Karima Bennoune: When People of Muslim Heritage Challenge Fundamentalism

Watch Karima Bennoune’s TEDX talk: When People of Muslim Heritage Challenge Fundamentalism. In it she says, In every country where armed jihadis are active, there are unarmed citizens fighting them.

Karima is a speaker at the 11-12 October conference on the Religious-Right, Secularism and Civil Rights. You can register for the conference here.


  1. Competent info says

    A powerful presentation marred only by the standard myth of a “perversion” of the “geniune” “religion of peace”. But you’d never find anything like the truth of Islam stated on a TED talk as they only allow the “appropriate” politically correct therein.

    • says

      You may have a point, but your catch phrases are just as bad as theirs.

      But sorry, Wahhabism and it’s Islamist friends are just as perverted as far-right political Christianity in the US. They erase their own history and invent one as much as any reasonable, peaceful apologist for religion does, and generally more so.

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