Nov 01 2013

Forbidden Talk: Atheism in Middle East

See an interview with me on Levant TV’s “Forbidden Talk” programme on “Atheism in the Middle East.” Levant TV is a new channel with a focus on the Middle East.

Here’s to the day when speaking about atheism doesn’t end up on the forbidden talk section of a TV channel. With atheism on the rise in the Middle East and North Africa, that moment will be coming… And not a moment too soon.

UPDATE: By the way, I am listening the programme right now, and can’t believe they had to have Saleem Chagtai (Islamic Education and Research Academy) wasting our time with the usual nonsense. I know they are hoping for balance, but how come they only remember balance when it comes to us?

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    Alex C.

    Is Saleem Chagtai named after Chagtai Khan (the son of Genghis Khan)? A strange name for a Levantine Muslim, given that Chagtai Khan was a Mongol and was probably either a non-Muslim or an unenthusiastic one.

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