The other film: The Innocence of Muslims

Another film that has hit the headlines – ‘The innocence of Muslims’ – merits comment particularly since it has sparked protests that have resulted in the death of several US officials in Libya.

Have you seen the film? It is absolutely ludicrous.

It’s low budget (though they say they spent $5 million on it), poorly edited, badly acted – I mean just really, really bad. It’s almost impossible to get through the trailer let alone the movie itself.

It’s even worse (if that’s an option) than Geert Wilders’ film, Fitna, which we did a remake on.

Clearly the incompetence of the far-Right is even more astounding than its racism…

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it:

What I find most ironic out of all of this is how the producers of the film and their supporters – like the crackpot pastor Terry Jones of Stand Up America! – don’t see how they are one and the same with the Islamists.

Like the Islamists, everyone is guilty. No one is innocent, which explains the very pathetic title of their film.

By the way, did you hear that the pastor is holding a trial for Mohammad who will face execution if found guilty? Does he not realise Mohammad isn’t even a real live person? And I also love the whole Christian love (we’re better than Islam) bit that ends with a public execution.

Like I said, two sides of the same coin.


  1. pilgrim4j says

    What *I* chiefly love is the manner in which some atheists fail to realise their own bigotry “(we’re better than [Christianity and] Islam)” is as often bad as any believer’s. Dripping with contempt, too.

  2. says

    pilgrim4j, being an atheist doesn’t necessarily make you a better person. However most religions have some pretty horrible doctrines and if you take them seriously you will definitely be a worse person.

  3. says

    I just heard a bit on NPR where several of the actors in this piece of crap insisted they didn’t know what they were getting into. Really?! I can see a sound tech or a makeup person not knowing what a movie is about until too late, but ACTORS?!! Don’t they have to read scripts before going to work? Or at least be told who to pretend to be and what sort of attitude to fake? Seriously, how can an actor not know what’s in the script before he/she starts acting?

    These morons are so terrified of adult responsibility they can’t even come up with a plausible excuse. Yet another sign of just how infantile right-wing bigots can get.

    The First Amendment means this atrocious piece of crap is perfectly legal. But it doesn’t mean we can’t admit these morons have no agenda in mind but inciting mindless hatred, without having to say anything worth saying.

    • adam.b says

      joemygod tried to get an interview with one of the actors and while he declined he did give this statement.

      I can tell you I auditioned for a movie called Desert Storm that was about Ancient Warriors. My character was called Sampson on the paper with a few lines I got each day upon arriving on set. We never saw a full script or any lines after the day we shot them. Many questions were asked regarding absurdity of lines and situations.

      Sam the producer who I believed to be, but not certain as Egyptian. His reply would always to work with what we were given as he wrote the script. The clip that I saw part of today for the first time is questionable as to being my voice. The voice over work is dubious at best. a week and a half of work, 75 bucks a day & lunch. ; ) Can’t tell you anymore than that other than I’m am very much NOT anti muslim. one world one love. Tim.

  4. says

    You know, I thought Mitt Romney was full of shit when he accused Obama of “apologizing” in response to the killing of our Ambassador in Libya. But this turd of a movie is something that someone really does need to apologize for. IANAL, but inciting to riot is not protected by the First Amendment.

    • says

      Maryam has implied that she has. I’d heard it was a fake and that the trailer was the only thing that actually exists. But as bad as the trailer is, the footage DOES seem to come out of the cantext of a full feature length film. As low quality as it is, it wouldn’t have cost any more to actually make a full lenth film than the trailer. I’ve heard conflicting reports. Oh well, we;ll find out soon enough…

  5. jamesfrank says

    I was laughing at hilariously horrible this was (and the dubbing… oh the awful random dubbing) but then I remembered that people actually were killed over this. What the hell is wrong with this world?

  6. says

    They claim they spent $5,000,000 on that?? Somebody somewhere got ripped off. It looks like they spent $50, most of it for blow-ups of photos of the desert to prop up behind the “actors”.

    The struggle against Islam doesn’t need to be associated with such trash.

  7. Martyn N Hughes says

    The most offensive thing about this piece of trash is that it uses homosexuality – by implying that Mohammed was – in a negative light…again.

