Release blogger Rozhin Mohammadi

On 14 November 2011 Rozhin Mohammadi, a blogger and medical student at the Philippines Manila Medical School, was arrested at the airport upon her return to Iran; after 24 hours she was released on bail only to be rearrested on 21 November 2011 after three days of interrogation.  her laptop was also confiscated. She was then transferred to Evin ward 2A that is under the control of the Pasdaran Revolutionary Guards. [Read more…]

Goodbye and good riddance

The Islamic regime of Iran’s ‘diplomats’ have been expelled from the UK. Good bye and good riddance.

But they have been expelled not because of the slaughter of an entire generation in Iran, sex apartheid, stoning, amputations, and … but because of the attack on the British embassy in Tehran by the regime’s goons, I mean ‘students’. Had we only known that this was all that was needed… Well at least they’re going for now – until the British government figures another reason to cozy up to the regime at the people’s expense.

Additional economic sanctions have also been announced, which will make people’s already very difficult lives even more difficult. Not only will it further raise the cost of living and make the poor even poorer, sanctions target everyone collectively rather than the regime. And it affects everything from travel to human rights work. For example, my partner’s parents have been refused UK visitor visas twice recently even though they have come to see him on a number of occasions before. My pensioner aunt who lives in Iran has had her measly bank account in Britain frozen, and Paypal keeps harassing our voluntary organisation Count Me In – Iran because it has the word ‘Iran’ in it. [Read more…]

Hired goons not students

‘Dear BBC, could you please stop referring to these hired goons of the regime as ‘students’. They have never taken an entrance exam nor written any papers; they are nothing short of brainwashed twits who are emblematic of what the Islamic Republic has always been and are only making manifest the rhetoric of their leaders. Dear citizens of Britain, I urge you to storm the Iranian embassy; it is high time that you begin to put pressure on your own government to stop dealing with Iran.’ – Samira Mohyedin via Facebook

100 lashes for buttock squeeze or for not dying laughing?

The Islamophobia watch police have been busy criticising French weekly Charlie Hebdo for poking fun at Mohammad, Islam’s prophet, rather than condemning the firebombing of its offices for daring to speak about Islam. The ‘offending’ cover had Mohammad saying ‘100 lashes if you don’t die laughing’. This they found completely inappropriate. However, around the same time, two Iranian footballers, face actual lashings for a buttock squeeze (see video below) and the Islamophobia watch police are predictably silent. [Read more…]

It’s not rocket science: you can be against war on Iran and also the regime and its nuclear bomb!

Sections of the far-Right in the Israeli government and US administration as well as some western states have started threatening war on Iran over the nuclear issue. The Islamic regime has in turn threatened back. War or any Israeli government military action will only benefit the most reactionary elements in the west and Israel on the one hand and Islamism on the other. It’s the populations at large which will lose – from the people of Iran to those in Israel, Palestine and Syria amongst others. [Read more…]

Join 5 November International Day of Solidarity with Iranian Workers

34 cities in 16 countries there will be various actions in support of Iranian workers. Join them if you can. Here’s more information on the various protests.

The Islamic Republic has recently handed down heavy prison sentences to labour and political activists in Iran. These criminal acts of repression must be met by an international protest. [Read more…]