Amina represents me

amina An Islamist preacher says 19 year old Tunisian Amina (FEMEN Tunisia) who posted a topless photo of herself bearing the slogan “my body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone’s honour” deserves to be stoned to death. A lawyer has said she may face up to 2 years’ imprisonment and fines as a result of her topless activism.

Someone identifying herself as Amina’s aunt denounced Amina’s actions on Youtube saying: “I hope she pays for her actions. She does not represent her country or Tunisian women.”

Well, Amina represents me and countless other women across the Middle East, North Africa, and the world.

Adel Almi, president of Al-Jamia Al-Li-Wassatia Tawia Wal-Islah, who called for Amina’s flogging and stoning to death said Amina’s actions will bring misfortune by causing “epidemics and disasters” and “could be contagious and give ideas to other women…”

Of course it has and will just as those of FEMEN or Aliaa Magda El-Mahdy.

I suggest we pick a date for a global day of topless action led by FEMEN to show him and his Islamist brethren what a “disaster” women are for misogyny – Islamic or otherwise.


  1. Raza says

    Mariyam Should come in media and do protest like this.. definitely she can give a more better image on freedom and rights of women.

  2. Janet says

    Amina speaks for me too. But I speak from the safety of Europe. I just hope those who hate Amina’s courage and openness don’t get a chance to harm her.

  3. says

    Everyone (that includes Arabs) is looking at a depiction of a woman’s breasts every time they see the word Allah written (drawn) in Arabic, so what’s the big deal? Arabic is a pictographic language based on body parts, esp. reproductive body parts. When you look at the Arabic alphabet you are seeing pregnant bellies with breasts, man’s genitals, with and without an erection, semen, woman’s genitals, ovaries, and eggs. Btw, if you look at Amina’s stomach, you will see a clear depiction of the breasts and belly.

    • Contessa de Metoncula says

      I could not but agree more!
      The Judeo Christian religions have the same problem and we have the same problem in the US where in certain states the Government interferes with women’s bodies. Recently in Ireland a young woman died because she was denied an abortion by a very catholic doctor who refused to perform the operation that would have saved the young woman..The Catholic Church was born out of Judaism just like the Muslims and based on a man invented misogynist invisible entity..The problem is also exacerbated by the complicity of very superstitious women who have been indoctrinated in all those religions. For example: the female very often dangerous and mutilating circumcision is uniquely performed and perpetuated by women!

  4. Nikki Craven says

    Why are some people so offended by our natural bodies? What possible epidemic or disaster could the bare human form cause? The only time there is a disaster is when someone outside of that body decides to objectify it, abuse it or try to claim it as their’s. I commend her for being so courageous. Now, when is this global day of action?

  5. Jane J says

    Amina represents me too in this point.
    yes indeed my to the fact Amine said”my body belongs to me ,& is NOT the source of anyone’s honor”.

  6. Zuzana says

    Amina speaks for me as well. I am talking from the “safety” of America. I hate left and communism (from which I emmigrated but to be true swimming naked in any river was just fine and nobody EVER called the police and/or complained) and I hate having to pay FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S abortions, surgeries and schools, I hate having to support muslim brotherhood in Egypt and I hate nobama’s worldwide genocide of common sense, hate his robbing Americans of their money. Obama finances and supports islamists so the women like Amina and I will never be able to truly own their bodies.

    • Contessa de Metoncula says

      You have your information wrong about Obama..
      It is big business that is financing the Islamists, like Harliburton big oil companies pharma companies etc..I kindly remind you that It is the Bush family who started the most recent wars in the middle east together with the UK .Get your information right before making those kinds of accusations and we are talking about women’s rights which are an internal problem and a religious one.
      The main culprit is organized paternalistic monotheistic religions and it is in those relgions that women fare the worst The problem about women’s freedom have existed way before Obama was born and nowadays the Prophet would be emprisoned for marrying and thus raping very underaged little girls..Need I say more?

