Amina is free; viva Amina


Amina has been freed though she still faces charges. Her lawyer said:

“Amina is still on trial for desecrating the cemetery but the public indecency and forming an alliance to assault properties and individuals charges have been dropped.”

Congratulations to FEMEN and all those who fought to free her. We must continue the fight until all charges are dropped.

The Free Amina campaign sent this email about it (google translated from French):

“Amina is free. Thanks to you all. Those who donated to allow her to resume her studies, her lawyers, her supporters, including Tunisians and French, and of course FEMEN. Thanks to you all.

Her courage is a lesson. The severity of her detention has unveiled the injustice that prevails in Tunisia. We will continue to expose and fight whilst freedom of conscience is not being respected, whilst Jabeur Mejri is in prison (sentenced to seven years for blasphemy), whilst his friends Ghazi Beji or Nadia El Fani cannot return to Tunisia for fear of risking the same punishment, whilst democracy has not become a reality of the promised revolution. Amina is free; her name has become a promise. So will Tunisia!”


On another worrying note, three FEMEN activists and a journalist have been kidnapped by Ukrainian and Russian secret services and another FEMEN activist beaten and hospitalised. Here is more information on it. La lucha continua…

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