Amina Akbar


Tunisian FEMEN activist Amina was brought back to court today in handcuffs and covered in a blanket.

The “secret hearing” under police supervision meant that the decision of the court is unknown, according to FEMEN.

Amina faces up to two years in prison for writing “FEMEN” on a mosque wall and carrying pepper spray for her own protection.

Whilst Islamists are free to roam the streets to kill and intimidate at will, our dissenters are locked up behind bars and threatened with imprisonment.

We must not leave Amina alone. She speaks for all of us.

Also, the three FEMEN activists – Marguerite, Josephine and Pauline – who staged a topless protest at the court in Tunisia at Amina’s first hearing and who are now in jail and face prison terms must be freed immediately. In the courtroom, the activists bags had been put over their heads and they were covered in blankets; the judge banned photos and videos. According to human rights activist Patrick Klugman, who came from Paris to represent the interests of the FEMEN said: “I am horrified. Without giving FEMEN activists permission to speak, the court listened only to Salafi organizations which are not even the defendants in this case! Fair trial did not take place because the accused have not been released from custody, and they were not even heard.” Pre-trial is set for June 12.

Any day the four spend in prison is a day too long. They have done nothing wrong.


On the eve of the hearing, FEMEN activists held a “prayer” on the road near the Tunisian embassy in Paris chanting “Amina Akbar!”

Amina is great indeed…


For more information, visit FEMEN’s website.




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