    I, as a gay man am appalled at that yet I’ve not taken to the streets to protest my disgust.

    Fuck far-right christians and fuck far-right muslims.

    Long live freedom of expression regardless.

  8. ... says

    I do love watching people piss on Geert Wilders for actually taking on the issues they just talk about.

    As to this blowhard and his stupid movie, it may be a very stupid movie made by a very stupid person. That just means that a very stupid person making a stupid film is doing a better job.

    And Namazie? That remake stinks. “Eurocentric racist views” – what halfwit cliche-monger did you get to type out that crap? And as far as I can see your point seems to be that Islamic fanatics will gleefully slaughter their coreligionists – this disproves his point of view how exactly? Finally – please learn to take some damn responsibility for your own actions. The left swept Khomeni into power, just as you cheered on the revolutions that are delivering one country after another into the hands of the theocrats. Muslims either let or encouraged their communities in the west be run by outright psychos and zealots. Yet somehow, that’s all the fault of the West.

    Learn to take some damn responsibility and quit always finding someone else to blame.

    • says

      The left swept Khomeni into power…

      Wrong — “the left” had absolutely ZERO ability to influence internal events in Iran.

      Take some responsibility for your own education, and maybe we’ll take you seriously.

      • says

        Yes the traditional Left supported Islamism vis-a-vis US imperialism just as the Post-modernist left do today even here in Britain. However, we mustn’t forget the US foreign policy’s role also in helping to bring Islamism to centre stage. It was during the Cold War when they wanted to create a Green Belt around the Soviet Union at the time. A few western powers met at Guadeloupe to decide that they would prefer Islamism to a Left-leaning alternative as the revolution was left-leaning. It was not an Islamic revolution; it was suppressed and expropriated by Islamism.

  9. ... says

    Wrong — “the left” had absolutely ZERO ability to influence internal events in Iran.

    Dead giveaway – dealing with another one of these imbecile yanks who thinks it’s all about them.

    Bother to look into the role that lefties and Marxists placed into getting rid of the Shah. From wikipedia:

    Marxists groups were primarily guerrilla groups working to defeat the Pahlavi regime by assassination and armed struggle. They were illegal and heavily suppressed by the SAVAK internal security apparatus. They included the Tudeh Party of Iran; the Organization of Iranian People’s Fedai Guerrillas (OIPFG) and the breakaway Iranian People’s Fedai Guerrillas (IPFG), two armed organizations; and some minor groups.[1] Although they played an important part in the revolution, they never developed a large base of support.

    Emphasis mine. They destabilized the Shah enough to get rid of him, and they never bothered to think what would be swept into power after that. In the same way that idiots have been cheering on the “Arab Spring” which has delivered Egypt into the hands on the Muslim brotherhood. In the same way that it was the attempted putsch by Rosa Luxembourg that sufficiently destabilised the social democratic government of Weimar Germany and opened the door to others who were much, much better at the whole ‘using violence to get political power’ thing.

    Incidentally? Someone who admits on their blog that they are an ex-pothead who used the stuff so long as to get the lower IQ, and only has a degree in some BS subject like “international relations” should shut the hell up about education.

  10. birgerjohansson says

    The Shah got toppled bcause the opposition “went grassroots” across a wide segment of the population and could not be contained by SAVAK. The small guerrilla groups quoted could not have achieved that.

  11. ... says

    Yeah, kinda funny how it never, ever turns out to be your fault, no matter how many nations your movement delivers into slavery and starvation? Really odd that.

    It’s certainly true that the US CIA wanted this “green belt” and they did this because they’re morons, mainly, but the reason they got away with it was because of what the Communists – your crowd – had established in Russia, Cambodia and China.

    Again, it’s called “responsibility”.

  12. Emilializ says

    Let’s get a grip: Terry Jones is an idiot (btw, does anyone notice any physical resemblance between him and incestuous father Josef Fritzl?), but he’s never actually killed anyone because of his religious beliefs or, as far as we know, any other reason. Equating him and the Islamic militants of today (who don’t represent all Muslims, of course) is nothing but a pathetic attempt at political correctness. No wonder it’s hard to take the Left too seriously…

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