Err, Happy Easter?

9 Catholics in the Philippines marked Good Friday by reenacting Jesus’ crucifixion FOR REAL.

You can see the repulsive video here.

Once you watch the whole thing (I couldn’t), it does make you wonder what they will do for the resurrection?

Err, Happy Easter?


  1. unbound says

    I guess the Catholics are getting jealous of the nuttier cults. Perhaps this is a sign of future competitions…

  2. says

    They also did a passion play live in Trafalgar Square in London, not quite as gory, but still not really what you want to take the kids to see

  3. Mriana says

    I didn’t watch the video, but the idea of the Crucifixion alone is not only repulsive, but barbaric. I don’t know how anyone can believe in Christianity in this modern age, but many people do. It’s sick IMO.

  4. nesrin says

    the shock that people still practise or revere tribal rituals is slowly beginning to wear off i think.. it’s become more of a disappointment that these men would go through with something like that.. disappointment that they feel the need to still uphold such tortuous tribal rituals…

  5. F says

    I realize some people enjoy that kind of kink, but doing it for religious purposes as a show is pretty lame. Also, using tiny nails in the wrong places sort of takes the whole point out of using nails at all.

    Foreigners are not allowed to participate because of two incidents in which an Australian comic was nailed to a cross using a fake name


  6. Left_Wing_Fox says

    The act itself dosen’t bother me as much as the Religious side of it. Google “Extreme Piercings” for some examples of the things people will do to themselves for otherwise secular reasons. That’s not even getting into BDSM or autoerotic asphyxiation, or Hitchens having himself subjected to our modern forms of torture.

    It’s one thing if these folks say “I wonder what Jesus must have felt on the cross” and choose to experience that out of this desire for connection or curiosity. My concern is that religion is probably pressuring people into such an extreme act for bullshit reasons… to repent for sin, gain favor, or to have a prayer answered. Encouraging people to suffer for false hope is utterly evil.

  7. Martyn N Hughes says

    Yup, if these people still put themselves through that for the ‘lord christ their saviour'[tm] just imagine what they could be capable of doing to people they disgaree with.

  8. Didaktylos says

    They’re not doing it properly – notice that the so-called “victims'” feet are supported – so the weight of their bodies isn’t hanging on the nails. Oh yes – and when Peter asked to be crucified upside-down it wasn’t because he felt he was unworthy of dying the same way as Jesus: he wanted to die relatively quickly (circa 30 mins) from a cerebral haemorrhage rather tnan slow suffocation (up to 3 days).


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