      • melina says

        Contessa – please do not disseminate your adolescent conspiracy theories as fact. You should follow you own advice (gracelessly offered) before you demand it of others.

  7. rafiqmahmood says

    It is a pity that cigarettes are also portrayed as part of the “rebellious image”. Slavery to the tobacco drug barons is also part of the problem in the “third world”. Unfortunately taking up smoking is often seen as an expression of “liberty” and “feminism” when it is quite the opposite.

    The pervasive cigarette advertising outside Europe and North America tries to convey this image of smoking as a cool, young, rebellious, freedom-loving thing to do. It is true indeed that her body belongs to her and not to Islam. It does not belong to the tobacco companies either.

    • Contessa de Metoncula says

      I could not but agree more about the tobacco Industry and its enslaving and poisoning the people who smoke and the ones who inhale as second hand smoke that is twice as dangerous!

  8. Contessa de Metoncula says

    To my knowledge, nobody is ever born with clothes on..There is nothing wrong with nudity it is the interpretation of nudity that is distorted by organized religion that is wrong.
    Human animals are inherently stupid! Nowhere in nature do you see animals freaking out by the sight of female or male genitalia..
    Nobody has ever been conceived by fully clothed parents nor by the so-called Holy Ghost and other myths.
    Grow up human animals and stop the bigoted nonsense!

  9. Darknesspinokio wordpress says

    the reality is the spreading of muslim ideology is the real epidemic and disaster ,Hope Amina is okay there

  10. Skydog says

    Adel Almi, president of Al-Jamia Al-Li-Wassatia Tawia Wal-Islah, who called for Amina’s flogging and stoning to death said Amina’s actions will bring misfortune by causing “epidemics and disasters” and “could be contagious and give ideas to other women…”

    Give ideas to other women?

    Tell that to Malala Yousafsai who went back to school yesterday after eecovering from gunshot wounds to the head after she demanded an education in Pakistan. The only thing that frightens Islamists more than the sight of naked female flesh is the thought of a girl reading a book other than the Quran. It may give them ideas after all. Or perhaps they are afraid that educated, Muslim females may prove to be more intelligent than those whose sole guide to their existence is knowledge and social mores contained in a 7th century, unalterable fairy-tale?

    I hope Amina’s stance DOES cause an ‘epidemic’ … of Muslim female protest, which turns out to be a ‘disaster’ … for the misogynist males who rule Islam.

  11. Mehran says

    long live Amina!
    Tell us how we can support him to get his voice reach out our world! That is what the real peace bring for humanity!
    All wars comes to some men penis mentality! lets condemn this mentality! That is how we can save humanity in our full of chaos world!
    No mercy just get them down to knee down for humanity which they have done too much loss on his regard!

  12. puzzled says

    ok your body is your own not a trophy of honour , but surly self respect has a part to play ,fighting your corner with nudity ??? your an intelligent, women , why lower that ??

    • Skydog says

      By forcing them to cover themselves from head to foot in black, by beating them if they are not submissive enough to their husbands, by treating them and their female offspring as a ‘commodity, by killing those girls who ‘dishonour’ their strictures … this is how Islam designs to give women ‘self-respect?’ Bullshit! And you know it.

  13. Nikki Craven says

    Wow, @puzzled, you’ve missed a lot of the message. That being there is absolutely nothing obscene or wrong with our bodies. It’s not lowering one’s self if one is comfortable and not ashamed of their own skin. It is honoring the self-worth we all have.

  14. says

    @puzzled, the sin or shame is in your eyes, everybody came to this world naked. nothing to be ashamed about. She is a real Hero, the world needs more people like her. About the tobbaco… yes, is wrong, but the point is that is HER BODY.

  15. Yani Haigh says

    I know Amina and what she was fighting for. It wasn’t the right to bare her breasts but for equality for all people and for assistance for the poor.

