit stoning and execution, and oppose the Islamic government.

International Committee against Stoning
International Committee against Execution

1st September 2010

Translation: Susan Azadeh

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BBC’s misinformed and unbalanced debate on Stoning in Iran

I was meant to speak on BBC Sunday Live’s debate today on whether it was right to condemn the regime for Sakineh’s stoning.

In the live debate, they managed to interview Suhaib Hassan from the Islamic Sharia Council defending stoning and someone from Tehran saying she faces execution for murdering her husband but somehow there was no time in the debate for me.

Even the presenter, Susanna Reid, said stonings were rare and that none had taken place since the 2002 moratorium! In fact 17 people have been stoned since the moratorium; also there are court documents provided by her lawyer specifying her stoning sentence for adultery. BBC had all this information. Without providing evidence to the contrary, BBC Sunday Live took as fact the regime’s pronouncements on her case. They failed to mention that the man charged with her husband’s murder is not being executed and that the trumped up murder charges are an attempt by the regime to silence the public outcry and kill Sakineh. As Sakineh herself has said: “they think they can do anything to women.”

The crux of the debate is this – of course it is right to condemn the regime. It has nothing to do with imposing ‘western’ values or imperialism. It’s a matter of choice really. Do you choose the regime’s values or that of Sakineh and her son’s who are fighting to keep her alive.

BBC Sunday Live has clearly made its choice. And the millions worldwide, including in Iran, who won’t stop fighting to save her life have made ours.

We will not stop till we end stoning and save Sakineh.

To see the debate, click here. If you are unhappy at the way the debate went, please contact the programme and ask for a balanced view on the issue:

Sunday Morning Live
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Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani Sentenced to Another 99 Lashes!

PR 61

According to an open letter published today, September 3rd, by Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, son of Mrs. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, under the pretext of the publication in the London Times of a photo of a woman without Islamic hijab, Sakineh has been sentenced to 99 lashes on charges of spreading corruption and indecency.

On August 28, The Times mistakenly published a front page photo of a woman without Islamic hijab and attributed the image as that of Mrs. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. However, the photo was actually of another woman, Mrs. Susan Hejrat, a political activist living in Sweden. The photo of Mrs. Hejrat had been published earlier on a website along with her article about Sakineh.

As soon as we became aware of the distribution of this picture by the London Times, and subsequently in the Aftonbladet newspaper in Sweden, we informed those publications that this picture in fact was not Sakineh. These papers have apologized to Susan Hejrat. The London Times, in its September 3rd issue, while correcting this mistake, also apologized to their readers for the error. They noted that this picture was obtained from Mr. Mohammad Mostafaei. The London Times also wrote that Mr. Mostafaei has claimed to have received the picture from Sajjad. Obviously this claim has no basis in fact whatsoever; furthermore, Sajjad has denied Mostafaei’s claim in his letter. It is Mr. Mostafaei’s responsibility to provide an explanation as to why he has disseminated counterfeit photo and information regarding Sakineh’s case; his action has only led to increased pressure on Sakineh and her family.

We strongly condemn this barbaric new sentence of 99 lashes imposed by the Islamic Republic against Sakineh and we demand that this sentence be abandoned immediately.

We take this opportunity to ask the media to be more meticulous in their reporting on this case.
For the purposes of informing the public, we provide below the full text of Sajjad’s letter of September 3, 2010.

International Committee against Stoning
International Committee against Execution
September 3, 2010

Open Letter 2 from Sajjad Ghaderzadeh


Regarding the latest developments in the case of my mother, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, I, Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, inform you of the following:

1. On August 25, 2010, our lawyer visited Branch 9 of the Supreme Court. At his urging, the court requested the original files on our mother’s case from Tabriz; as the case has now been referred to the Supreme Court for review, Tabriz no longer has jurisdiction in the case. For unknown reasons, Branch 9 has also requested the files concerning my father’s murder; however, the original files on his murder case have disappeared from Branch 7 in Tabriz, and the copies, which had been on file with the Homicide Unit of the Oskou Police Department, are also missing. This has led to a suspension of the proceedings in her case. I conclude this part of my letter with gratitude to human rights defenders and I wish them success in their sacred cause.

2. Subsequent to the August 20, 2010 London Times interview with our lawyer, Mr. Javid Houtan Kian, he sent the Times a photo of my mother taken when she worked at Arghavan Day Care Center in the city of Oskou. The picture was supposed to have been published the following day in the London Times; due to lack of access to the publication, there was no way for us to know otherwise. For unknown reasons, the London Times published a picture of another woman without hijab instead of our mother’s picture. We do not know how that picture was originally obtained, nor to whom the picture belongs.

