August 2012: I am my body

August 2012 is here. The photo for this month’s Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar is that of atheist writer and blogger, Greta Christina, who was one of the first women to agree to take part in the calendar.

When Greta was asked why nudity and the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar, she said:

Sexuality is one of the most powerful aspects of human experience, and the suppression of sexuality by religious or other tyranny can have devastating consequences.

Sexual freedom is an important freedom — but it’s one that commonly gets ignored or trivialized. When Aliaa Magda Elmahdy posted nude photos of herself in defiance of Islamist theocracy, she did something incredibly brave, and I want to stand with her and support her.

Here’s some other things Greta has written on the calendar and nudity:

Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar is here and I’m in it

What I may do with my nude body

Unmixing messages

By the way, here is her photo censored for Facebook since it doesn’t allow nudity…

You can download the calendar or purchase it here and join the scream on Facebook or Tweet #NudePhotoRevolutionary Calendar.


    • sc_b71eb3f202449d227aec94c046aaa961 says

      every penis is a root of life & relief, every vagina a fountain and flower of vitality but to every idiot biblical lunatic, our bodies are not our own but the property of an alleged Jehobah Jeebush Ghost Hole monster of phantasmagoria, a criminally neglectful “parent” creating a food chain to consume us and alleged bad gods to blame rape and violence an error upon

  1. ericcollier says

    I’m afraid I don’t quite get why women hate being “objectified” as “sex objects” yet are so keen on posing naked for calendars. Nor do I get in what conceiveable way they think they are advancing the cause of rationality, unbelief, animal rights, environmentalism, or any of those other things, by doing so.

    • says

      You don’t get it because you don’t see how there can be nothing wrong with nudity or women’s bodies. It’s the objectification and commodification that’s wrong – NOT OUR BODIES.

    • sc_b71eb3f202449d227aec94c046aaa961 says

      eric collier MAYBE you will “get it” when you consider it is the oppressed African Americans who defeat the nigger word by employing it themselves…. women defeat being objectified by defining the camera angle and scene, ………..maybe if you were forced to see an unending parade of males in jock straps & nothing else you’d feel like an object and want to reclaim your mirror image & birthday suit? …………. Feminist solidarity is defeating male entitlement as if unguarded women’s bodies not hidden is NOT fair game to sexually target? ………… Men have breasts and nipples too yet our theocratic dishonest culture does not require shirts or halters to hide our chests…. good job Greta, your beauty radiates & invites readers to sleep and dream and read of a restored natural world under attack by the Vatican, Mohammedans, Hindu sellers of women and Jewish horrors slashing off baby boy prepuce flesh

    • theophontes says

      I’m afraid I don’t quite get why women hate being “objectified” as “sex objects” yet are so keen on posing naked for calendars.

      Why are you choosing to make the link: naked sex object?

      Why should women (anyone for that matter!) not have a right to their own nudity and free from your ilk having it draped in sexual terms? The “sexual object” part is something done by you, the observer. It is subjective. It is wonderful that these woman can take back their own bodies in any manner they see fit. Here, incidentally, in the form of photographs in a calendar.

      There is nothing more natural than being naked. It is ridiculous that you should implicitly infer sexual objectification. And sad that our society has things so arse-about-face that you feel justified to bring up this non-issue.


      An interesting aside: The writer/journalist James Hider discusses the sexual objectification of goats by islamic militants during the Gulf War. The owners were forced to cover the nether regions of their goats, so that men would not be sexually stimulated by what they saw. Underwear toting goats, FFS!

      Are we going to hear some goat blaming/shaming from you next? Who has the actual problem here?

  2. asif hameed says

    Hi Maryam , welcome back ,

    yea sexual freedom is very important . and we should not live under the influence of any teachings which condemn our freedom .

    • sc_b71eb3f202449d227aec94c046aaa961 says

      clothing does not define our sexuality nor do pubic hairs or nipples hidden by blue tape, it is insane of the bible believers to force fig leaves over any of us, men or women or intersex…. this beautiful photo makes me want to read books forever with Greta …. when all human bodies are restored in a natural world void of the alleged super natural lies we must be hidden, clothing options will get us more sun tans, more relaxed moms breast feeding healthy children and men unafraid to be present or erect and intact with all our prepuce flesh slashed off by barbaric faith traditions in brutal ignorant pain @AtheistVet 843-926-1750 it is Greta and her lover of choice that experience sexuality, not assumptions of invitation by lurkers

  3. sc_b71eb3f202449d227aec94c046aaa961 says

    my daughter is a beautiful lifeguard, Red Cross trained for 3 years now and taking off 12 days in Guatemala & Belize in cultural exchange …. if only we had more Frida Kahlo fighters for women free of theism 60 years ago and Madalyn Eads Murray O’Hair welcomed as a liberator, Greta Christina would not need to choose this revolutionary pose …. don’t forget State Representative Lisa Brown felt compelled to take her microphone for the last time and say: “I am very flattered you want into my vagina, but no means no” since then her mike has been silenced by the Rethuglican Theocrats of the Michigan House who just passed a vaginal ultrasound law forcing women to look at one centimeter embryonic things before a
    6 week abortion AND FUNERALS FOR ten week abortions 2 inches of scrambled goo into 3 inch coffins…. how is that for a visual image Atheists ?


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