      • Skydog says

        It’s a dangerous game playing against these fundamentalist bozos Maryam they really are mad dogs and the worst sort thinking as they do that they have a mandate from some deranged prophet and god. This makes her stance all the more brave. I hope no harm comes to her.

  16. Boo B McSquishie says

    I don’t give a hoot about what women do with their hooters but I can tell an attention-seeker when I see one. X-D

  17. Audrey Barber says

    Women of Iran Daughters of Tehran

    … By: Audrey Barber

    Tap the Daf softy, play that Setar lowly
    Listen to the story of Neda Agha Soltan
    Shot in her chest savagely
    Died on a street car park
    Neda! Neda! Agha Soltan
    The Voice of Iran – You become
    Neda! Neda! Agha Soltan

    Beat that Alvah slowly bang the Chalab softly
    Hear the rape of Taraneh
    Hear the murder of Babazadeh
    The torture the abuse the murder
    In Evin they striped and killed them
    Their bodies burnt and dumped
    In the desserts of Karaj and Qazvin

    Blow that Sallaneh sweetly, and string the Tar so sadly
    For Zahra Zibi Kazemi, finally rests in peace
    No more broken nose, no broken limbs
    No fractured skull, no more pain and rape
    The torture of Zahra Ziba Kazemi lingers within Evin Walls

    Oh beat them Daf’s so softly and play the Setar lowly
    Hang our heads and weep
    For Iran’s tortured girls
    Many! Too many they killed, for nothing
    Tehran’s Daughter were raped
    For crimes not theirs, they gunned them down
    Upon the floors of Evin poured
    The blood of Tehran’s girls

    These Mighty Men of Iran’s land
    They killed their girls behind Evin walls
    Now let them not be spared
    May the ghosts of all they killed
    Torture them in turn
    May they live to see the faces of those they
    Raped and Killed
    May they all fall to death maddened in the head
    Let them run in Tehran Streets
    Confessing all their crimes
    Let the Women take their turn
    To stone these bastards Dead

    Ring that Zang!
    Play the Tanbur!
    Beat the Dabal – NOW!
    Play them loudly
    Play them all for those survived
    They live to tell the tale
    To them Today Stand Bow
    Applaud them for their strength
    These are the Women, who made the change
    Exposing Heathen Men

    Oh Play the Santoor! Play the Santoor!
    Women of Iran do Rise
    Tortured and Broken
    Shattered, and weak
    Tehran’s daughters you still do stand
    You tell your tale the world must know
    Those gruesome deeds they do

    Play the Sorahi, Sing a New song
    Tehran’s Girls are Brave
    They told the tale and the world does know
    Those heathens exposed are now
    More abuse to do they will think again
    We are proud of you strong women you are
    Iran’s Daughters – An example to the rest!
    Don’t give up your fight oh beautiful girls
    Don’t give up that fight just yet
    You are daughters of the soil
    Fight on you must for your rights
    You have the power over them
    For survivors they do fear
    Nothing now that you cannot bear – and nothing do you fear
    Take up your cause it is you who can help the rest
    This is your reason to survive! and the land belongs to you

  18. fatima says

    she does not represent me . iam North African i do not wish her harm , but being topless like that is against my values , my faith , my society , my traditions . there are other ways to demonstrate and to argue being nude with a cigarette on her hand is not the only option . .

    • says

      She may not represent you any more than you represent her. However even if her being topless is against your values, your faith and traditions and so on, it is not against hers. There may be other ways to demonstrate BUT this is her way. She has as much of a right to be topless as you have not to be. Rather than focus on her, it might do you well to focus on the misogyny that she is targetting…

  19. jaredcormier says

    Just like this, one would think such the power of bare breasts could be used in a similar fashion. Joking aside, how horrible for a woman to write the (quite factual) statement on her body that it is for her to do with as she pleases?

