I am left cursing

Here’s a video of a young man being executed in Iran. He wants to say goodbye to his mother who can be heard screaming in the crowd. He struggles with the regime’s executioners, kicks one of them to cheers in the crowd but is then subdued and hung…

You can then hear the regime’s mercenaries cheering and sending salawat: “Allah, bless Mohammad and the people of Muhammad”. I am left cursing Allah and his Mohammad.

I wouldn’t want anyone to watch an execution scene but in some senses it is important for us all to bear witness. Both to human resistance even at the gallows and the brutality of a regime that has killed too many for too long.

Of course and as usual, there will be those who will list the young man’s crimes. Whatever they were, there is no crime greater than what this regime has done and is doing… Shame on all those who defend it. And long live those who resist. Our day will come.

(Via Mina Ahadi)


  1. ahmad saku says

    you are a communist and defending human rights hahaahahaha , remember communist regime crimes they were worse , and BTW do some sport to lose weight

    • Comtessa de Metoncula says

      You stupid A hole.You have no idea of what a communist is and some day, you might just land in the same position as that young man! You should do some sports, so your brain can function because right now, there is just diarrhea coming out of your mouth! Fuck all organized religions for they are the worst that happened on this planet. Your mother did not do a good job on you!

      • logicthoughts says

        @ Comtessa de Metoncula,
        I am neither a shia nor an Iranian, or not to defend those who kill people, but mariam namazies “crocodile tear “ forced me to mention some facts about her real concerns and prejudices :

        **** Excerpts from MARIAM NAMAZIE’s own introduction on the left of this page: She says …..Maryam is Central Committee member of the Worker-communist Party of Iran; National Secular Society Honorar……
        This communist woman called mariam namazie has no mercy or sense on these people who were killed (executed?) by a states which she is proud of ….

        Democratic country USA :
        1 )…….In 2013, 39 inmates were executed in the United States and 3,108 were on death row
        Communist north korea :
        2 )……The execution of North Korean COMMUNIST leader Kim Jong Un’s uncle was more brutal than initially reported, according to a Beijing-controlled newspaper, which said the country’s second-most-powerful figure was thrown into a cage filled with starving dogs and eaten alive.

        The Singaporean Straits Times cited a report from Wen Wei Po, a Beijing-control newspaper, that said Jang Song Thaek and five close associates were stripped and fed to 120 dogs that had not eaten for three days. The entire process, witnessed by 300 senior officials, lasted for about an hour, the report said.

        3) Mass killings occurred under some Communist regimes during the twentieth century with an estimated death toll numbering between 85 and 100 million.[1]Scholarship focuses on the causes of mass killings in single societies, though some claims of common causes for mass killings have been made. Some higher estimates of mass killings include not only mass murders or executions that took place during the elimination of political opponents, civil wars, terrorcampaigns, and land reforms, but also lives lost due to war, famine, disease, and exhaustion in labor camps. There are scholars who believe that government policies and mistakes in management contributed to these calamities, and, based on that conclusion combine all these deaths under the categories “mass killings”, democide, politicide, “classicide”, or loosely defined genocide. According to these scholars, the total death toll of the mass killings defined in this way amounts to many tens of millions; however, the validity of this approach is questioned by other scholars. As of 2011, academic consensus has not been achieved on causes of large scale killings by states, including by states governed by communists. In particular, the number of comparative studies suggesting causes is limited. The highest death tolls that have been documented in communist states occurred in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin, in the People’s Republic of China under Mao Zedong, and in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. The estimates of the number of non-combatants killed by these three regimes alone range from a low of 21 million to a high of 70 million.[2][dubious – discuss] There have also been killings on a smaller scale in North Korea,Vietnam, and some Eastern European and African countries

        FOR MORE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_killings_under_Communist_regimes

        My question to mariam namazie, if you try to cry like a crocodile or act like a chameleon for death of one man, people can understand why you cry like that.

      • ahmad saku says

        i will not reply to your non-sense and you can attack me as much as you could , every person represent what is inside him

  2. says

    All religions are about violence enforcing false beliefs … scientific Atheist societies are about ethics & choosing freedoms not alleged deities … 843-926-1750 Iran Ireland & USA all have brutal religious fascists controlling too much of gov’t economy & community

  3. says

    I do not understand why anyone tolerates a state that asserts the power of life and death over its citizens. Isn’t it obvious that some day you may fall afoul of that state and lose your life for it? If there’s one thing that should turn us all into anarchists, it’s the death penalty.

  4. says

    A government has been defined (I think it was in “The Devil’s Dictionary”) as an organization that both has the power and asserts the moral right to kill anyone who refuses to obey its orders. I wonder if Karl Marx really believed that “The state will wither away” crap, or was it all a con?

  5. says

    The problem with the “it’s my opinion! I can say what I want!” argument is that it’s a poor defense of your position. Because we can dismiss it as merely your opinion and nothing to do with fact.

    You’re welcome to your opinion, and others are equally welcome to tell you how revolting they find it to be. See how that works?

  6. logicthoughts says

    @ Marcus Ranum,Larry Carter Center (@AtheistVet),Al Dente and Comtessa de Metoncula.

    To understand communist and atheism and democraZy ( democraZy=people who think democracy doesn’t kill anybody) , read my comment at 1.1

    • says

      1) democracy is not the opposite of communism
      2) surely you have not mistaken the US for a democracy!?
      3) someone else committing bigger crimes in no way removes the moral burden for a crime – if A is a bigger criminal than B, B is still a criminal; that’s an affirmative defense

  7. yellowsubmarine says

    Yes. It matters a great deal. That man was a human being like the rest of us here. I want to know who he was. It is important.

  8. exi5tentialist says

    There is very little information about this particular video so I cannot pinpoint who the individual is. From what I gather, on February 26, 2014: six people were hanged publicly in Alborz Region. According to the state run news agency ISNA, three men, identified as Arsalan, Hamid and Habib with an average age of 25, 26 years, were hanged publicly at three different spots of Karaj. Titre1 news website identified the prisoners as Arsalan Ebrahimi, Hamid Yousefi and Habibollah Khanalizadeh. According to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), the Iranian regime hanged three other prisoners in public in three locations in Alborz Region. Arsalan A., 26, was hanged in Mehrshahr district of Karaj. Habib J, 26, was hanged in a public square in Nazrabad, Province of Nazarabad, and Habib Y. was hanged in a public square in Hashtgerd, Province of Savojbolagh.

  9. yellowsubmarine says

    That is so incredibly awful. And so many people there didn’t agree with what was happening! I wonder how long this will go on before the people in Iran can’t live with it anymore. I can’t imagine how impossibly hard it must be to live with the possibility that myself or my friends or my family could be the next person on that gallows at any time.

  10. says

    People kill. Allah is blameless.

    Who created people in this way, with hearts full of murder? Unless, of course, god is not all-powerful and god is not good.


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