Riposte Laique and far-Right: We will fight Islamism and you too

Here is my response to Riposte Laique and far-Right-ers who blame Muslims for Islamism’s crimes and try to hijack the legitimate fight against Sharia and Islamism in order to promote their disgusting xenophobia and bigotry.

As I say in my response: “You cannot fight Islamism, a far-Right movement, with another far-Right movement.” “We will fight Islamism and you too.”

I am really forceful here, which I sometimes have to be if Islamists or far-Righters are there in order to take control of the situation and stop people interrupting me.

Watch this fight…


  1. says

    Some one told me : “Tell her that Socialism and Islam both like totalitarian control. Christianity produced free societies and democracy. ” : i agree with this affirmation …all “religion” are not alike

    • petrander says

      Christianity did no such thing. Societies in Europe were not free until well after the Enlightenment.

  2. says

    My answer : I think that you are wrong to say that riposte laique is against Muslim person- and that you are also wrong to compare persecution of apostats by islam and christianism : Jesus never said to kill anyone, Muhammad did say to do it and did it.

  3. DICK Bernard says

    Dear مريم
    You are making an obsession about Riposte Laïque. Who informed you that Riposte Laïque is a “Far-Righter”. That’s to way used by the Left and the Far-Left in France to demonized our message to the french people and abroad.
    We are fighting islam but we don’t fight friends who face the same danger, the same ideology. We have a respect to moslems as human beeings. They are the victims of islam from birth until they apostate to get their liberty.

    • Comtessa de Metoncula says

      Let’s talk about from Birth !
      Isn’t this a form of child abuse of any religion? The imposition of Myths on developing children whose minds should be free of ALL Dogmas and should be taught critical thinking rather than the accepting of ready made thoughts akin to fast food..
      Teach your children to think for themselves, teach them empathy which litteraly means: to suffer with someone else…teach them respect for all living things and sentient beings..That is what we need to do..

  4. thascius says

    Jesus may never have said to kill anyone but Christians have done so in his name for centuries. Have you never heard of the crusades or the inquistion? As for Christianity “producing free societies” whoever said that didn’t have a clue. As late as the mid-19th century Pope Pius IX declared democracy, capitalism, freedom of speech, freedom of religion (as well as a number of other things) to be heretical and unchristian. In 1788 many religious conservatives in the nascent US opposed the adoption of America’s constitution because it was a “godless constitution” deriving power from “we the people” not almighty God, and the only reference to religion in the original constitution (i.e. before amendments were adopted) was that there could be no “religious test” for holding public office, meaning public officials could not be required to belong to any particular faith. The only “free societies” produced by Christians have been in the last few hundred years, after the rise of secularism in the enlightenment, as western society grew less religious rather than more.

  5. Pascal Hilout says

    Dear Mariam,

    You are right when saying that you don’t have the same aims and the same militance as Riposte Laïque and me, one of its members since the begining in 2007.

    You still distinguish between islam and “political islam”, muslims and islamists. You are exactly like all the islamic regims that told us and still tell us they are fighting what I consider as fires of diversion instead of combating islam (Quran+Mohammad).

    Meanwhile islam prospers better at the expense of its victims-vectors-reproducers : muslims like my two parents.

    So you still redo exactly the same distinction as all the progressists but loosers I knew in North Africa and also here in France.

    For me, the only valuable distinction to do is between islam and human beings. Nothing is sacred but human beings.

    Islam in itself is that inacceptable Violence and social segregation that uses human beings to reproduce itself through generations.

    So these perverse Violence called islam, condemn us all to fight first our family, relatives and neighbours if we want to get free. There is no way to get rid of its illness but combatting it out from the corps and souls of muslims and not only by banning the extrémists, i.e. the extremly sick. The virus of islam is in every daily social handling of muslims.

    We in Riposte Laïque we consider fighting against extremism, here Europe, only as a fire for diversion. Our police does better work as us, civilians.

