4 April 2013: International Day to Defend Amina; she represents us



4 April 2013: Today is our day to defend our Amina

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Farsi translation of letter: آمنه صداي ماست

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19 year old Tunisian Amina who posted a topless photo of herself bearing the slogan “my body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone’s honour” has been threatened with death.

Islamist cleric Adel Almi, president of Al-Jamia Al-Li-Wassatia Tawia Wal-Islah, has called for Amina’s flogging and stoning to death saying Amina’s actions will bring misfortune by causing “epidemics and disasters” and “could be contagious and give ideas to other women…”

We, the undersigned, unequivocally defend Amina, and demand that her life and liberty be protected and that those who have threatened her be immediately prosecuted.

On 4 April 2013, we call for an International Day to Defend Amina.

Amina represents us all.

On the day and beyond, groups and individuals can join in by highlighting her case, posting topless photos of themselves and their activism on social media sites, signing a petition, Tweeting #Amina, writing letters in her defence, and more.

On 4 April, we will remind the Islamists and the world that the real epidemic and disaster that must be challenged is misogyny – Islamic or otherwise.


Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, Egyptian Nude Photo Revolutionary
Alina Isabel Pérez, Filmmaker
Amanda Brown, We are Atheism Founder
Annie Sugier, President of Ligue du Droit International des Femmes
Arash T. Riahi, Film Director
Caroline Fourest, Writer and Journalist; most recent film: “Our Breasts; Our Arms
Darina Al-Joundi, Lebanese Actress and Author of “The Day Nina Simone Stopped Singing
Deeyah, Music Composer and Filmmaker; most recent film “Banaz: A Love Story” about an honour killing
Elia Tabesh, Iranian Women in Support of Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar
Equal Rights Now – Organisation against Women’s Discrimination in Iran
Fariborz Pooya, Iranian Secular Society
Farzana Hassan, Writer
Fatou Sow, President of the Groupe de recherche sur les femmes et les lois au Sénégal
Fiammetta Venner, Filmmaker and Writer
Greta Christina, Writer and Blogger
Houzan Mahmoud, Spokesperson of Organisation for Women’s Freedom in Iraq
Inna Shevchenko, FEMEN Spokesperson
International Committee against Execution
International Committee against Stoning
Jacek Tabisz, President of Polish Rationalist Society
Joseph Paris, Radical Cinema
Kareem Amer, Egyptian Blogger
Kian Azar, Communist Youth Organisation
Marian Tudor, President of Romanian Association for Workers’ Emancipation
Marieme Helie Lucas, Algerian Sociologist and founder of Secularism is a Women’s Issue
Maryam Namazie, Campaigner and Spokesperson for Equal Rights Now – Organisation against Women’s Discrimination in Iran and initiator of Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar
Mina Ahadi, Spokesperson of International Committee against Stoning  and International Committee against Execution
Nadia El-Fani, Tunisian Filmmaker; most recent films “Neither Allah nor Master” and “Our Breasts; Our Arms
Nahla Mahmoud, Sudanese Researcher and Human Rights Activist
Nina Sankari, President of European Feminist Initiative Poland and Secularist
Richard Dawkins, Scientist
Rumy Hassan, Writer
Safia Lebdi, Co-founder of Neither Whores nor Submissives
Secularism is a Women’s Issue
Soad Baba Aïssa, Women’s Rights Campaigner
Sohaila Sharifi, Iranian Women’s Rights Campaigner
Sundas Hoorain, Pakistani Human Rights Lawyer
Tarek Fatah, Writer
Taslima Nasrin, Bangladeshi Writer

For more information on the International Day to Defend Amina, contact:

Maryam Namazie
tel: +44 (0) 7719166731
email: maryamnamazie@gmail.com
web: http://www.maryamnamazie.com/
blog: http://freethoughtblogs.com/maryamnamazie/

Inna Shevchenko
tel: +33605857180
e-mail: femen.ua@gmail.com
web: http://femen.org/en


  1. Contessa de Metoncula says

    ” could be contagious and give ideas to other women…”
    That is what those wanking bastards are affraid of..nothing else! Can you imagine, naked women making men affraid? What are they made of? Maybe that is what they are affraid the entire World might find out.That just made my day..
    They are not affraid of Bombs, rockets, drones,missiles, but they are affraid of naked women!

