‘World Stands Disgraced’ – On Israeli government offensive on Gaza

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برنامه نان و گل سرخ مجله ای سیاسی – اجتماعی در کانال جديد
با فريبرز پويا٬ بهرام سروش و مريم نمازى
کارگردان: رضا مرادى٬ مشاور برنامه: پونه راوى

جهان به رسوایی کشيده شده است
در مورد حمله دولت اسرائیل به غزه
مصاحبه با نيرا يوال ديويس٬ شبکه تحقيقاتى در مورد زنان در مناطق جنگى

‘The World Stands Disgraced’, On the Israeli offensive in Gaza
5 August 2014
Interview with Nira Yuval Davis, Israeli dissident


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    This was written by a friend but it represents my sentiments too re faux “Palestinians” (Hamas) and PLO:

    To my mind, anyone who equates the two is insulting the latter, who haven’t been a stupidly self-defeating. Whoever equates the two then wants to unify the two groups’ claims on Israel, different through they be. Or have I missed something important?

    I once judged the Palestinians world-class jerks for electing and honoring a crook like Arafat and Israel cynical for keeping him alive to screw his people,

    but these Gazans seem even stupider, using cement not to build houses but tunnels, firing weak rockets that, when not deflected by Israel, routinely kill their own people; putting their military machinery among civilians who are then killed when their antagonist retaliates; electing terrorist thugs who then abolish subsequent elections, etc. The Gazans reportedly destroyed thriving greenhouses that Israelis left behind; they have magnificent beaches they can’t develop. AS infantile fuckups without peer, they hope that bleeding hearts extend sympathy. With untenable demands tied to their refusal to compromise, they ensure more damage to themselves.

    Whenever I hear, as I did earlier today, anyone wanting to discuss Israeli’s sins, the only response is: Let’s start with the Gazans and don’t change the subject.

    (LS: Your one sided and highly selective view is not worthy of you. I question your objectivity and motives. You have become no better than the neo fascist left in your thinking and analysis. One need not love Israel to defend its
    right to protect its people and territory. Where were you when the first Hamas rockets started flying into Israel years ago?

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