FEMEN Tunisia’s Facebook Page Hacked

FEMEN TUNISIA Islamist hackers have taken control of FEMEN-Tunisia’s Facebook fanpage. This follows a death threat against 19 year old Amina who posted topless photos of herself.

The hackers say: “Thanks to God we have hacked this immoral page and the best is to come” and add: “The page has been hacked and if God willing, these dirt will disappear of Tunisia”.

Clearly, what must disappear back to the Middle Ages is Islamism.

4 April 2013 will be the International of Action to Defend Amina and us…

More information will be posted later today.

Until then, and always, Amina represents me.


  1. Xulio Carallo says

    Quiero mostrar mi indignación sobre esta tremenda injusticia que rompe cualquier derecho básico

  2. Contessa de Metoncula says

    This is a gross violation of freedom of expression and should be decried by all in this World!
    We are not going to capitulate to the Islamist Fascism! Nudity is not immoral because we were all born naked. Violence however, is. Violence against animals, nature, People..It is up to our spineless leaders to lead in this fight! But we must not rest until these Fascists are brought back to reason if that is ever possible. We must start with the young boys and educate them the proper way..We need to change minds, the way people think before they act.
    Minds are like parachutes: They only work when they are open and they cannot open if they are stuck with preset ideologies!

  3. says

    The most often repeated phrase in Islam is bismillah ir rahman ir raheem. The words rahman and raheem that come after allah (depicted as a woman’s breasts in Arabic) both have the same root–WOMB. The Arabs know this and are constantly trying to bury it.

  4. peter dalton says

    What is Islamism if not Islam and the people making the threats are not Islamists but Muslims, true believers, as they themselves would insist. Islamism is a word invented by French ‘liberal’ bien pensants and eagerly sequestered by the political propaganda department of the BBC to pretend that there is a form of Islam which is reasonable. There is no such thing. There are undoubtedly thousands perhaps millions of individuals calling themselves Muslims who are thoroughly decent empathetic human beings. Many of them are refugees in this country who have been forced out of Muslim countries under threat of death by the true belivers. Islam as written in the Quran and the Hadiths is a religion for psychopaths. Why is anyone surprised at the mysoginistic words of hatred spewing from the mouth of the Muslim cleric in Tunisia. To quote Winston Churchill on Islam “no stronger retrograde force exists in the world today”

    • says

      Nonsense. Islamism is a far-Right political movement. Nationalism is also the basis for fascism but not every nationalist is a fascist. Islam is the basis of Islamism but not every believer is a far-Right Islamist wanting sharia and Islamic states. Not to see the distinction is to deny reality. Also the BBC wanting to pretend there is a form of Islam that is reasonable? Ayatollah BBC never finds anything unreasonable with Islam or Islamism.

      • peter dalton says

        Islam is a political ideology with a “divine” justification and was conceived as such from the very beginning. Not to understand that reality is to place your own head beneath the sword of the true believer and invite him to strike it off.

        • says

          The Islamic inquisition is like the Spanish one before it. The Bible hasn’t changed since then – Christianity’s political power and status has and still it wreaks havoc where it can but a religion without political power is very different from one leading an inquisition. Not to understand that means you end up targeting Islam alone and not understanding that the fight is primarily a political one. If you don’t get it, you can’t find your allies including amongst many Muslims who are believers but despise Islamism, Sharia and Islamic states and who defend universalism and secularism.

          • peter dalton says

            I have no allegiance to religious belief of any description. However, from my reading of the St James Bible I am not aware that any of the teachings attributed to Christ could have been referred to in justification of the Spanish Inquisition whereas the true believer in Islam does not have to look very far in the Quran to find adequate justification for every action threatened towards Amina Tyler


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