  2. Elle James says

    Why are these ‘moral’ men looking at naked pictures of women on the net?!

    Her own family have ‘siezed’ her and put her in a phyciatric hospital. Amina’s mum, IF you helped to do this then you have betrayed not only womankind but your own flesh and blood too! (I hope to God you had nothing to do with this!)

    The women of the west need to wake up and re embrace feminism and help all the other women around the world from this persecution and slavery. Increasing amount of gang rapes in India, beheading and stoning in Saudi Arabia, lashes and imprisonment in Tunisia. Baby girls aborted/abandoned/murdered, pre-pubescent girls married off, sold into prostitution/slavery, denied education, denied health care, freedom of movement, chioce of dress, choice of husband, just choice in general!! When is this barbaric treatment of half the human race going to stop? Amina is a brave woman, we need more like her!

  3. Jane bennington says

    The women of the world have your intentions Amina.
    We will do all our our power individually to expose yours and millions of other females around the world suffering from oppression and subjugation under Islamic laws,
    You are not alone brave girl,
    April the 4th will be your day , we want these barbaric perpetrators and abusers to face there justice.
    This sadistic primitive cult must be exposed for its human rights violations around our world,
    No more gender inequality and apartheid , ,

  4. amina says

    That and more let s go out dooor
    to support amina this issue can noot stay just kind of indoors and in the virtual world. This is x real…

  5. Martyn says

    Respect and best wishes to a very brave lady – let us all hope the ‘misfortune’ they speak of is related to their own loss of power and control in the future. That is all they are really afraid of.

  6. says

    It might give other women ideas? That is so controlling. Women are not property or animals you can tell to dress up and how to think. I hope she lives on, and kudos to her for putting herself out there on behalf of her people!

  7. PatC says

    Amina you have so much moral support all around the world. I only hope that you are able to see it for yourself and that you have freedom to read news and live your life and that your family will love and support you.

    Be strong dear girl

    x x

  8. Pat from Canada says

    Will it take someone like Amina to reawaken real feminism in the West? Where are the Hollywood celebrities now? Where are the university students? All I see are pampered entitled brats so consumed by the abortion question they can’t see anything else. Like Amina. How many western women would dare confront the Islamists at the risk of torture, floggings and stoning? How many Hollywood women have bared their breasts for money and adulation and will be sipping their champagne right this minute not knowing or caring about Amina. FREE AMINA.

  9. Dr Brian Robinson says

    In total support of Amina. It is intolerable that any human being should be subjected to this primitive and reactionary kind of thinking and the actions that arise from it. But it’s always worse for women. It’s got to stop.

  10. Patrik Unszorg says

    What are you thinking you sick bastards?? Killing somebody because she’s standig up for her rights? I hope everybody who wants her death will die painfully.

  11. Ursula Genaehr says

    Amina, you are so so brave. All the best for your campaign. Hopefully you will be successful. Ursula.

  12. Oscar Amador says

    No more sharia, please. We deserve to leave in peace.
    Where the fuck is Amina ?
    Where the fuck r all the Aminas of this world ?
    Fuck religion !!

  13. George says

    I have sent a letter to my Senator, Elizabeth Warren, who has a record of standing up for women’s rights. If the US has any diplomatic pull with Tunisia I hope we can have some influence in this awful situation. This woman’s courage is stunning and I want to do everything I can to support her.

      • Vulcan29 says

        Way to go Maryam!
        If German is male, he should feel immense shame.
        As a male myself, I expel him from my gender group!

    • says

      Why, actually? Why do you hope her government will punish her? What harm has she caused to anyone else that would deserve punishment?

      If you think that what she has done should be a crime, you’d better be able to come up with some darn good reasons, because as far as I can tell, she hasn’t caused any injury to anyone, stolen or destroyed anyone’s property, defrauded anyone, put anyone else’s life at risk, or any of the other victim-creating behaviours that we normally think of as crimes. Explain your rationale please.

