La lucha continua

Atheist blogger, 35 year old Ahmed Rajib known by his online identity Thaba Baba, had his head hacked apart with a machete one day after attending anti-Islamist protests in Bangladesh.

This is the usual Islamist response to any opposition: assassination, decapitation and sheer barbarity.

But nothing – not even the brutal murder of yet one more of our beloved – can intimidate the ever increasing rage.

The biggest protests Bangladesh has seen in decades against the country’s largest Islamic party, Jamaat-e-Islami, and well-known war-criminal, Abdul Quader Mollah, and the female factor, are yet another example of how the new age of revolutions can bring an end to Islamist politics.

The death penalty even for the most vile amongst us is never the solution though.

After decades of Islamist politics of death, we must move to one that defends human life and rights.

La lucha continua… We will carry on the work of Ahmed Rajib…


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      Julia, I always find it funny how racists and supporters of far-Right organisations remember I am a communist when I oppose their views. Prior to that you were quite happy to support the One Law for All campaign until I exposed your politics. Of course you and your friends are quite free to call me what you like. That is called free expression. Unlike you, I won’t be emailing you with threats of taking you to court. This is politics after all. If you can’t take the heat, get out.

      Here’s the email you sent me: “If you do not delete your offensive comment and the link now I will consider suing you for libel in the county court. You have associated my name with racism and that could cost you a lot of money in compensation.”

      Also, if you want to talk about honesty, why not stand behind your own views? You have been commenting both as J. Gasper and Tom Poffat (it’s the same IP address). Why hide behind other names?

      Rather then blame the “conspiratorial” media for exposing your views, defend your position, so people know who they are dealing with. It would be more honest – at the very least. And threats or no threats, I’ll say it again. Your politics are racist and homophobic. Here’s one of your own blog posts where you liken Muslims to Nazis: On the issue of homophobia, here’s the link to an article I posted earlier: It’s ironic how your type mentions the persecution of gay people under Islamic laws to show your warped opposition to sharia when your hatred of gay people would do any Islamist proud. And you think hate crime is nonsense: Please!! This is why I am opposed to the racist and far-Right position on Islam and Sharia. It is inhuman, anti-Muslim and anti-human beings. It is no different from the Islamist perspective and places collective blame on countless human beings, many of them dissenting.

      For those who are reading this and have not followed earlier posts, below is my “offensive” comment on yours: “Yes but that doesn’t mean that racism doesn’t exist or that racists don’t use Islam to promote their anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim agenda. Also racists are not just white – they come in all shades as I have often argued. Julia, I am talking to you in particular here. There are quite a few reports about your homophobic and other views. Here is just one of them.”


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