As we have not been able to meet our mother since her television interview, according to information coming from those released from the women’s ward last night, the publication of this picture has given the prison authorities an excuse to increase their harassment of our mother. My mother has been called in to see the judge in charge of prison misdemeanors and he has sentenced our helpless mother to 99 lashes on false charges of spreading corruption and indecency by disseminating this picture of a woman presumed to be her [Sakineh] without hijab.

Later, through conversations with informed people outside Iran, I was told that the above-referenced picture, which was published instead of our mother’s picture, had been provided to the Times by our mother’s former lawyer (Mr. Mohammad Mostafaei), who I nevertheless thank for all of his contributions. I wish that this were not true and that they were mistaken.

I would like to clarify that our mother’s court-appointed lawyers, Mr. Sohrab Samangan and Mr. Zaré, could not defend her and on the contrary paved the way for the stoning sentence and then contributed to this cruel sentence being upheld. Due to their incompetence, we approached Mr. Mohammad Mostafaei and he agreed to defend our mother both on an individual basis and as a member of a team of lawyers after having received a heavy sum of 20 million rials. According to undoubtable documents, this sum was paid to a woman lawyer sent by Mr. Mostafaei.

As he did not make any effective legal or judicial efforts to save our mother’s life, and did not take advantage of existing legal avenues, according to the document sent on 30th Khordad 1389, Mr.Mostafaei was dismissed by my mother. Unfortunately, we still hear about his deeds and commentary, which suggests his unintentional collusion with those who are bloodthirsty within the system. Although I still hope that what we hear is not correct, but, today, I announce to all advocates of human rights worldwide that honorable Mr. Mohammad Mostafaei only for a short while, and via a woman lawyer, had the responsibility of the defense of our mother in her stoning case, and this case is separate from my father’s murder case. This means that he [Mr.Mostafaei] could not have been aware of files [of my father’s case], their contents and subject, their dates nor the responsible branch, in order to make any comment about them.

Here we renew our gratitude and thankfulness to Mr. Mostafaei and humbly beg him not to make any further comments regarding our mother’s file or our father’s murder case to any authority or entity that is not confirmed by us.

Best wishes,
Sajjad Ghaderzadeh

Mina Ahadi
International Committee against Execution
International Committee against Stoning
Email: minaahadi@aol.com
Tel: 0049 (0) 1775692413

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is Held Incommunicado

PR 60

According to news sent to the International Committees against Execution and Stoning, responsible parties within Tabriz prison have told Mrs. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani that she is not allowed visits with her children or her lawyer.

Today, as last week, Sakineh’s children have not been allowed to visit their mother. Prison authorities have informed them that their mother is no longer allowed to have contact with the outside world.

According to other received news, Mr. Houtan Kian, Mrs. Ashtiani’s lawyer, is also under increasingly intense pressure.

The International Committees against Execution and Stoning condemn this attitude of the Islamic Republic and call upon the people of the world to increase their efforts to free Sakineh. Every reaction by the Islamic Republic bears a sign of the savagery of this regime, indicates the inhuman judiciary system, indicates that people of Iran are utterly bereft of their rights, and at the same time indicates the weakness and desperation of this regime in the face of increasing international pressure.

International Committee against Stoning
International Committee against Execution

September 2, 2010

(Translated by MFI)

The latest letter of Sajjad, son of Sakineh Ashtiani

PR No. 58
August 30, 2010

The letter by Sajjad, Sakineh Ashtiani’s son, below has been received by the International Committee Against Stoning on August 30, 2010. In this letter Sajjad reports on his mother’s dangerous situation, his father’s murder file having gone missing, as well as on the raid on the house of Hootan Kian’s, his mother’s lawyer, and the stealing of documents from there. Further, he warns against making up a new case against his mother. He asks us all to beware of these new developments and make efforts to prevent the Islamic Republic from fabricating a new case against his mother and, subsequently, executing her.

The letter will be released to the media through the International Committee Against Stoning.

International Committee Against Stoning
International Committee Against Execution

August 30, 2010

The verbatim translation of Sajjad’s letter:

In the Name of God

To all associations of defenders of human rights around the immense universe

I salute you and deeply appreciate your daily troubles to free my innocent mother (save her life).

