Even pregnant women are immoral

The absurdity continues.

In Turkey, an Islamist or “Muslim thinker” as they are often called has said that pregnant women should stay home as “it’s disgraceful”, it’s “immorality”.

The country’s highest religious body has said that whilst motherhood is a gift, pregnant women should dress more “modestly”.

The misogynist comments have sparked protests, including by partners of pregnant women with pillows stuffed in their clothing as a show of solidarity.

We should all do the same.

As my act of solidarity, I am posting a photo of myself when I was pregnant and had the cheek to walk around in public whilst ready to pop nearly 8 years ago. Oh, the immorality of it… #direnhamile – #pregnant resist




  1. Comtessa de Metoncula says

    And who got them into that state? The Holy Ghost.? God in person? Helloooooooooooooo, this idiot is not a thinker, he is a nutcase on some kind of religious drug in Lala land..Maybe even a closet queen like a lot of our misogynist politicians in this country..
    We have our share of them with the Christian Taliban..
    Religion is the worst thing that happened to the Human Animals.. Those religious people talk about hell in the after life! WTF, it is here on this Planet it is Hell because of them!

  2. Francisco Bacopa says

    I commented elsewhere on FTB that in the early 1960’s my legally married mother was not allowed to teach school and be pregnant. She and my dad really needed the income and my mom wanted to finish the school year. KInda hard to hide she was five months pregnant, but she managed. Without banking my mom’s income for a few months my parents and my older brother could not have made it.

    Pregnant women were an abomination even in the early 60’s in parts of the US.

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