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May 04 2010

Baring one’s body can be a legitimate form of resistance

Here is a piece in the Paris Herald on ‘Boobquake’ versus ‘Brainquake.’ Since I only found out about Brainquake when the journalist in question contacted me for a comment (which she didn’t use), let me briefly say the following: Of course women are wrongly sexualized everywhere including with the veil and sexual apartheid. But for …

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Apr 29 2010

‘Boobquake’ was an important act of human solidarity

A message to Jennifer McCreight, founder of ‘boobquake’ Dear Jennifer We wanted to write and congratulate you on ‘boobquake.’ As signatories to the Manifesto of Liberation of Women in Iran and Iran Solidarity, we felt strongly that it was an important act in defence of women’s rights and human dignity. This is particularly so given …

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Apr 26 2010


After a cleric in Iran said immodest women cause earthquakes, Jennifer McCreight initiated a scientific experiment called ‘Boobquake,’ where she asked women to dress immodestly so she can see if in fact there is a rise in earthquakes on April 26! What could be a better act of solidarity with the people of Iran! To …

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