June 2012: Nude Protest = Peaceful Protest

June 2012 is here. The photo for this month’s Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar is that of English teacher and translator Luisa Batista.

She says:

Why I joined:

I joined the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar, because I sympathize with all people who are oppressed by their religion and/or leaders.

Women especially are being discriminated, oppressed, intimidated, sexually harassed, used and abused and treated without any respect, and very often religion is used as an excuse to justify this.

I also read about Aliaa Elmahdy’s blog and the nude photograph she posted on the internet, and the reactions she received – eg. death threats.

When I myself wrote a blog and posted it on the internet accompanied by a nude photograph, someone sent me the link to Maryam Namazie’s blog about the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar.

Why nudity?

The human body is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of, and women should not be made to feel ashamed of their bodies.

Nude protest = peaceful protest.

We are vulnerable but strong!

Why I think the calendar is important?

I think the calendar is important, because it may help to open people’s eyes and hearts. Women – and men – who are afraid, may find courage and feel supported by the quotes and faces and bodies of the people in the calendar.

By the way, here is the censored photo for Facebook since it doesn’t permit nudity…

You can download the calendar or purchase it here and join the scream on Facebook or Tweet #NudePhotoRevolutionary Calendar.


  1. says

    I don’t understand Youtube’s attitude to pictures like this. I can see no objection to the original version whereas the version with the blue tape seems mildly pornographic.

  2. says

    This is amazing! I would never do that for a calender or my blog, or any other public place– too embarrassed. Though I am no longer a fundamentalist Christian, the shame of the body is still there and the American ideal that I would have to look thin and “in shape” even if thought I wanted to do it, keeps me from doing anything other than sleeping & showering without clothes on.

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    Ooo…that’s right; I get to change my Nude Photo Revolutionaries calendar page to June! Maryam – I have hung my calendar in the middle of my front room. It has generated so much thoughtful discussion between my friends and I. Thank you for being a part of making that happen.


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