    The decisive and real battle that you want us loose is in evey teaching and transmission of perverse islamic verses et social handling that is nothing but hatred and segregation.

    As I repeat, islam, not islamism nor political islam, has allready and slowly built its ghettos here in our suburbs : marital, sexual, sartorial, alimental, commercial, athletic, … and sepulchral ghettos. It still reinforce itself by importing husbands and wifes from the original countries of the parents and also grand-parents (83 for Turcs, 81% for Algerians for example).

    That is what we don’t want any more for France and for Europe. Our priority is not fighting windmills in far countries and Inquisition in the far centuries, but islam expanding in our urbs und suburbs.

    On this subject, I have published an article in frensh and translated it in arabic.

    Google can translate it for you.

    Pascal Hilout, ex-Mohamed

    • says

      Pascal, Waleed and Council of Ex-Muslims of France want nothing to do with Riposte Laique. You interviewed him without his knowing who you are. As is clear we are not on the same side. Just as Muslims are not homogeneous, neither are ex-Muslims. We are not friends and we will not work with you. So stop trying to hijack our work for your xenophobia and prejudice.

      • Pascal Hilout says


        How can you say that Waleed accepted my interview without knowing who I am ?
        Do you think he still needs intellectual crutches to decode what he hears and reads in arabic ?
        Did you only read all the arabic texts I sent him ? Have you been with us when I met him in Paris before deciding the interview ?

        Now it is very clear : your ambition is not fighting the efficient social ISLAMIZATION of France like us ! By doing so as if the muslims respect the law for all here in France, the islamic social law is acting in the very daily life. You know exactly how it does function and you think you can not act against this islamization.
        Otherwise, you definitely know that I didn’t apply for any position or function in the CEMF, but you are anable to have arguments against what I think and write.

        Did you ask yourself, why should I join an organization that hesitates to fight the steady and daily expansion of islam in our nearby and simulates the fighting against fires of diversion in far counties and far centuries ?!
        That is the question your militance does not answer. You want us to be loosers again of history like my “progressive” friends of North-Africa in general and Morroco in particular.
        You are going to loose against the very clever social mechanisms of islam.
        “Game over !” is what you will win.


  6. Jalil Jalili says

    Dear elisseievna,

    Tell to “Some one” that it was not Christianity, but the movement against the Christianity and movement for secularism produced free societies and democracy.

  7. says

    Maryam Namazie They just commented on my blog saying that Muslims are same as Islamist. That is same as Islamists who say all Israelis are culpable or all westerners. Collective blame. If that is not prejudiced, I am not sure what is. Please go and defend Riposte Laique elsewhere.
    il y a 50 minutes • J’aime
    Elise Elisseievna Who “they” ? where on your blog ? Is that all that you have read from Riposte laique ?
    il y a 24 minutes • Modifié • J’aime
    Elise Elisseievna what did “they” say precisely ? …. for me, “islamists” are muslims, it does not mean that “all” muslims are barbaric, but all muslims who beleve are refering to the same texts, so there is the danger, the risq, because the texts have a barbaric content, it does not mean collective blame or guilt
    il y a 30 minutes • Modifié • J’aime
    Elise Elisseievna and I am not the kind of person to “go” without clear answer …
    il y a 32 minutes •
    Maryam Namazie The answer is clear. You just don’t want to hear it because you have an affinity with them. I don’t want far-righters on my page. Go away
    il y a 4 minutes • J’aime
    Elise Elisseievna Your answer is not clear : I look at your blog, and I did not find the text that you attribute to “them”. I send papers to Riposte laique, I am a jew, a agnosstique, and a feminist, and a anti-islam too, so I forbid anyone to classify me neo-nazi, it is false and ridiculous

  8. Comtessa de Metoncula says

    Dear Maryam , I agree with you if you want to change mindsets in Humanity..Organized Religion is exclusive and not inclusive and that is where the problem lies. We are one race, the human race and if we continue the path we have taken, pretty soon we wil no longer have a viable planet to live on!