      • Rebecca Wright says

        Sadly, I doubt this man could explain his rationale. Perhaps the wrong word. Rational and independent thinking seems not an option for some humans. Better to ask him what is he TRULY afraid of.

        • Gordon Willis says

          Perhaps better to ask him to explain what he thinks and why. It’s a good exercise; indeed, a necessary one. Knee-jerk responses happen, but maybe one could think again and learn something.

        • Rebecca Wright says

          BTW could I please clarify an earlier comment. When I said “this man” I was not referring to David Hart but “German” above. I totally agree with David Hart. Apologies if my comment was misinterpreted to seem supportive of the German; anything but!

    • Gordon Willis says

      German, David Hart is quite right. You need to consider what you are thinking and explain yourself carefully. This is a place for people to post considered comments, therefore try to express your point of view so that others can understand what it is and why you hold it.

  14. Wave says

    Amina, you are one of the biggest whores at the arabian world. I hope your government will punish you.

    I think the majority of true believers among Muslim men are, in fact, merely four and five year-old boys, little spoiled brats, trapped in the bodies of adult males.

    A “whore” has little or no autonomy, whereas Amina has stepped forward and declared her independance.

    Like a grown-up!

  15. Hamilton Williams says

    How did the idea that “a man has no control of himself if he see the skin of a woman” ever get started? By men who want to blame everything on someone else! The idea that men have no self control is stupid and has led to this plight of hyper-masculinity in the world. It is time we have gender equality in all cultures in all parts of the globe!!! Stop blaming your lack of dick control on someone else!!! That makes you just a “dick!”

  16. Wave says

    Arabo/muslim males often don’t have much self-control. Respect for women can only occur in socieities where women have both the power AND the authority to discipline their male offspring.

    When I was a small boy, I touhed my mother’s breast in front of my two sisters and grandmother and said “titty”. The first three times my mother removed my hand and told me to stop.

    When I did it a fourth time she took my hand, slapped it and told me how very, very disappointed she was with me.

    For an hour or so afterwards she witheld her affection from me, and I can remember, even though I couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4, being on my best behavior and working like hell to regain that affection.

    For the very first time in my life I felt sorry and ashammed for what I’d done.

    With regards to respect for women and for women’s bodies, certain boundries had been established.

    But in order to do that, women need a minimum of power and authority over their male children.

  17. Kerry-lyn Radloff says

    Amina – you are a very courageous young woman. As hard as it is – and as hard as “consequences” may sometimes be, sometimes people have to stand up and say ENOUGH! Not everyone will have the courage you have – but your body and it’s voice will give a power to voiceless women. I am in awe of you.

  18. Mai-Li says

    Dear Amina

    I pray that you will have an opportunity to read this blog soon and know that you are a very brave young woman who stood up for your rights. I cannot imagine how brave you are and to be able to stand up against the oppression you deal with daily.

    We are behind you.


  19. Rebecca Wright says

    This is a very real example of misogyny, unlike the juvenile tirade made by our current P.M. here in Australia which was posted on youtube and had so many hits. Her expose was nothing more than a political stunt against her opponent who is most definitely NOT a misogynist as she would like people to believe.
    HOWEVER, this young woman is truly a victim of misogyny which is too culturally embedded in so many countries and is unacceptable fundamentally and certainly in the 21st century.
    The fact that she may be flogged or put to death for such a benign act is reprehensible and totally indefensible. How dare her family have commit her to an institution for this? How primitive and most definitely does not demonstrate an act or response by “educated and open-minded” people, as her mother claims their family is.

  20. says

    A woman on the internet citing an example of actual, rather than faux ,misogyny! Wonders never cease. Though i hate to be on the list of supporters that include those femen nutters, i will post the petition to my site, twitter etc. I guess it’s the agnostic in me, but being young and stupid doesn’t merit death.

  21. Len Cockram says

    I am a reactionary but agree that all of us have a right to expression as long as no other person is hurt by our views Fundamentalist of any type are a problem for humanity

  22. Naim Kassar says


    Your courage is motivating and honourable. I wish you patience….we can win.
    Courage ma chere!
    Votre courage desinteresse et position phenomenale contre la barbarie de la societe patriarcale orthodoxe – eleve………; vous etes dans mes pensess et prieres chere Amina

  23. Naim Kassar says

    Amina courage ma chere!

