Who is allah?

Who is allah?

Your poor unsuspecting children can find out for the bargain price of $1.82.

This book is designed to help parents and teachers in their efforts to encourage young children to ask questions and to assist them in exploring answers together. It makes the sharing of a basic knowledge of Islam simple, clear and enjoyable. This lays the foundation on which greater understanding can be built and learning enriched as young students grow older. And, whatever our age, reviewing the basic in this way can be very beneficial, in that it re-kindles our awareness and glad acceptance of the beautiful message and wondrous knowledge of Islam: we are then the better able share our renewed enthusiasm with others. May you benefit greatly from reading this book.

Whilst the book pays lip service to children asking questions and exploring, which is very useful for the pro-religious education lobby, it has the requisite veiling of girls (which is child abuse in my opinion, the sexualisation of girls at a young age and a physical and constant reminder of sex apartheid), and the very ‘objective’ views on Islam, the world and creation. It also manages to oh so subtly remind the reader that its aims are to ‘rekindle our awareness’ and ‘glad acceptance of the beautiful message’. So much for objectivity.

The only thing missing is the ‘or else’ but don’t worry, the child will learn that soon enough.

Once your child’s done with this book, there are plenty more to choose from – like ‘I Love Islam – Level 1’ and the ‘A to Z of Akhlaq’ or moral behaviour. Here’s one your child will need to know and very soon:



    • says

      I’m still banging on against religious education. I can be annoying when I get annoyed with something. And really I need to say who allah is? I thought he didn’t exist.

      • StevoR says

        He doesn’t.

        Allah is just one myth among hundreds of thousands of others – but a more horrible and destructive and negative one than most.

        Who is Allah – StevoR’s atheist version “sabotage”

        Who is Allah?
        Just a myth in the air
        A figmant imagined
        that’s not really there!

        For something that’s nothing
        There sure is a fuss
        From his nastiest followers
        Demands on all of us!

        No hair shows, no faces,
        Just peepholes for eyes
        Keep covered in burquas
        Or we’ll stone you till dies
        They’ll froth and they’ll snarl
        And they’ll keep carrying on
        Until it is clear that Allah(s)
        There’s none!

        – With apologies to Dr Suess for the style and doggrel of my version of that book here.

  1. Khosro says

    It would be good and beneficial to add a bit of info and enlightenment on your behalf regarding who really Allah is and a bit of historical background for those who do not bother to research further.

    • Upright Ape says

      Ah yes. What if we write a children’s book with the premise that Allah is a myth and afterlife a lie. We could even tell the stories of famous skeptics, from Epicurus through Omar Khayyam and Betrand Russell. And to top it off, on how evolutionary science disproves orthodox Islam. Don’t you think that would be more “informative”?

  2. Mriana says

    Eh! Can I puke now? I don’t know why anyone would want to read such a book to their child. It doesn’t sound very honest as to what Islam is or the human created deity Ah-yah.

  3. opposablethumbs says

    Apologies for posting OT.

    I saw a Muslim group leafletting in London recently – the “commanders of good” according to the url on their posters – and I just wondered if anyone could tell me what they are about (I mean, just a few words) (I don’t particularly want to give them page hits, though I don’t suppose it would make much difference if I did really). They seemed to be pretty strict religidiots – one was haranguing the passers-by about how if you go to the beach there are women there “almost naked” (on a beach). There were some women among them, but all completely covered. (one of the posters listed “women’s rights in Islam” – including “the right to cover” – another ironymeter bites the dust).
    I didn’t stop to talk to them, though I know maybe I should have – I’m a) crap at speaking/thinking on my feet, b) not knowledgeable about islam and c) a wimp. So I hope you don’t mind if I ask here what this lot are like?

    • opposablethumbs says

      PS I forgot to introduce myself, as I think I’ve only posted once before on your blog – I’m mostly a lurker around FtB in general, and tend to post and hang out most on Pharyngula. Um, just in case that’s of any sort of relevance!

  4. informed muslim says

    I find that many people including the author of this article have been misled by a select few non-peace-loving people who call themselves Muslims but I’ll try to help correct a few of these misconceptions as much as I can below.

    When you were 1-5 years old, did you choose what you used to wear?
    of course not, you just wear what your parents get for you, right?
    i think its time you go press charges against your parents for dressing you up in clothes you didnt like when you were 5.

    And to show that you are a bit misinformed ,it is not a must for girls below adolescence to wear veils. and to make this even more clear ALL WOMEN do not need to wear veils when they are with their families.
    I think you understand the context behind this, its basically to protect all women from the evil eyes of many ill mannered men.

    Take a situation where there are 2 five year old girls, one in a Bikini being photographed and fantasized about by some 40 year old pedophiles and another wearing a hijab who gives pedophiles no chance to even visualize her and only people who are decent enough can reach her and say “you look pretty”.
    Don’t you love your child to be respected instead of being objectified by some pedophile.
    Isn’t this what all mothers love for their children?

    On the issue of people facing death sentence, i personally do not believe that it is right, I haven’t researched about it but as far as I know,during the life of the Prophet (pbuh) no criminal ever was killed

    on the issue intolerance of other religions, then Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) Himself strongly discouraged this and he peacefully lived with the Jews and Christians in Medina without enforcing Islamic laws upon them.

    I think you are an extra ordinarily intelligent person who can understand information very well but unfortunately this information has not been FULLY given to you. So, anytime you need information to do with Islam am always ready to help

    I know this comment may not make it to your article but its okay as long as you know the truth coz am not here to criticize you but rather inform you as much as I can. (you can edit this out if you are to publish the comment)

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