  20. Dian says

    I support this woman in her endeavour to gain freedom from the laws imposed upon her by men whose ideas belong in the sixth century. Amina’s body is hers to display if wished, to be clothed in any way or form she desires and she is entitled to live any way she wishes. These are freedoms which should be available to any woman without some male telling her what she can do, wear or say.

    Misogyny is something us women who do have freedom need to oppose. I am just so glad I was born in a country which allows women freedom. As a child I was sent to Catholic school and Mass and was made to wear a hat to church. I remember how much I resented having to do this whilst the boys went hatless. Therefore I totally understand this young woman’s protest. Women are not second class, we have minds of our own and we want to use them in our daily interactions with each other, not be told by men who have not used their minds since the 7th century what to do.

  21. Maja says

    I am not an atheist.
    I am not young.
    I am not likely to bare my breasts in public.
    I DO support women who are brave, intelligent, strong, and fighting for a cause they believe in. Be it this young lady, or a teen who is shot for being an education advocate, or a woman arguing her right to own property, vote, or be free of society’s constraints. I support equality of all persons.
    Anything I can do to show that support, please let me know. I have a new grandchild. I want her to grow in a better world.
    I believe Amina is all women. Even those who don’t know it.

  22. Sami says

    well I’m from Tunisia , and I give my full support to Amina , I’m very proud of her ,however concerning the stoning “joke ” when such clown speaks I think we have to ignore him , it’s true our society is very conservative but I have to remind that Tunisia is a democratic instittutional country such barbarin actions are not used here

    • Skydog says

      Dear ‘Nazi’, their actions speak louder than your misogynistic words. You obviously have a problem with women. You should not be gazing on naked female flesh as I’m sure the quran specifically forbids this. Haven’t you anything better to do? Go to the stoning to death of the latest innocent rape victim or perhaps beating your wife for showing an ankle under her burkha? or maybe arranging the marriage of your 6 year old daughter to some paedophile old goat with a beard?

      Have a nice day. Now go away and apply for martyrdom.

  23. kiki moses says

    i am a muslim,yes i don’t agree in the way in which she is protesting but i don’t believe that she should be stoned to death! reason being Allah is the all knower and all seer,he will deal with her according! Another point the only women she would mislead are those who are weak in faith and don’t truly believe in islam! it is we or the male men of islam to teach your wives and daughters their deen but at the end of the day who allah guides no one can misguide so leave her! They saying that she could mislead women but they can mislead alot more than her by showing hatered for a woman who doesn’t know any better of her faith! This stoning to death thing will just cause non muslims to stay away from the truth! The quran talks about ppl who turn people away from the quran or should i say away from the truth! I’m not a perfect muslim not even close,Allah knows best! but i do hope that some of you understand what i’m trying to say! Allah is most merciful most forgiving,and he knows best!

    • Skydog says

      ”This stoning to death thing will just cause non muslims to stay away from the truth!”

      It’s not just the stonings which we Kufr find repulsive about Islam. Not by any means. The whole male-dominated, misogynistic system of Islam is repellant and ought to be to anyone with any sense of morality.

      • kiki moses says

        my bad! i thought she was Muslim! but may i ask do you know the rights and obligations that a woman has over a man(husband) in Islam???? don’t judge by people actions and their opinion,the only way you can acquire knowledge is by reading and I’m not talking about what’s on the net but by reading authentic books!

        • Skydog says

          I ALWAYS judge people by their actions. They can think whatever idiocy they choose to but they should not apply that idiocy to empower them over others by their ACTIONS.

          Another thing … I’m NOT ‘Your Bad’

  24. kiki moses says

    one more thing if you all want to fight for the sake of allah! then go fight for your sisters in france who are being oppress by men for just covering their heads! May allah guides us all!

    • Skydog says

      Yeah that’s the trouble with Islam. It ALWAYS wants to fight. It is a religion of permanent ofence and being offended at the slightest criticism.


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