Channel 4 – Report on this!

I wrote earlier about Channel 4’s daily call to prayer for Ramadan as much of the same old same old pandering to identity politics.

In my previous post I mentioned how Channel 4 should report on the many who refuse to fast and who are threatened into fasting and still refuse.

Here’s a great example of what I was talking about:

After an Islamist threatened that his “Moderate Association for Awareness and Reform” group (very moderate indeed!)  would “photograph and stigmatise” anyone who failed to fast, many Tunisians took to publishing photos of themselves eating during Ramadan.

Despite the Minister of Religious Affairs also saying that cafes and restaurants should be closed, the Tunisian president’s advisor had to intervene given the uproar it has caused saying:

“This is not a surprise if it stems from his position that Tunisia is a Muslim country, but Khademi [Minister of Religious Affairs] should be aware that observant Muslims have the right to practice their faith during the month of Ramadan, yet there are a large number of non-observant Muslims and non-Muslims who reside in Tunisia”.

Hear that Channel 4. Why not report on this too?

Of course I won’t be holding my breath.


  1. Rebekah, the Wily Jew says

    I think cognitive dissonance gets in the way of reporting this just like many other Islam-linked abuses of human rights. The acceptable positions are:

    a) When in Rome…
    b) Islam is an enriching part of our culture.
    c) All Religions™ are just as bad.
    d) Look what those Christians are doing with abortion in the States.

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