1. Lutz Barz says

    hooray. [for the algorithm that found you] totally on your side with 360 degree vista vision and my mental meltdown . but communism? I grew up an [ancient West] Berlin and saw what the Kommunists did to my family int he East who were locked in locked down locked out of the world. Radio-TV jamming. Jail for listening to the evil West. I was [years ago] in the anti-war Vietnam Moratorium and saw the peace organisation poisoned by communist inflitration. They will burn you. Be careful. Remember Trotsky! [or not] I believe in secular future. Lets embrace that. And all this gloryfying of Work! Egads! The future is about using one’s time off-work. Information is the new reality and it is infinite. Have fun as well. Leisure is important for one’s in-sanity.

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