I, Sajjad Ghaderzade, went to Division 7 of the office of Execution of Criminal Sentences in Tabriz [provincial capital of Eastern Azerbaijan] last week in order to collect all the documents relevant to my father’s death and obtain other evidence existing in his murder file. What I found out was that my father’s murder file was not at the said division. The officials of the division first claimed that since the case had been closed the file had been sent to the Still Filing Office. I went there. The official in charge said all he knew was that the file had not been received by their office. I went back to the Division, this time only to find out that the file had got lost. As a rule a copy of [all the documents relevant to] the investigation phase of my father’s, or anyone else’s murder, is kept at the [Police] Criminal Department of every town. So I had to go the Criminal Department of Oskoo Police, which I did. What I found out was that the copy which was supposed to be there was also missing. Therefore, [especially] in view of the false statement [on August 28, 2010] by the so-called Department of Citizens’ Rights Only [originally, the High Council of Human Rights] of the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic [see http://stopstonningnow.com/wpress/3425], it is possible that the case is being tampered with or a new case is being made up. This worries us very much. It is worth noting that on Sunday, 1389/5/31 [Solar Hijri Calendar], August 22, 2010, the house of our lawyer (Mr. Hootan Kian) was raided through beating and pushing aside the security guard of the residential tower, an old man, and breaking down the apartment door in the worst possible way. His laptop, printer, and all of his files, including my mother’s, were taken. When we called there it looked like there had been an earthquake in that house.

We (I) wander at the Judiciary authorities [and their Statement on Human Rights] when the previous lawyer of this humble party, [consisting of my mother, my sister and myself,] Mr. Mohammad Mostafaei, a most competent lawyer, had to escape his homeland and leave his abode behind in order to save his life. And now Mr. Hootan Kian is being put under the most intense security and psychological pressures, threatened in the most severe manner, and summoned [to either the judiciary of the Ministry of Intelligence].

Why do they extract a false confession from my mother and broadcast it [on TV]? Why have they taken away our mother’s right to visitation with us and her lawyer?! Can the reason be anything other than that the torture marks are still visible on her body and they do not want any witnesses to that, and that is why they have postponed the visitations until after the marks have got relatively better?! Why has my father’s murder file gone missing? Why will they not let my mother’s case go through a normal process of reviewing? We are sad, indeed, to have been born in the Islamic Republic. After its television show [of my mother’s confessing to my father’s murder] we have been disowned even by our own [extended] family! And we still have to bear the life under abasement here! Indeed, where is death? This life is killing us!

Sajjad Ghaderzade

The Islamic Republic Threatened that Sakineh Would be Executed on the 29th of August

PR No.56
August 29, 2010

On the 28th of August, in connection with the global protests against stoning and the death penalty that took place in at least 111 cities around the world, the authorities of Tabriz prison informed Sakineh that she would be executed on the 29th of August at dawn. She was told that she could write her will if she wished to do so. Sakineh started to cry and wrote her will. She waited for her execution the whole night. She waited for the guards to take her to the place of execution. Sakineh’s friends in prison showed her their deep grief and tried to comfort and calm her. However, until this hour, noon on August 29th, there has been no news concerning the completion of this death sentence. It seems that the Islamic Republic, while under immense international pressure, wanted to give the impression that it would not bow to world public opinion.

The International Committee against Stoning and the International Committee against Execution strongly condemn such heinous and criminal behavior of the Islamic regime towards prisoners sentenced to death. This [mock preparation for execution] is an indicator of the lack of detainees’ human rights. Over the years, the regime has threatened prisoners with execution sentences in order to intimidate and torture them mentally. Azar Bagheri is a young girl who has been in jail for four years, awaiting execution by stoning. She was 15 years old when she was convicted of adultery. She has been subjected to mock stonings twice [wrapped in a shroud and buried in preparation to be stoned, then released]. The dimensions of this regime’s atrocities have no limits. Opposition by Iranian people and people worldwide is the only way to push back this regime and finally free the Iranian people and all of humanity from this Islamic regime.

The International Committee against Stoning and the International Committee against Execution will continue the campaign to save Sakineh and other prisoners sentenced to execution and stoning. From here, we encourage the world to participate actively in this struggle.

