A life free from fear

487966_10200816960411702_37253189_nTo480936_458620344210168_1343746438_nday is the one year anniversary of a sit-in of Iranian asylum seekers in Wurtzburg, Germany which turned into a sort of tent city after the tragic suicide of Iranian asylum seeker Mohammad Rahsepar. That protest kick-started the refugee tent movement in Germany which has helped to highlight the horrendous plight of asylum seekers.

In Germany and elsewhere, people – women, men and children – are warehoused, receive very little support, have no right to work, and are dehumanised and criminalised all because they have dared to dream of another life free from hellish dictatorial regimes and theocracies.

Protests such as these help remind the public of the humanity of those seeking refuge. Asylum seekers are not some statistic but real people who are fighting to live a life free from fear.


  1. Contessa de Metoncula says

    It is a very complex subject where already cash strapped cities are faced with this new impending problem..
    The best solution would be for the West to stop supporting dictatorship to suit their own agendas, because in the end, that is what it is all about! Follow the money trail!

    • says

      The problem is that they are cash strapped only when it comes to human need not when it comes to funding their wars or saving failed banks… I find the whole concept of securing basic human needs and rights based on immigration status quite outrageous.

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