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    • Tumbledown Survivor says

      Rubbish. There are more atheists in this world than believers in mythical gods. Religious leaders would have you believe otherwise due to their vested interests. Religion has been used to oppress people for millenia and has been , until recently, more effective than politics or force of arms. As people become better educated they cease to believe in the old dogmas. As the numbers of believers decrease, the gods cease to exist and that is not difficult for figments of the imagination.

      Anyone living in an Islamic state is said to be a believer by their leaders. Most are not. It is just the old medieval practice of torturing and killing anyone who admits to being an unbeliever that forces the people into pretending that they accept that there is a god. The catholic church uses fear to hold on to its dwindling congregation while the Anglican church simply diminishes steadily.

      Of course, it is a persons right to believe in myths and fairy tales if they wish. They do not have the right to force their views on others and will eventually be punished for doing so.

  1. Martyn says

    And there was Morsi and the Brotherhood thinking they had it all bagged up. I bet they didn’t think for a moment there would be this level of dissent against their leadership.

    Protestors at mosques, women and secularists on the streets of Tahrir Square.

    It’s just not what they had in mind at all, huh?

  2. Tumbledown Survivor says

    The worst kind of leader is a frightened person. Just look at Iran, Syria and now Egypt. Frightened men murdering any of their own people who object to their leadership methods.

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