Taslima and the Burqa

Taslima Nasrin has joined us on Freethoughtblogs!

Can things get any better?

If you haven’t visited her blog yet, please do.

Her post today is called ‘Let’s Burn the Burqa’. Oh, yes please.

And while we are at it can we ban it too?

Oh and before the post-modernist left and defenders of multi-culturalism and religion over women’s lives and rights start crying outrage and totalitarianism and the right to choose or what have you let me just say this: far from being liberating, the burqa is a strait-jacket for women; a mobile prison. And no more a real choice than the chastity belt or foot-binding (where women’s feet broken to keep them from wandering away from their male ‘guardians’)…

But I have a lot more to say on this of course. Here’s a debate I had with a burqa-clad woman on Newstalk Ireland.


The burka – empowering? I think not!

Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, claims the burka empowers women. I suppose it could do in the same way FGM, foot binding, Suttee, a chastity belt, empower women – which is err, not at all.

Here is an extensive interview I did with Ireland’s Newstalk radio on the issue.

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Carline Spelman should walk around in the burka for 24 hours and see how empowered she feels.