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Jun 11 2012

I have a gripe

This has got to be one of my all time favorite songs. It’s by Dariush and called Ahay Mardom -e- Donya or Oh people of the world. Here are some of the lyrics. Oh people of the world I have a gripe With everyone and everything I have a gripe Also with god. Those who …

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Jun 08 2012

Khomeini and ethics?!


Press TV (AKA an intelligence wing of the Islamic Republic of Iran) reports on an international conference this past weekend to discuss Khomeini’s views on ethics and politics to mark his death anniversary. It was attended by ‘thinkers’ and ‘scholars’. Really!? As Richard Dawkins has said, you do need to read more than one book …

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Apr 19 2012

Another arse of a cleric and homosexuality

Another arse of a cleric, Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi-Amoli, has said in a speech in Qom, Iran, citing the Koran: Even animals … dogs and pigs don’t engage in this disgusting act [homosexuality] but yet they [western politicians] pass laws in favour of them in their parliaments. He says this in a country where homosexuality is …

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Apr 19 2012

The bloody decade

There’s an International People’s Court hearing on the crimes against humanity committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran during 18-22 June 2012 in London. The hearing is a culmination of the work of Iran Tribunal, a campaign initiated in September 2007 by a group of the families and relatives of victims along with survivors of the mass …

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Apr 03 2012

I am an Afghan


Afghans living in Isfahan, Iran were banned from the city’s mountainous park called Sofheh on April 1 or the 13th day of Norouz (Iranian New Year) – a day people are meant to spend outdoors – in order ‘to ensure citizens’ security and welfare’, according to the Travel Committee’s police department. This is just the latest …

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Mar 22 2012

We love you too!

You know the people to people solidarity I keep harping on when I’m asked what one can do to intevene? I always tell people to stop thinking they represent ‘their’ government and to think beyond the given box of ‘security’ and ‘stability’ and instead see that how their interests lie intrinsically with people in Iran …

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Mar 19 2012

Happy Nowrooz

Just returned from a debate on Islam, Multiculturalism, and Free Expression with DV8 Physical Theatre’s Director Lloyd Newson and ‘Muslims for UK’ Inayat Bunglawala on issues raised by the brilliant DV8 production ‘Can we talk about This?’ at the National Theatre. I’ll blog about it soon. For now I want to wish all of you …

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Feb 29 2012

Morbid terms of endearment

I usually speak to my 6 year old in English but I noticed that when I want to tell him how much I love him, I say it in Persian. Here are some of the things I say at least 50 times a day: ‘Ghorbanat beram’ – I’ll sacrifice myself for you ‘Bemeeram basat’ – …

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Feb 23 2012

Now Iran’s a state ‘contemplating’ terrorism?

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has warned about Iran’s ‘increasing willingness to contemplate’ terrorism around the world. He cited an attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US, plus alleged involvement in recent attacks in New Delhi, Georgia and Bangkok. Increasing willingness to contemplate – is that what they call it nowadays? What about …

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Feb 21 2012

We have more in common as people than with governments of Iran and USA


Persepolis author, Marjane Satrapi, says: The world is not divided between East and West. You are American, I am Iranian, we don’t know each other, but we talk and we understand each other perfectly. The difference between you and your government is much bigger than the difference between you and me. And the difference between …

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Feb 09 2012

No to economic sanctions, war threats, and war! Revolution against the Islamic regime of Iran!

The below is a press release of the Worker-communist Party of Iran dated January 26, 2012 on the threats of war and economic sanctions. It says: The real way to fight poverty, misery, threat of war, and the whole present hazardous situation is the expansion of the struggle against the Islamic regime in all arenas, …

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Feb 08 2012

Khomeini and the Dustbin


You know the absurd cardboard cut-outs of Khomeini disembarking a plane to ‘celebrate’ his arrival in Tehran, inspecting the military, and so on (which incidentally heralded the beginning of Islamism’s expropriation of a left-leaning revolution and its slaughter of an entire generation)? Well, here’s a better place for the cut-out. It’s called the dustbin of …

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Feb 07 2012

If not now, when?

If not now, when? It’s Khamenei’s turn to go via people’s protests… (Via Facebook)

Jan 22 2012

I want to live

So says the trembling voice of a 21-year-old youth in Karaj prison. Zaniar says that his death sentence and that of his cousin, Loqman, have been confirmed on appeal, but the prison authorities have not officially informed them. “Please do something”, he fearfully asks me. “I am very worried. They might call me at any …

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Jan 21 2012

It’s not Islamic

An Iranian mullah who has been insulted says: …This must be understood in this country. They must in practice pull out their tongues. What reason is there I am walking and they must insult me, a clergyman; why insult the sacred? In an Islamic society at that. Whilst this brings us back to the importance of free …

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Jan 21 2012

Celebrate good times, come on

The Islamic regime of Iran’s English language Press TV has had its UK licence revoked by media regulator, Ofcom. It will be removed from Sky on 20 January. Celebrate good times, come on… Ofcom finally acknowledged that Tehran has editorial oversight on Press TV. No shit. Of course Press TV has called the decision ‘a clear …

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Jan 12 2012

Expressing concern is not enough; please take action now

Mina Ahadi has written an open letter to Catherine Ashton, Vice-president and high representative of the European Union for foreign affairs and security policy about the outrageous executions taking place in Iran. Critics of Islam, political activists and others are executed daily in Iran; in the first few days of 2012 the Islamic regime of …

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Dec 15 2011

What needs to be done at every execution

This is exactly what needs to be done with every execution: ‘Capital punishment is the state’s terminology for murder. Individuals murder each other, but states sentence individuals to ‘capital punishment.’ The demand to end capital punishment and prohibit murder stems from opposition to intentional, deliberate and planned murder of one by the other. That a …

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Dec 13 2011

Free Reza Shahabi now

Labour activist Reza Shahabi who was arrested 18 months ago has been on hunger strike since 22 days ago in protest against his tenuous situation in prison. As a result, his health has rapidly deteriorated and he is at risk of paralysis. According to news published by the Committee to Free Reza Shahabi, he was …

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Dec 12 2011

They smell your breath, lest you had uttered ‘I love you’

Here is a wonderful poem, In this Dead-end, by Ahmad Shamlou: They smell your breath, lest you had uttered ‘I love you’. They smell your heart! Strange times are these my dear. They flog love at a roadblock corner. Love is better off hidden in a closet at home. In this crooked dead-end of twisting …

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