    Vous etes dans nos pensees et prieres……c’est la merde la religion…..!

  24. Mark of Melbourne says

    Good on you Amina and good on all you journalists who are highlighting her plight. If I were a woman I would follow Amina’s example and if I were a journalist I would regularly write articles to expose the injustices woman face around the world. Since I’m a male I’ll support by spreading the message and by buying the publications that expose those prejudices. I’m just so fed up with all the barbaric men around the world who treat woman as second class citizens. It is the men who are the intellectually inferior sex and this needs to be shown in a peaceful way. Well done and good luck

  25. Stuart says

    It is a clash of two opposing paradigms. The people who live in and abide by the society of fundamentalist sharia law cannot and never will see or understand anything different from … retribution to those who transgress that sharia law. Nothing more to say really other than nothing less than a monumental ground swell of people (read people power) to change this situation.
    I support Amina and wish her every chance to survive unscathed but I fear she played her trump card and is now merely a passenger and that the only hope for the cause is for other people from her country to step in and take up the mantle.

  26. Wassim says

    I’m fully support and standing the courageous AMINA, the free women and men in Algeria stand together behind this daring step, to eradicate the barbarian behavior of new emerging wave of obscurantism in Arab world.

  27. Carinc says

    Amina the courageous warrior!!! I am so in awe of your incredible act to stand up & fight for the basic human rights of women around the globe who are ruled under the political ideology hiding under the banner of religion known as Islam. I pray that your plight for freedom will be taken seriously on the global stage & ultimately unite humanity to stand up against the abhorrent oppression of Islam which is creeping into our civilised societies & destroying the very fabric of our humanity with their repulsive regime akin to Adolf Hitler. Enough!!!! We must stand up & fight for the expulsion of Islam globally & their barbaric sharia law!!
    May the light finally shine where it is needed the most to expose these monsters & bring them to justice! To all fellow bloggers lets help spread the word on the global stage with our respective politicians ,prime minsters, presidents & celebrities! Save Our beautiful Amina!!!!

  28. Paramita Ray says

    We the undersigned unequivocally defend Amina, and demand that her life and liberty are protected and that those who have threatened her will be immediately prosecuted.

  29. Joanette says

    Good for you Amina. You have my support

    Why are some men so afraid of women that they have to suppress and bully them?

  30. Tim Edward says

    Arab Muslim society is so inherently backward that no amount of aid, education or democracy can pull this culture from the dark age. Even Arab Muslim communities in the West are unable to adopt modern humane values when living in the home of the Enlightenment. Even modern Turkey, founded by a Freemason, can’t produce a culture free of honour killings and labeling Western women whores.

    I admire ‘Amina’s courage but the only realistic hope for Arab women wishing to flaunt an independent mind or body is to partake in the brain drain that always moves West, not East.

  31. AS says


    Fight strong – may your strength, courage, patience and luck never run out.

    The clerics and (other assorted mad) men that threaten you are cowards and hide behind the curtains of “culture” and “religion”.

    They are wrong. They warrant prosecution for expressing hateful thoughts and actions and for violation of your right for self expression.

  32. Rosie says

    Men are afraid of women. That’s why they try to control women. Men will not succeed when the women of the world unite.

    • Becky says

      Yours is a very extreme comment @Rosie. So sad that such issues have to become so polarised. SOME men try to control women but not all. For example extremist Muslim men do and are fundamentally afraid of women but certainly not ALL Muslim men. However, it really isn’t a war between women and men. That is such a simplistic view; to try to demonise all men. As a mature woman I lament this resurgence with a vengeance of women’s rights. It really does the ‘sisterhood’ no good. And your reaction is no less extreme than that of the men you are accusing of being so sexist. Perhaps you are very young with a lot of misplaced anger and you think this is the place to put it. You are wrong.

