It’s not rocket science: you can be against war on Iran and also the regime and its nuclear bomb!

Sections of the far-Right in the Israeli government and US administration as well as some western states have started threatening war on Iran over the nuclear issue. The Islamic regime has in turn threatened back. War or any Israeli government military action will only benefit the most reactionary elements in the west and Israel on the one hand and Islamism on the other. It’s the populations at large which will lose – from the people of Iran to those in Israel, Palestine and Syria amongst others. [Read more…]

Religion and Fascism work hand in hand; if in doubt ask the Pope!

I have emailed a number of people asking them to respond to the absurd claim that communism and fascism are alike – something that the far-Right and Right in general have been peddling. I am still working on my entry but couldn’t wait until then to post the following brilliant comment received from Hamid Taqvaee yesterday:

In response to the question of communism and fascism being alike I have the following brief points:

1- In theory and according to its ideological principles, fascism is racist; it’s against Jews, the disabled, gays, and so on. Communism, on the other hand, in theory and principle, is pro the equality and freedom of all people.

2- In comparing the two, Right-wing groups refer to ‘existing’ communism (such as the Soviet bloc, China, and so on). What was practiced in those cases was in fact not communism and completely opposite and despite what communism in theory and principle represents. What has happened in these cases had and has nothing to do with what communism advocates.

In the case of fascism and religion, however, when they attack and kill other races, women, gays and people of other or no religions, they act in complete accordance with their belief and ideology. Religions believe in killing for God and they have done so all along history and are doing it today everywhere they can.

3- What has saved the people of Europe from the atrocities of the church in the Middle Ages and from what the people of Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are experiencing today, is the renaissance, the enlightenment and atheism.

4- Finally, religion and fascism work hand in hand. If in doubt ask the present Pope!

Hamid Taqvaee, Leader of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran

Limiting immigration is racist; why not limit bankers and NeoCons?

I am still reeling from much of the rubbish Douglas Murray spouted at yesterday’s One Law for All seminar entitled ‘Enemies not Allies.’ I couldn’t respond to him as I would have liked because there just wasn’t enough time and as spokesperson of One Law for All I had to try to keep to the subject at hand.

But that is what personal blogs are for.

Video footage of the excellent event and discussion will be made available soon but I want to make sure that I address some of the things he said particularly on immigration, the pope and paedophilia in the church, and of course the absurd portrayal of communism as being one and the same with fascism.

Anyway let me begin with the issue of immigration.

Murray says that the call for limiting immigration is not a racist one.

I say it is – whether in the context of Sharia law, which was the discussion of the evening, or any other context.

A call for limits on immigration when discussing Sharia law implies that immigrants are responsible for the bleak state of affairs.

Have a problem with cut-backs in the health care system? Let’s limit immigration. Schools too full and not up to par? Let’s limit immigration. You don’t like Sharia? Let’s limit immigration.

Immigrants and asylum seekers (‘cockroaches’ according to the British Nationalist Party) are just easy scapegoats for problems that are caused elsewhere.

Take the issue of Sharia law. Immigrants haven’t brought Sharia law. Many of the Islamists here are British-born. And anyway the rise in Sharia is a result of the rise of Islamism. Islamism was encouraged and brought to centre stage by Western governments as a green belt against the former Soviet Union during the Cold War. And even today with their ‘war on terror’ Islamists are some of the US and British government’s closest allies. Iraq has more become more Islamic since their ‘intervention;’ British troops are setting up Sharia courts in Afghanistan, the Government keeps funding and appeasing Islamists, and encouraging religion’s role in society and immigrants are to blame?

Murray says he prefers the pope and a religion that discriminates against him for being gay than one that will push him off a building. But he is not at risk of being pushed off a building. Yet quite a few of the immigrants and asylum seekers who have escaped Islamism and Sharia law are.

It is absurd how the Right will profess to care about people’s rights when opposing Sharia law and Islamism but will never support the victims and survivors of Islamism or US-led militarism who dare to demand a better life.

If we do need limits – and I agree that we do – rather than limiting immigration, why not limit the far-Right, the bankers, the war industry and NeoCons for that matter. It wouldn’t change everything but I know I for one would be a lot happier. And I think most people would too.