Dec 13 2012

Why I Left Islam Live Show

On December 15th at 9PM GMT/UK time The Jinn And Tonic Show will be discussing the subject “Why I left Islam.” The panel will consist of a small number of atheists and a Muslim, Akber Chaudhry.

This live show will feature calls in from ex-Muslims who are going to talk about why they decided to abandon Islam and their experiences in doing so. A number of ex-Muslims have already agreed to call in and it will also be possible for viewers (of any religious/non-religious position) to call in and ask questions / tell their story on the day via Skype. If you are an ex-Muslim or a Muslim convert and wish to reserve a position in the call-in queue in advance then email [email protected] and include your SkypeID + what you would like to discuss.

This should be a very interesting show, so don’t miss it!

The show will be broadcast here.

Recordings of previous shows are available here.

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    Ophelia Benson

    Maryam, do you know about Waleed Al-Husseini? You probably do, but just in case – he’s a Palestinian atheist and ex-Muslim, was arrested and jailed for 10 months in Palestine for being rude about god, is now in Paris hoping for asylum. He’s on Facebook. I’ve been sending friends and contacts his way.


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