Beating your wife honours her

Here’s a video clip of an Islamic ‘scholar’ speaking about the wife-beating ‘etiquette’ in Islam; he says ‘Allah honours wives by instating the punishment of beatings’. Yes, it is such a sign of respect and honour not to have a man shake your hand, to be segregated, to be veiled and to be beaten, amongst other things.

Not surprisingly, the scholar’s ‘interpretation’ is not very different from the [not so] ‘moderate Ahmadiyaa speakers I debated last week. They too said beat her only after admonishing her, don’t leave marks, and so on and so forth. Listen to the ‘scholar’ here: [Read more…]

Islam’s abominations are too obvious for you to excuse

I have now posted the full video of the 8 December UCL debate on ‘Sharia law negates human rights’. You’ve already read about handshake-gate but there is a lot more to say on this.

What took place at the debate is nothing new.

Our opponents, Ayyaz Mahmood and Jonathan Butterworth, were quick to brush aside any evidence of Sharia law’s negation of human rights by saying that none of it is true Islam nor is it mentioned in the Koran. They say this even though they know full well that Sharia law is based not only on the Koran but the Hadith (sayings and actions of Mohammad) and Islamic jurisprudence.

Stoning is one such example. Proponents will dishonestly say that stoning is not mentioned in the Koran knowing full well that is mentioned in the Hadith and that it is part and parcel of Sharia law: [Read more…]

It’s his culture; he can’t shake your hand

‘It’s his culture; he can’t shake hands with women.’ That’s what the student from the Ahmadiyya Youth Association came to say to me before last week’s debate on Sharia law negating human rights at the UCL. ‘It isn’t personal’ I was told but Ayazz Mahmood of the UK Ahmadiyya Muslim University of Theology and Languages would get all dirty if he touched my hand.

‘Well,’ I said, ‘it’s my culture to shake hands with men and be treated as an equal’ and that is what I did.

If only poor old Ayazz Mahmood knew that this apostate who shook his hand was menstruating at the time as well. [Just in case you don’t know, menstruating women aren’t allowed to pray, or enter Sharia courts or mosques and most probably shouldn’t be debating Sharia law’s negation of human rights.] [Read more…]

La ilaha: There is no god

Islamist thugs came to intimidate a meeting at which Irshad Manji was speaking. Manji considers herself a Muslim reformist; she’s not even an apostate. Or maybe, in the world according to them, she is.

This is exactly what I mean when I say we are living under an Islamic inquisition. When religion is in political power, there is no personal religion; you can’t pick and choose and decide to reform things. You have to do as they say. Full stop.

A personal religion can only be possible when Islam has been pushed out of the public square and into a corner.

If we don’t get rid of the Islamists, no one will be able to live as they choose, including Muslims themselves.

By the way, in the video below, the Islamist herds keep shouting:
لا إله إلا الله
lā ʾilāha ʾillallāh
There is no god but god

I much prefer
lā ʾilāha
لا إله
There is no god… [Read more…]

One must even decapitate with respect…

Here’s a mullah giving his weekly sermon. To paraphrase him:

Good words and morality are important. [Yada yada yada.] If we want to tell the UN or the world one verse from the Koran it must be the verse that says ‘treat everyone well.’ [Blah, blah, blah.] Even when imam Ali was decapitating his enemy, he did it with respect… [Read more…]

On Ashura: If the shoe fits…

Yesterday was Ashura. It marks the death of Hussain in Karbala.

I still have nightmares of this yearly event, where people take to the street and self-flagellate. It’s a blood fest and children are often involved.

Obviously whilst people have a right to religion and to observe religious ceremonies, however stupid, the violent and inhuman aspects of Ashura should be prohibited.

And before you start shouting ‘totalitarianism’, think again. Have you ever seen it, particularly when children and even babies are involved? A lot of children are injured and some die as a result. It’s downright disgusting and abhorrent. [Read more…]

Azerbaijan’s ‘Salman Rushdie’ murdered

Jahan News has gleefully reported that ‘Azerbaijan’s Salman Rushdie has been murdered’. The Islamic regime of Iran’s mouthpiece says writer Rafiq Tagi was despised by the people of Azerbaijan for his attack on Islam’s prophet Mohammad.

Actually, it is for that very reason that he was renowned and beloved…

Via Mina Ahadi

They finally killed writer Rafiq Tagi

In 2006, Ayatollah Lankarani issued a death fatwa against Azerbaijani writer Rafiq Tagi for his writings. In 2007, a Baku court sentenced him to three years in jail for criticising Islam and Islam’s prophet Muhammad. He was pardoned and released later that year.

But now they have finally killed him. [Read more…]

This week’s Jinn and Tonic Show

I was a guest co-host on “The Jinn and Tonic show” on November 19th, 2011. The Jinn and Tonic Show is a bi-weekly live Internet chat show discussing Islam, including calls from Muslims. It is the sister show of The Magic Sandwich Show and is akin to an Islamic oriented version of The Atheist Experience. Here’s the video: [Read more…]