Forbidden Talk: Atheism in Middle East

See an interview with me on Levant TV’s “Forbidden Talk” programme on “Atheism in the Middle East.” Levant TV is a new channel with a focus on the Middle East.

Here’s to the day when speaking about atheism doesn’t end up on the forbidden talk section of a TV channel. With atheism on the rise in the Middle East and North Africa, that moment will be coming… And not a moment too soon.

UPDATE: By the way, I am listening the programme right now, and can’t believe they had to have Saleem Chagtai (Islamic Education and Research Academy) wasting our time with the usual nonsense. I know they are hoping for balance, but how come they only remember balance when it comes to us?


  1. Alex C. says

    Is Saleem Chagtai named after Chagtai Khan (the son of Genghis Khan)? A strange name for a Levantine Muslim, given that Chagtai Khan was a Mongol and was probably either a non-Muslim or an unenthusiastic one.

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