Calling ex-Muslim Imams and Mullahs

I spoke to Catherine Dunphy, Executive Director of the Clergy Project, at the Washington DC Women in Secularism conference end May about incorporating ex-Muslim imams and mullahs into the Clergy Project which is a confidential online community for faithless clergy.

If you are an imam and mullah who has finally seen the light, please get in touch with her. There have to be many – particularly since it must be hard keeping a straight face whilst speaking about peace and love (at least in English) when Islamism is slaughtering and terrorising left, right and centre.

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Protests in Turkey continue

Dozens have been injured, two have been killed, four have permanently lost their eyesight after being hit by gas canisters or plastic bullets, and more than 1,700 people arrested in 235 demonstrations in 67 cities in Turkey.

Here’s a video showing brutal attacks on protesters by security forces.

İstanbul/İzmir/Ankara Occupy Gezi-The Police Violence from Aybars Arslan on Vimeo.

Erdogan wants the protests to stop. We want his rule, the brutality and the encroaching Islamism to stop. Full stop.

Release Amina and FEMEN activists now

9100_530562193678318_2134233333_n On 30 May, FEMEN activist Amina Tyler went on trial on charges of ”desecration of a grave” and “carrying harmful weapons”. She had scrawled the slogan FEMEN on a mosque wall and had pepper spray for her own protection with her. The judge decided to keep her jailed and added the charge of “attack on public morals”. The charges can carry from six months to five year imprisonment.

Nearly 200 Islamists protested against her saying she had sullied the image of the city and insulted Islam.

In condemnation of her trial, three FEMEN activists protested topless at the Tunisian courthouse and were arrested for attacking public decency and immoral behaviour. The two French and one German citizens are now in jail and could face up to one year in jail.




Clearly, the only attack on human decency is their arrests whilst Islamists roam free to murder and intimidate at will.

The four must be freed now.

Join FEMEN in calling for their immediate release. You can also donate to help support the four women. More information here.

A kiss and the finger for Erdogan

By the way, 85 women’s groups have released a statement supporting Canan Arın, advocate and founder of Mor Çatı who is currently being charged with “insulting” Mohammed and President Abdullah Gül.

During a conference on “Violence Against Women and Women Rights Law”, Arın mentioned that child marriages was a common practice in Turkey’s history mentioning the marriages of Prophet Mohammed and President Abdullah Gül.
A group of male advocates filed lawsuits against Arın for “insulting the islamic prophet”. She could face up to five years in prison.

Here are more details.

Also the Worker-communist Party of Iran’s plenum being held today sent a message to the magnificent protesting people of Turkey: