This is a guest post from the fantastic Sue Cox, Survivors Voice Europe for Day of Agreement to mark International Day against the Death Penalty:

I reckon I would last about  ten minutes in the  morning with my “no dissent” day!

I listened to the radio today and heard  some idiot spouting about the need to “curb” the “hysteria” surrounding the victims of Jimmy Saville. Of course I would forget my resolve and shout at the radio! It is a cause that is close to my heart and I would be unable to control my reactions! If I couldn’t express my feelings , and I know many simply can’t I think I would burst.

Although I have to say, I have wondered why it has taken the disgusting behaviour of some weirdo “celebrity” to cause the communal  outrage, (dreadful though it was)  and yet the thousands upon thousands of  catholic clergy sexual abuse survivors , and the thousands upon thousands of women subjugated by Islam, or living under the threat of Sharia law,with all the horrors that entails,  seems  to have passed everyone by?

But it was ever thus, atrocities go on for years under people’s noses, and suddenly one incident seems to capture their imagination and create a communal scream.

In my experience sometimes it takes a small shift  to open ones eyes to the greater picture, that is why we as activists continue with our “small shifts”.

As you know, my own crusade is against the subjugation of human beings by the catholic church, but  being with you on various rallies, you have opened my eyes too!

I thank you all in One law for all for showing me  the realities of the  suffering of others at the hands of radical Islam.

It is very easy when you are passionate about something to be insular, to imagine that your cause is the one that matters and that somehow you have the monopoly on suffering. But of course, the beast may have  different names, the religion may have another face, but the subjugation of human beings is the same cruel  monster.

I know I will not be capable of “a no dissent” day, and thank you for showing me what that must feel like to someone who has no choice.

I can’t be at the flash mob (and that has pissed me off too !) But every hour on the hour  I  send you heaps of smiles and love and solidarity!

I can only hope that the Saville debacle will allow us to hold a mirror up to ourselves as a colluding society and Shout  ENOUGH of these appalling abuses, of subjugation, of denial of women’s rights and gay and lesbian rights, ENOUGH hiding behind Sharia Law and Canon Law, and for that shout each and every one of us is responsible.


I’m blogging every hour on the hour for the Day of Agreement marking the International Day against the Death Penalty:

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The sixth blog post shows why open mike nights just don’t work under Sharia law.


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