International Committee against Stoning (ICAS)

International Committee against Execution ICAE)

August 29, 2010

Mina Ahadi
International Committee against Execution
International Committee against Stoning
Email: minaahadi@aol.com
Tel: 0049 (0) 1775692413

Sakineh Ashtiani’s son, Sajjad, calls Washington DC protest direct from Iran

PR No. 57
August 29, 2010

On the occasion of the 100 Cities Around the World Against Stoning protests, 22-year old Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, Sakineh Ashtiani’s son, made a direct call to Mina Ahadi, the spokesperson for the International Committee Against Stoning (ICAS) and the International Committee Against Execution (ICAE). In his call, Sajjad addressed the crowd at the demonstration and thanked the world for their support. He said that the Islamic Republic regime was telling lies about their mother’s guilt, and had ransacked her lawyer’s office at his home and stole documents relevant to her case. It should be recognized that reaching out to the world in this manner and speaking against the regime puts Sajjad at grave risk of retribution by the regime.
The English translation of Sajjad’s message is as follows:
“Greetings to all you who are participating in our mother’s demonstration and are carrying placards and her pictures. I would like to say that we love you all very much, and I sincerely thank you for your generous, kind attention. I also want to say that the official statement issued minutes ago by the Human Rights of the Judiciary concerning our mother’s case is totally false. We have found out that my mother’s murder file [that is, the case in which someone else had confessed to murdering Sakineh’s husband] is now missing. The Islamic Republic has been tampering with the file. Also, I’m sad to say, they raided the house of Mr. Kian, our lawyer, sometime this week and took all of our mother’s documents in his office. They also took his laptop computer and some other items of his belongings. [Or] they go to our mother, beat her, and then say to her: you must come on television and say these things. We want the whole world to help us in this ordeal. The lives of all those who are supporting us in Iran, such as Mr. Kian, our lawyer, are in danger. I thank you all, once again.”
Two points in Sajjad’s call demand further clarification and emphasis: 1- The statement by the ‘Human Rights of the Judiciary’ he refers to is an official Statement issued by the High Council of Human Rights of the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran on August 28 (http://irna.com/html/1389/13890606/216498.htm). The statement, obviously issued under international pressure, and on the same day that the 100 Cities Around the World Against Stoning global protest was being held, starts off by complaining about ‘the taking position of the authorities [of other countries], international bodies, and some state and non-state media on the legal and judicial matters of countries,’ and goes on to catalogue a whole host of lies about Sakineh Ashtiani and the previous process of reviewing her case. What Sajjad said about his mother’s now-missing murder charge file, stealing the documents relevant to her case from her lawyer’s home, and the regime’s tampering with the case is, indeed, alarming. These developments clearly point to the regime’s efforts to fabricate a new case against Sakineh instead of ‘carefully reviewing’ the same old one, which it has kept the world waiting for. 2- Sajjad’s brave warning of the dangers threatening those supporting Sakineh and her family in Iran, such as their lawyer, Hootan Kian, should be emphasized and taken very seriously.
ICAS, ICAE, Mission Free Iran, and Iran Solidarity hereby bring the above life-threatening new developments to the attention of the governments as well as the people of world, and pledge to continue campaigning until the regime’s new plots have been thwarted.

International Committee Against Stoning (www.stopstonning.com)
International Committee Against Execution (www.notonemoreexecution.org)
August 29, 2010

Video and translation provided by PR for Personal Rights.
Video disseminated by http://missionfreeiran.org for the Campaign to Save Sakineh Ashtiani.

Thousands came out in over 100 cities

PR No. 55
August 28, 2010

August 28, 2010, registered as a historic day in the struggle against the barbarism of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Today, August 28, thousands of citizens in 32 countries came out in response to the call by the International Committee Against Stoning, the International Committee Against Execution, Mission Free Iran, and Iran Solidarity. The call was to demand the immediate freedom of Sakineh Ashtiani and all others condemned to stoning, as well as to protest the barbaric cruelty of the regime of Islamic Republic, specifically the medieval punishment of stoning.

The early news of today’s rallies around the world indicates that the call to action has been widely responded to – unprecedented in the similar category of international callouts. Citizens have come out in over 100 cities, carrying posters of Sakineh and others condemned to be stoned, listening to several speakers from different parties and organizations, and chanting slogans. At the end the rallies held so far, the Statement of the demonstration (see Appendix) has been confirmed by the participants with clapping or signing.

The Statement points to examples of 31 years of crime by the Islamic regime, from genocidal massacre of political prisoners to enforcing the pre-medieval Sharia (doctrinal) law, which, among other barbaric punishments, prescribes stoning for the ‘crime’ of adultery. The Statement goes on to demand: the immediate and unconditional release of Sakineh Ashtiani and all others condemned to stoning; the abolition as well as criminalization of stoning worldwide; not recognizing the Islamic Republic as the government of Iran, and expelling it from all international bodies; the trial by international courts of the leaders of the regime for 31 years of crime against humanity.

