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Name: Maryam Namazie
Date registered: November 2, 2011
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aryam Namazie is a political activist, campaigner and blogger. She is the Spokesperson for Fitnah - Movement for Women's Liberation, Equal Rights Now, One Law for All Campaign against Sharia Law in Britain and the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain. She works closely with Iran Solidarity, which she founded, and the International Committee against Stoning. She is current editor of Fitnah's monthly English publication Unveiled and will be hosting a weekly television programme in Persian called Bread and Roses broadcast in Iran and the Middle East via New Channel TV from mid-February 2014. Maryam is Humanist Laureate at the International Academy of Humanism since 2013, Central Committee member of the Worker-communist Party of Iran; National Secular Society Honorary Associate; Honorary Associate of Rationalist International and Emeritus Member of the Secular Humanist League of Brazil. In June 2012, The Islamic regime of Iran's media outlets did an 'exposé' on Maryam entitled 'Meet this anti-religion woman'. Maryam was a character in DV8 Physical Theatre's Can We Talk About This?, which deals with freedom of speech, censorship and Islam. She was awarded Journalist of the Year at the Dods Women in Public Life Awards (2013); selected one of the top 45 women of the year by Elle magazine Quebec (2007); awarded the National Secular Society's Secularist of the Year Award (2005); selected 'Iranian of the Year' by Iranian.com readers (1997 and 1998); International Rescue Committee medal recipient (1988); and received the Julia B. Friedman Humanitarian Award (1987). In the past few years, she has initiated a Day to Stand with Bangladesh's Bloggers and Activists; an International Day to Defend Amina and the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar 2012-2013 and helped launch the Manifesto for a Free and Secular Middle East and North Africa. She has spoken and written numerous articles on women's rights issues, free expression, political Islam, and secularism and been interviewed by all the major international news outlets. She has co-authored Sharia Law in Britain: A Threat to One Law for All and Equal Rights (One Law for All, June 2010), Enemies Not Allies: The Far-Right (One Law for All, August 2011), and The Political and Legal Status of Apostates in Islam (CEMB, December 2013). She also has an essay entitled ‘When the Hezbollah came to my School’ in 50 Voices of Disbelief: Why We Are Atheists (Wiley-Blackwell, October 2009) and is featured in A Better Life: A Hundred Atheists Speak out on Joy and Meaning in a World Without God (2013) amongst others. Previously, Namazie produced a weekly TV International programme broadcast in the Middle East; was the elected Executive Director of the International Federation of Iranian Refugees, a refugee run organisation with 60 branches in 15 countries worldwide for 8 years; founded the Committee for Humanitarian Assistance to Iranian Refugees; was the Human Rights Advocates Training Programme Coordinator at Columbia University's Centre for the Study of Human Rights in New York and the NYC Refugee Coordinator/ US National Steering Committee Member of Amnesty International. She was Co-founder of Human Rights Without Frontiers based in the Sudan, Co-founder and President of the US-based Refugee Women’s Network and ran a refugee women's leadership training programme in NYC.

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Nov 23 2013

Rescind endorsement of sex segregation at UK universities


UPDATE: * There will be a protest at Universities UK offices in London on 10 December 2013, International Human Rights Day, to oppose sex segregation. You can join Facebook Events Page here. * Teams of Sex Apartheid Busters are being organised to break segregation wherever it is instituted. To join, email [email protected]  Universities UK (UUK) has …

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Nov 23 2013

Sex apartheid not discriminatory?


Universities UK, a “representative” body of UK Universities, has issued guidelines on external speakers saying that the segregation of the sexes at universities is not discriminatory as long as both men and women are segregated side by side rather than women being made to sit in the back! The guidance states: Assuming the side-by-side segregated seating …

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Nov 22 2013

Walking a tightrope: Between the pro-Islamist Left and the far-Right

Opposing Sharia and Islamism in the west is like walking on a tight rope most of the time – thwarting attacks from the Left, refuting cultural relativism, preventing alliances with the far-Right, explaining the issues ignored by government and the media, mobilising support for secularism and citizenship whilst opposing racism and xenophobia, and making linkages …

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Nov 21 2013

Lib Dems: Wrong Answer, Again!

Nahla Mahmoud, Spokesperson of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, was threatened after speaking out against Sharia law including by Salah al Bandar (or Salah al Bander) who has until recently been a Liberal Democrat Councillor and is currently an esteemed member. Details of his threats can be found here as can information on his dubious background here. …

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Nov 21 2013

Open Letter to Stop the War Coalition on Agnès Mariam de la Croix


Here’s an open letter to Stop the War Coalition that I signed which (yet again) highlights their support of those who defend oppressive regimes like Iran’s and Syria’s. The open letter was published here. You can read it below. By the way, here’s a good article by James Bloodworth on this issue saying she is …

