Sharia Law: Extremism the Government Ignores

In her latest Huffington Post article, One Law for All Spokesperson Anne Marie Waters concludes:

One Law for All has repeatedly asked the government why it allows sharia councils, with their blatant disregard for human rights and democracy, to yield power in such important areas as family and criminal law; the government response? It doesn’t prevent people from living in accordance with culture and faith. I have yet to receive an answer as to the limits of what can be defined under these headings. Is child rape covered by “culture” and “faith”?

David Cameron once said that multiculturalism had failed – he has yet to prove that he means it. There is no better opportunity than this; he should shut down the sharia councils (or any other body that facilitates the rape of children and encourages violent misogyny) that his government currently defends in the name of culture, prosecute hate speech and incitement to murder, prosecute child marriage as rape, end cultural relativism and racist separatism once and for all….. and enforce One Law for All.

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  1. John Rogers says

    There should be no law but British law in Britain. There should be no sharia councils, courts or judicial bodies of any sort.
    All bodies that do not comply with British law must be made illegal and closed down.
    British law ONLY in Britain!

  2. curiousgeorge says

    This entire idea of allowing religous courts is assinine.

    I understand that part of the justification for allowing these courts is honoring tradition. I’m guessing this “tradition” was a tradition back from when the State and Church shared power in the feudal system. I’m thinking the Medivals are pretty pissed about stealing their ideas.

    We have here a separate court system enforcing separate laws and regulations. Passing laws and regulations is the job of the legislative and executive branches. Therefore, not only is the judicial being undermined, but the entire system of government. Essentially, a theocracy is being allowed to rule within the nation allowing these courts.

    Terrible, terrible, terrible, idea.

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