      • Laura Partera says

        I don’t find Rosie’s post so divisive, as you seem to find it, Becky. What is true is that men are steeped in sexism and male domination. Every man is a good person and every man is an agent of sexism. Men are also clearly affected by male domination; they experience it themselves and they act out in this way also. I don’t think of it as an us vs. them battle or women vs. men. I think of it more as all of us (women and men) vs. sexism/male domination. When women unite and say NO to sexism, things will change. When we all stand up together (whatever gender we have) and say NO to male domination, it will be a beautiful thing…

      • Rosie says

        I’m not a young woman hurt by a few men. I am 58 years old and have seen a lot of systemic injustices of men against women. Are you forgetting pornography? The inequality of pay checks for the same work? Domestic violence? Prostitution? Deadbeat dads? Yes, there are exceptions. And there are women who do these hurtful things too. But most of these horrible disrespectful acts are done by and because of men.

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a man hater. I’m married to the best man I ever met. But the fact remains that men are born with a sense of entitlement and society encourages it.


        • Becky says

          I am curious, Rosie, as to what you mean by a “deadbeat Dad”. I would really like to know. But of course I am not forgetting pornography or prostitution or any of the other things you mentioned. Which by the way many men reject also find appalling. The worst crime, and not in your list, is pedophilia and I suppose that on balance that is largely perpetrated by men.
          In all cultures we raise boys differently from girls and there are different expectations on them. Much has changed in western society but sometimes these old expectations get twisted and develop into extreme behaviour. However, we are all a product of acculturation, both males and females. Some of that has been wrong but it has ever been thus.
          However, the important thing is to be able to recognise the problems created and address them. Sadly, extreme Muslim views (which are not ALL Muslims’ views) seem incapable of applying any enlightened thinking on any such problem and simply hark back to the views of some unenlightened prophet from so long ago. No room at all for change or improvement. And so it goes.

          • Rosie says

            A deadbeat dad is a father who does not support his children. They walk away from their marriage and their children. That is what they are called here in the states. Where are you from?

          • Becky says

            Born in the U.S.A. but most of adult life in Australia where we also have plenty of “deadbeat dads”.

  33. NB says

    As a man and a relative of women/girls, I totally oppose treatment of women or girls, in any disrespectful and/or objectionable way.
    It is only a weak and/or inferior man or organization who would behave towards a female that way – not a strong and proud one!
    Amina’s stance deserves to be respected, as an expression of a person’s rightful wish and demand for personal and others’ deserved freedom and entitlement, not least as a consequence of the United Nations’ (Universal Declaration of) Human Rights.
    Free Amina at once, opponents and infidels* of the Human Rights!
    (*’Non-believers in Human Rights’)

  34. Ælf James says

    Amina has been locked away as mentally ill for the crime of having courage, not wishing to be owned. Is this medieval reaction the sort of bloom found in the Arab Spring?

  35. Vulcan29 says

    Amina has the courage to stand upfor her principles and should be supported by all of us who believe in freedom and gender equality.
    It seems that in Islamic countries, all females are victims. To be victims there must be a crime or injustice. Islam is therefore a crime.

  36. Phil says

    It saddens me to think that this young lady could die simply because of the male ego and corruption of religious thought, surely the Prophet did not have this in mind. It’s not the faith that is at fault but the morons who interpret it to suit their own ends.. And to the people who condone this treatment of this young lady, here’s a thought strap a bomb to your body go out in to the desert away from people and do the world a favour

  37. macmarine says

    … indeed we are with her and all the women that share her free spirit … they all deserve better than to be oppressed by islamist cave-men!

  38. Bron says

    This is nothing more than the continued oppression of women by men. What are these men afraid of? Do they think that they have nothing at all of value to women so they have to FORCE women into submission? A true man loves and respects women. Tunisian men (and women) need to speak up or be thought of as nothing more than pigs.

