ISIS is no-one’s representative

داعش نماينده هىچ کس نيست
۱۶ ژوئيه ۲۰۱۴
مصاحبه با هوزان محمود٬ سخنگوى سازمان آزادى زنان در عراق

ISIS is no-one’s representative
15 July 2014
Interview with Houzan Mahmoud, Spokesperson of
Organisation for Women’s Freedom in Iraq


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    Good show!!! He’ll be more careful to keep his Rolex hidden in the future

    A bunch of armed criminals who take advantage of regional instability to grab political power. Nothing new and different here!!

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    Al-Baghdadi isn’t as religious as he tries to make out. They’re pretty open about their “marriage” policy, any ISIS fighter can get married to a woman/girl taken or converted on the battlefield. They’re actually gangsters. Al-Qaeda considers many of their practices unislamic, that is why they had the split.

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