Hundreds of TV networks, radio stations and newspapers covered the news of the international day before the event. Several of them included in their coverage interviews with the leaders and activists of the campaign. The early news indicate that so far today the media has given the rallies wide coverage – some of them live and with interviews.

Post cards have been presented to the participants to buy and mail to the Secretary General of UN asking for Ahmadinejad not to let in the UN General Assembly session in September.

August 28 was thus made into a historic day of world protest against stoning, in particular, and the barbarism of the Islamic Republic, in general – a day on which the foundation was laid for wider solidarity with the people of Iran in order to bring down the vile Islamic regime.

We salute all the organizers of today’s international event as well as all those who participated in them, including personages, organizations and the media. We will gradually make available reports, photos and footages of the rallies.

Further, we hereby declare that our fight against stoning and the regime of stoning in Iran took a great step forward today, and thus put the people of Iran as well as the world in a more advantageous position to further the struggle. On this day, we proudly declare that we shall most resolutely continue this fight until Sakineh Ashtiani all those sentenced to stoning have been unconditionally freed, until stoning has been abolished around the world, until all criminal laws of the Islamic Republic have been complete revoked, and, indeed, until the regime itself has been brought down. This regime has been founded, and survived, on human blood shed by means of terror: from policing the people’s private lives in the most brutal ways to jailing, flogging, raping, torturing, executing (including minors, gays and lesbians), assassinating, massacring political prisoners, stoning, mutilating people in accordance with the pre-medieval, tribal Islamic Sharia law, …the list is almost endless in criminality. Such a terrorist regime must be brought down. We proudly declare that we shall continue the struggle most resolutely until this has been achieved.

International Committee Against Stoning
International Committee Against Execution

August 29, 2010


The Statement of the protest action of August 28, 2010 by
100 Cities Around the World Against Stoning

On August 28, 2010 one hundred cities around the world are rising up to protest the barbaric practice of stoning, as well as to save the life of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani in Iran. This day will be recorded in the annals of humanity as a manifestation of the protest, during the prior weeks, by millions of people across the globe against stoning as the most heinous form of medieval cruelty. It is a disgrace to humanity that, at the close of the first decade of the twenty-first century, stoning is still practiced in Iran and similar Islam-stricken countries. We, the citizens of 100 cities, hereby unequivocally declare that this blot must be removed from the face of humanity immediately and permanently.

On this day we also protest against the regime of stoning in Iran. This regime has, during the 31 years of its existence, committed genocide, established a system of sexual apartheid in Iran, and made imprisonment, execution, torture, rape of political prisoners, and the rule of pre-medieval Islamic Sharia the law of the land. Such a regime is not the representative of the people of Iran. It is their murderer, and its leaders must be brought to trial before international tribunals for their crimes against humanity.

Further, the international protest of August 28 is yet another manifestation of the solidarity of people around the world with the people of Iran, who have heroically risen up to bring down the regime of stoning, the Islamic code of punishment (Qesaas), hijab, torture, and execution. We, the citizens of 100 cities worldwide, proudly declare that we consider ourselves the standard bearers of the universal front of humanity against barbarity. We support the struggles of the people of Iran against one of the cruellest regimes in the history of humankind. We, therefore, emphatically declare, on behalf of the world’s civilized humanity, that the path to the liberation of the Iranian people will not pass through threats or military action against the country but through the removal of the regime of the Islamic Republic by the power of the struggles of people in Iran and across the world.

The following are our common demands on August 28, 2010 throughout 100 cities of the world:

1- The immediate and unconditional freedom of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and all other prisoners in Iran sentenced to be stoned to death.

2- The abolition of stoning in Iran and elsewhere. We demand that the United Nations urgently adopt a specific resolution forbidding stoning as an inhuman punishment all over the world.

3- Not recognizing the Islamic regime of stoning in Iran as the government of that country and, thus, banning it from all international bodies.

4- Bringing to trial the perpetrators of stoning. Stoning is one of the most abominable forms of crime against humanity. Any individual, group, organization or state executing the punishment of stoning must be prosecuted and tried by international tribunals.

We continue our struggles until we have achieved all of these demands. As an immediate, primary step to that end, we demand that Mahmood Ahmadinejad, the president of the regime of stoning, be stopped from entering the General Assembly of the United Nations in September 2010.