Free Amina, Free Tunisia: It is the same cry

600286_500584530000840_728079130_nWriter and filmmaker Caroline Fourest, one of the signatories calling for an International Day to Defend Amina has written about Amina in French here.

Even with the not very fluent google translation into English, what is clear from her article is that Amina’s detention within her family – with the assistance of the police – does not equate safety.

Caroline calls on the activists attending the World Social Forum in Tunisia right now to shout with us “Free Amina, Free Tunisia!” Because it is the same cry.

Indeed it is…


  1. Contessa de Metoncula says

    This is an appeal to all women in the World. The reason why we are weak is because of people like Amina’s Aunt ( who the hell does she think she is?) and her entire family.
    Women do not support each other..There are more of us, so what is the problem?
    Please follow women like the one in this link..In order to achieve anything and any change without guns and violence we need to hold hands by the millions if not billions!

  2. tragicfreedomoflogicthoughts says

    More stars joined Mariam Namazie , atheists, stars and other famous people to accelerate Ameena and her future generations (children and grand children) to be free of this world.

    Watch this video and be confirmed.


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