    As to what the comments of Elisseievna are concerned, you are not well versed on history and what is still happening today and Christianity around the World and here particularly in the USA where we have a dangerous movement akin to Islamism. We need our Service people back here to combat our own Christian Taliban!
    The largest genocide ever happened on this Continent and this was perpetrated by good ,well intentioned Christians.. The same in Africa..To me, all organized religions are fascist and need to be put where they belong: In the privacy of the People’s homes..Once it permeates any Government, it spells disaster!
    Please read on and get an education before getting diarrhea of the mouth!

  9. Pen says

    woah, good grief, HOW did you stir these guys up?

    Chers compatriotes de Riposte Laique: vous ne faites vraiment pas plus beaux en anglais. Pouvez-pas arreter de nous faire honte, non?

  10. waleed Al husseini says

    thank you for explain that
    and i totally agree with you
    and about my interview there i have to make things clear in public
    1 i didnt knoz they are far right pleas dont defend your self and saying that your not all the France knowing that Riposte Laique is far right

    2 we dont have any relation with Riposte Laique cos we are different and we will never be zith them

    3 we all with humane rights we all against far rights and against Riposte Laique

    thank you Maryam

  11. thetruth says

    @ maryam namazie, Comtessa de Metoncula , elisseievna, DICK Bernard , thascius, pascal hilout, jalili jalili , pen , waleed al husseini,-> before fighting each other to fight against Islam and qur’an, watch the following video and fight to wipeout “ Islam “ from planet earth.

    @ maryam namazie, do you know?..ayan hirsi ali wrote book called Fitnah after 9/11 and left islam to become an athiest …now, she(and YOU) is calling all muslims to become an athiest ,comunist and EX-MUSLIMs to wipe out islam and muslims.

    Please link the following video on every blog pages of Atheists, communists, EX-MUSLIMS and all other anti Islamic gangs.

      • thetruth says

        Maryam namazie ,..Your freethoughts are trembling?…..freethoughts are restricted?…..Stalin an atheist was also uttered the word ” FUCK OFF” before he has massacred millions of innocent peoples in Russia…

          • thetruth says

            how could you justify use of the word “fuck off” for above video?…was that represent far righters thoughts?…

            if a pretending to be a freethought person uses the word fuckoff-on other free thoughts (the video which i presented above) , cannot be a real fighter for freethoughts.…’s becoming communists dictatorialthoughts…communist mentality is/was always authoritarian…and barbaric….atheists and communist rulers proved that. and you likeminded so called intellectuals always blame religions for your ruthless mentality and destruction of nations and innocent lives.

  12. tiberiusbeauregard says

    Wow. Just WOW…. @Maryam

    (1) I thought you had listened to what Douglas said when you had the opportunity to panel with him.
    The sad truth is, that you will need every support you can possibly get in your fight against what you call “Islamism”, no matter how little you like these people.

    When you’re facing a nefarious enemy, you cannot pick and chose your allies, you gotta take them where you find them. Why ? Because your enemies are far worse than your allies could ever be. As someone said above, correctly, Islam is known to have developed very sneaky, very elaborate methods of manipulating and taking over communities.

    (2) I’d really like to know what you think the difference is between “Islam” and “Islamism” is.
    If I recall correctly, and I’m sure every dictionary on this planet is on my side, an -ism describes a doctrinal system of thought or practice. That’s what Islam is; Islam is already its very own -ism.

    Or do you use these terms to distinguish moderates from fundamentalists ? If that is so, try a little thought experiment: Take your favorite apologetic texts and replace the word “Islam” with “Nazism”. And then read the text again. Godwin’s law ? No – and here’s why:

    Would you have given the germans in WW2 the same benefit of a doubt ? Only a tiny minority of germans were actually fascists and even among the fascists, the number of people who actually supported the aggressive stance of the regime was equally small … but do you really believe the war against Nazism could’ve been won without fighting against germany as a whole ? Nope. And you know it. And I know that you know it.

