ISIS is the fascism of our times

داعش فاشىسم اين دوره
در دفاع از مردم کردستان عراق و سينجار

ISIS is fascism of our time
In support of people of Sinjar
8 August 2014


  1. Comtessa de Metoncula says

    We have the very same thing here in the US with the right wing white Christians..Incidentally, Jesus would have been a Semite and certainly not blonde and blue eyed! He would be now penned as a communist and the antidote of our sick capitalistic, consumer society! The Me, Myself and I society!

  2. steffp says

    It may sound a bit pedantic, but… I don’t think that the Caliphate is fascist. I don’t see the economic basis, the class structures that lead to institutionalizing a fascist state & economy. What I see are guys who pose as theocrats while they’re after the biggest oil reserves on the planet.
    The Caliphate is not even fascist, it’s worse than that, with still less (apparent) systemic rationality – there is no economic perspective aside of a clique stealing and selling oil, while the population is kept in a faux rural state of underage irresponsibility, closely watched (and punished) by “minders” and “guardians”. It’s a dive into the worst times of Islamic expansion, financed by raids on banks and refineries. Their interpretation of Sharia law is pre-industrial, aeons away from even the timid enlightenment of the 17th century. They are barbarian raiders.

  3. Miguel says

    hello steffp’

    you wrote: “It may sound a bit pedantic, but… I don’t think that the Caliphate is fascist.” however; i vehemently disagree with your assertion. if you would be so kind as to Google “Haj Amin al-Husseini” you would see the light. muslims are more likely to agree with a nazi type ideologies as opposed to democracy, capitalism or even communism. this is because islam dwells in the black and white realm; justified by a rigid angry deity named “allah.” and please, do not confuse “allah” with the G-D of the People of the Book.

    best regards’

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