Why so many British Jihadis?

اسلاميون بريتانيا
۳۰ ژوئيه ۲۰۱۴
مصاحبه با حرس رفيق از سازمان کويليوم

Why so many British jihadis in ISIS?
Bread and Roses, 29 July 2014
Interview with Quilliam Foundation’s Head of Outreach Haras Rafiq.


  1. Pen says

    Are there actually more Brits going to fight for Isis than French, Germans or other European nationalities? I was unable to find any reliable figures but given the different official responses to Islam by those countries, we would have to take that into account. I do know nationals of those countries are present.

    I also wonder if there will be any consequences in Europe from the arrival of refugees from those conflicts cohabiting with radicalised individuals or groups.

  2. Competent info says

    Quilliam people are clueless. Islam IS Islamism IS Islam, that is the authentic Islam of the sickest book ever written and its mass-murdering, mass-raping, theiving, lying, pedophile, bigamist, warmongering “holy” “prophet”.
    The cause of all this terrorism is the well-documented personal example of the founding terrorist, and the hate-filled book he wrote and pretended to be the words of some god.

    To make matters worse, the westminster regime has consistently insisted on promoting Islam as supposedly some excellent religion of peace and tolerance, while attacking and suppressing those who try to challenge it or discuss openly.

    Thereby they have encouraged people to believe that Islam is the right way. And then those who have been sucked in to the “moderate Islam” endorsed by the clueless Quilliams, go on to read the Qur’an themselves and see that it is actually commanding them to hate and despise and kill those who disbelieve or challenge Islam. This isn’t rocket science. We need to reject Islam entirely as the stupid scam it is. Its supposedly holy book is not only supremely evil but also supremely stupid, as any objective reader can soon perceive for themselves. Its founder was an unreformed mega-criminal. Every sane and decent person should condemn Islam and point out its utter stupidities. (Of which there are so many its dificult to know where to begin, but perhaps I’ll put some here tomorrow.) That is all that is required and is what is required. There are no acceptable forms or interpretations of Islam. Its evil and stupidity are permanently fixed right at its core.

  3. vulcan29 says

    Perhaps it is because the British people are so tolerant and defend the right of others to hold beliefs that they themselves do not hold.That coupled with a government that is “politically correct” to the point of inaction, Islamic radicals must believe that Britain is heaven on earth. Not only are they free to preach their religion of murder, rape, paedophilia and mass repression, they are given houses to live in and taxpayers money to live on. Wake up Britain!

    • Competent info says

      Vulcan, that tolerance has a lot to do with the malign misguided ideology of relativism, according to which there are no absolute truths or values, and all beliefs and views and cultures must be considered equal (except for the inconsistency that “racism” (never quite defined) is eternally condemned as the supreme evil worse than child-eating).

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