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May 01 2012

May 1: On Strike


Apr 27 2012

Forgetting: 1 May, a day like any other?


In his Book of Embraces, Eduardo Galeano says: Chicago is full of factories. There are even factories right in the center of the city, around the world’s tallest building. Chicago is full of factories. Chicago is full of workers. Arriving in the Haymarket district, I ask my friends to show me the place where the …

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May 25 2010

May 1 in Iran: A Great Step Forward

By Hamid Taghvaee On May 1st of this year in Iran, all heads turned to the workers’ movement. From a few weeks prior to May Day, workers’ problems, plights, demands and protests had already turned into a discourse within the nation, media, political opposition groups, and so on. Leftist groups and workers’ organizations, institutions and …

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May 01 2010

Joint May Day Resolution of 10 Labour Organisations in Iran

May Day is the day of international solidarity of the working class; the day of workers’ worldwide protest against poverty and inequality. On this day millions of workers throughout the world stop work, take over the streets, declare their outrage at the countless calamities that capitalism has imposed on humanity, and shout out the cause …

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May 01 2010

Long Live May Day!

Apr 28 2010

The Revolution is in Need of Working Class’ Power

Hamid Taqvaee’s Message on the Occasion of May Day: This May Day in Iran is the day for expanding and deepening the revolution, which has been challenging one of the most corrupt and atrocious capitalist states of our time. This revolution, due to objective conditions and to the context of its formation is a worker …

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