    If the 20th century had a lesson to remember, it was this one:
    If you want to root out fascism, you need to attack the culture that harbors and protects it.
    You don’t appease it. You don’t wait until it’s too late. Strike as swiftly as you can and as hard as you can.

    Come to terms with the necessities. The earlier, the less people will lose their lives over your hesitation.

    • says

      You want us to work with the far-Right because you have an affinity to their arguments. You don’t see anything wrong with it. The problem is that Islam as a belief can be lived in many ways. Nationalism can too. I might think both are regressive ideologies – I do – but there is a difference between a flag waving nationalist at a football match to a neo-Nazi. It’s the same with any regressive belief. People often pick and choose aspects that suit their lives and give it a 21st century spin – so my dad who is Muslim, and doesn’t eat pork or drink and so on, is proud of me and hates the Islamists. Because people are not one dimensional. Their religious beliefs are one of many characteristics that define them. The far-Right’s analysis that Islam = Nazism is like saying Christianity = Nazism. But we know not all Christians are part of the Christian Right even if the Christian Right gets all its dogma direct from god and bible. There are even pro-choice Catholics. This far-Right position helps to promote its demonisation of all who are Muslims or immigrants. This is one way in which it is similar to Islamism (our far-Right). The Islamists also think no Israeli citizen is innocent, nor any western citizen on her or his way to work. THey both also rely on misogyny, religion, and more.

      So obviously working with the nativist far-Right to oppose the Islamist far-Right not only is illogical, it is in human – if that is you want to side with people irrespective of beliefs and defend universalism, citizenship and secularism.

  13. sakura says

    No surprise that Riposte laïque Came there, since Waleed Al-Husseini nearly invited them by being interviewed bay them a few days before this lecture :
    The interviewer, Pascal Hilout, quoted as an example Geert Wilders, but it didn’t seem to skock Al-Husseini.

    Anyway, this interview could have been a mistake if Al-Hussein hadn’t given another one just after the meeting you intended with to a website managed by Jean Robin, a far-right activist whose website is a public paltform for all far-right tendencies, including Riposte laïque :

    You can see there an interview by Jean Robin of a leader of Résistance républicaine (an organisation close to Riposte laïque), during a “debate” with Dieudonné, an antisemitic ex-comedian whose films are financed by Iran :

    Jean Robin also appears on a picture illustrating a Riposte laïque placard (he’s the guy with the camera on the right) :

    So unfortunately, if Al-Hussein keeps on building links with that kind of people, it’s likely they should come back to future French ex-Muslims meetings. Maybe should you ask him what game he plays.

  14. ... says

    I really love it the way a defender of the most brutal and bloodstained ideology on earth thinks she somehow has the moral high ground to determine who is far-right and who is not.

    The attempt to amalgamate men like Douglas Murray, or groups like RL with neo-Naizs is beyond pathetic. “Muslims are not a block” – who, exactly, is arguing against this? Care to serve another red herring for us? Actually, I would say is that you make no distinction whatsoever between any member of the democratic right and the most depraved fringes of the far-right. Meanwhile you continue to espouse the ideology that butchered the most in the bloody century behind us.

    A lot of us are getting fed up with your hectoring tone on this. You seem to think you can fight a Jihad whose supporters number in the hundreds of millions while simultaneously getting to demand that everyone agree 100% with all of your handed down edicts. Good luck with that.

  15. says

    As a jewish I am even not offensed but horrified to be treated of ” neo nazi” for what I say to fight one the real neo-nazism of today : that is : islamic ideology !

    • says

      The problem is that Riposte Laique targets and blames Muslims rather than focusing on Islamism and seeing it as a political movement that needs to be challenged. It doesn’t see the many Muslims who oppose Islamism too.

      BTW, You can be Jewish and be racist. You can be Iranian and be a fascist. Your ethinicity, religion, race, gender does not make you one thing or another. It depends on your politics and choices. If you choose Riposte Laique, you choose racist politics – whatever you race, religion, colour, yada yada yada


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