  39. jamal-saberi says

    FUCK YOUR MORAL! NO to Islam, Allah, Mohammad, Goran, sharia low, Imam,… and all religion. Islam is fascism, anti women, kids, humanity, free and happy life. every body lets do unite for Amina and Amina,s right,s and stop Islamic fascism around the world NOW !! we are more then 1,000,000,000 and can do it. we need to this acct and show our voice and power for gate real free and happy happy life.This is time for Islam and exec go to hell for ever. everrr ! long life women,s world revolution. long life freedom, equality and happy life for all human

  40. says

    lets see now, isnt this really all about the Islamic Koranic laws, huh, and these writers seem to want to lay most of the blame and guilt on the western system, or to lay blame on western aystems as if they are responsable for the behaviour of Islamic misogeny. lets keep Islamic misogyny where it belongs – in Islamic country’s, IF WE ARE GOING TO ATTACK THE WESTERN SYSTEM LETS DO IT AS A SPECIFIC STRUGGLE.
    rod qld aust

    • Rebecca Wright says

      But that is the current thinking, Rod, around the world. There is a burgeoning undercurrent/left wing mindset which underpins so much and the common thread is that the west is to blame for everything that is wrong in the world and they must pay, literally and figuratively. It expresses itself in all sorts of ways, large and small, and informs political party thought and governments and organisations, such as the UN. But how the west could possibly be responsible for an extreme retro attitude of males against women in the mindsets of some Muslim sects/countries beggars belief.

  41. Arnault says

    Liberté voilée, liberté volée..
    Tous, hommes, femmes, enfants, avec un voile graffé de mots solidaires avec Amina, le samedi 6 Avril 15 heure, 17 rue de Lübeck, Paris 16°, devant l’ambassade de Tunisie!

  42. Raja says

    Stupid comments in here. To make yourself naked dont show any courage or superiority over men..fiminists always look for stupid ways to gain attention

    You people are not animal and you cannot live in house with your naked mother and sister . can you?

    • Becky says

      Do I understand, therefore, Raja, that you support the abuse and discrimination against women especially in its most extreme forms as seen in strict Muslim countries? Where is the humanity in the minds of those people who would, say, recommend stoning or even death for the really very benign act of this young woman?
      Finally, you seem to deny the fact that only a very extreme response to an extreme attitude can make any impact or difference. That is how it is in human affairs.

      • BECKY says

        May I just clarify my former comment regarding “extreme responses” such as how Amina’s showing her breasts is viewed by some.
        In commenting that way I was IN NO WAY condoning or suggesting that extreme VIOLENCE is ever justified or warranted. I was viewing the baring of human flesh, such as in this case, rather like the over use of the same offensive 4 letter word. If such a word is over-used in the same conversation or, say, in a movie it loses impact. That is the ‘extremeness’ to which I was referring. So showing completely naked flesh can demonstrate to those who seem to have a phobia about the exposure of human flesh as something evil and taboo, even if not a private part, is really nothing to fear. Nor is it sinful especially in the wider context. Get real! It is just flesh of which we are all made.
        But never is violence an appropriate response.

  43. Adem Ingham says

    Don’t you just love it when the ‘religion of peace’ goes around threatening death to all that won’t acknowledge its jurisdiction…

  44. says

    May I just clarify my former comment regarding “extreme responses” such as how Amina’s showing her breasts is viewed by some.
    In commenting that way I was IN NO WAY condoning or suggesting that extreme VIOLENCE is ever justified or warranted. I was viewing the baring of human flesh, such as in this case, rather like the over use of the same offensive 4 letter word. If such a word is over-used in the same conversation or, say, in a movie it loses impact. That is the ‘extremeness’ to which I was referring. So showing completely naked flesh can demonstrate to those who seem to have a phobia about the exposure of human flesh as something evil and taboo, even if not a private part, is really nothing to fear. Nor is it sinful especially in the wider context. Get real! It is just flesh of which we are all made.
    But never is violence an appropriate response.http://monw3atkom.blogspot.com/


  1. […] Feminists around the world have been supporting Amina, a 19 year old Tunisian girl who posted a topless photo of herself bearing the slogan “my body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone’s honour” has been threatened with death. Tunisia was once considered one of the most liberal Muslim countries. But unfortunately Islam does not allow people to be liberal, moderate, secular, tolerant, understanding, sympathetic, considerate, compassionate, humane, kindhearted, loving, generous, thoughtful. […]

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