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Nov 19 2013

Iran: Stop the execution of Zaniar and Loghman Moradi Now


Zaniar and Loghman Moradi are two political prisoners who were arrested in 2009 and sentenced to death for ‘enmity against God’ after being accused of murdering the son of a cleric in Marivan, Iranian Kurdistan. They have written frequent open letters from prison; in one letter to Ahmed Shaheed, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the …

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Nov 13 2013

Unveiled: Neither Veil nor Submission

Fitnah’s November issue of Unveiled (Volume 1, Issue 2) has now been published and can be found here: fitnah-UNVEILED-nov13. editor: Maryam Namazie design by: Kiran Opal Content includes: The veil is nothing but the flag of the Muslim far-right, An interview with Algerian sociologist Marieme Helie Lucas. In this must-read interview, Marieme Helie Lucas says: “If we …

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Nov 05 2013

My speaking engagements this month

I will be speaking in Brighton tomorrow 6 November at a meeting organised by the Brighton Secular Humanists at 730pm at Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton University, Grand Parade, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 0JY. More information available here. After that I will be speaking at NYU during 15-16 November at the Global Secularisms Conference at New York …

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Nov 02 2013

The show will go on


The show will go on. The 5th Passion for Freedom Festival will take place as planned from 02 November 2013 even though the original venue – out of sheer cowardice – pulled out last minute. The festival will now be held at: Embassy Tea Gallery 195-205 Union Street London SE1 0LN (Closest underground Southwark) The …

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Nov 01 2013

Forbidden Talk: Atheism in Middle East

See an interview with me on Levant TV’s “Forbidden Talk” programme on “Atheism in the Middle East.” Levant TV is a new channel with a focus on the Middle East. Here’s to the day when speaking about atheism doesn’t end up on the forbidden talk section of a TV channel. With atheism on the rise in the …

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Oct 30 2013

I needed some good news

Hamza Kashgari, the young Saudi journalist whose tweets were deemed insulting to Mohammad, Islam’s prophet, has been released. He faced the death penalty and was returned from Malaysia where he had fled to escape Saudi [in]justice. I needed some good news today if only for a few seconds. Only hours after confirming Kashgari’s release, a …

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Oct 30 2013



The 5th Passion for Freedom Festival will take place from 02 November 2013. A new venue will be announced shortly. UNIT24 Gallery, the original venue, has pulled out last minute leaving organisers scrambling for a new venue. Clearly, the main issue at hand is the Gallery’s fear of exhibiting controversial artwork. Unit24 now joins a …

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Oct 29 2013

When Tommy met Mo


Earlier this year, Maryam Namazie was approached by the production company making the BBC documentary ‘When Tommy met Mo’, about the interaction between Tommy Robinson and Mo Ansar. They asked if we could put them in touch with any women who had been discriminated against in British sharia courts. We declined to help because framing …

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Oct 29 2013

Free Sherif Gaber Now

Waleed Al-Husseini of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain just informed me that a young Egyptian atheist who posted on his Facebook page has been arrested for his atheism yesterday after his university informed on him to the police. This is what Sherif published: Hi, my name is sherif gaber (Yamirasu) from Egypt. I was …

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Oct 29 2013

No Woman No Drive

I’ve been busy putting together the second issue of Fitnah’s publication Unveiled, which will focus on the burqa and niqab ban. In the meanwhile though I did want to give a quick heads up to the video “No Woman No Drive” which has gone viral. It’s a spoof by Heesham Fagheeh, a social activist and artist, …

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Oct 26 2013

Niqab: a human right, a security concern or a symbol of oppression?

Here’s a video of the niqab debate I took part in last week at the LSE. It’s not the best footage but you can see the discussion if you’re interested:

Oct 26 2013

AHS announces dates for 4th annual Non-Prophet Week

From Hari Srinivasan, Press Officer – The AHS (twitter: @__Hari__ ) LONDON, Oct 16 – The National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Student Societies (The AHS) has announced the dates for the 4th annual Non-Prophet Week (NPW). Lauded by Lord Harrison in the House of Lords as “an example of atheist and humanist public …

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Oct 24 2013

Niqab and Women’s Movements

photo 1

I’ll be doing an interview this morning on the niqab debate for 4thought.tv. In the evening I’ll be speaking on a panel entitled ‘Women’s Movements Changing Women Changing the World’ at a House of Lord Seminar organised by Women Worldwide Advancing Freedom & Equality (WWAFE). Place: Committee Room 1, 6.00pm to 8.00pm House of Lords. [We will begin promptly, …

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Oct 23 2013

A few important things for today

Human Rights in Iran The UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran Ahmed Shaheed will be giving his report on the human rights situation in Iran today, which will be broadcast live. The Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran asks that we tweet Ahmed Shaheed using the following tweet to echo the voice …

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Oct 22 2013

Ex-Muslims of North America has formed


Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) Press Release October 22, 2013 Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) exists to build a community and provide a sense of solidarity for Ex-Muslims: people who used to identify as Muslim, and who no longer do so. We cater exclusively to the needs of Ex-Muslim atheists, agnostics, skeptics, humanists, and freethinkers. …

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