April 2012

April 2012 is here – the first month of the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar. The photo is of mother and daughter Anne Baker and Poppy Wilson St. James.

Mother Anne Baker says she joined the ‘scream’ and Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar because ‘men in frocks  constrain, control and intimidate women the world over  in the name of God … it has to stop.’ She goes on to say: ‘Women are at home with their bodies – they have to be. Hardworking, life giving, ever changing and beautiful these bodies have been vilified, fetishised, deemed unclean and dangerous. We have nothing to be ashamed of, whatever our age is we should be proud.’ She also says: ‘The calendar’s message is one of pride, beauty, support and a refusal to be constrained;  in the case of our photograph  across 2 generations which is wonderful.’

Daughter Poppy joined the ‘scream’ ‘because I agree with women claiming their bodies as their own, not as the property of someone else.’ She adds: ‘I own my body and I can do with it what I want, naked or otherwise. I  find it strange that it is more  acceptable to seen on screen violence and guns than even a nipple. There is something wrong with our mindset if that is what we accept as the norm and shy away from nudity which is a completely natural state. We are born naked, not with guns in our hands.’

She thinks the calendar is important ‘to show my support. The naked female form is shocking if claimed by the woman herself and in a natural state. Shock tactics appear to be the only way to communicate this message and if I have to use these tactics through taking my clothes off a cause then so be it.’

By the way, here’s the photo for Facebook, which needs to be censored (in Facebook blue) because nudity violates Facebook’s Terms of Service. Go figure.

You can download or purchase the calendar here.


  1. baal says

    I bought the calendar and approve of the message but I’m going to have to stop reading your blog over lunch at work!

  2. says

    Facebook sucks! While you pay for it, http://www.meetup.com at least protects your right to privacy in running a social group! To access Facebook, you have to logg in so they can follow you around yet they still insist on censoring an adult profile rather than just give a warning? Wow!
    Good show to this mother and daughter for having the courage and conviction we nudists all should have but can’t due to financial ramifications in many employment fields! Instead of attacking the rights of faith based schools to exist, it would do much more good to push to make it strictly illegal for an employer to deny a job to or sanction a person for their extracurricular activities or publish a photo on the internet without their written consent!
    In the USA, we have this horrible law called the Right to Work Law! Corrupt unions do violate peoples’ rights but many Republicans are all too quick to defend corrupt corporations! While I don’t necessarily like all unions or how they operate, when they are strong, private employers must worry more about how they treat their employees which is a just circumstance!
    US Right to Work Laws sound good on the surface but what they do is give employers rights to fire you for any reason without even informing you of why you are being discharged no matter how long you have held your job or how much money you have made the business! Fact is we Americans are funny as we really don’t have a right-wing party like those in Europe whose population got out of being serfs a long time ago! Having been overseas in Europe as a boy and young man, I learned the difference! I’ve also been a “tool” for the US government which means they pick you up and use you then discard you when they feel they don’t need you any more!
    The major difference in the USA is we Americans have such a skewed sense of sociology that we don’t acknowledge that we are “working class” but rather have this term of “middle class” which says nothing about the individual’s background but is a conditional, economic state. Unless you are born into a family of independent means owning a business, you work to live unless you’re a Sharia Muslim breeding women so they can get social support off them paid for by the well intentioned society they despise!
    Sharia Islamics come to this country and have more money than average, working Americans yet our ideology of blaming ourselves for our lack of financial wealth make Americans unwilling to address this issue in our right-wing politics! Also, corporate apologists who claim patriotism will bend over backwards scraping the dollars off the floor that the Sharia Islamics throw at them! Both on the Left and the Right, you see this phenomena of conventional politicians selling out their principles for Sharia Islamic dollars in the name of tolerance!
    The USA is a two Party, very corporate State! Had the Libertarians done something positive on the local level in a coordinated manner here we might have had three national Parties but it is usually a waste of time to vote for a Party other than the 2 which has now become 1 as Obama destroys all his credibility!
    In the USA a Geert Wilders or Marine Le Pen who support patriotic principles outside economic payoffs will get nowhere in our political system! Such a person as Maryam Namazie and her Revolutionary Calendar would be downgraded as an object of petty voyeurs who haven’t been to a nude beach in their lives and are easily discerned by their leering manner! Good luck getting more than one or two American women to do it or any help from US nudist groups either!
    While I’m a steadfast believer in the right of private property and the inherent rights of individuals, I must acknowledge the truth in what Karl Marx observed about many facets of organized religion echoed here by the mother, Anne Baker. Theistic systems often have operated as social opium protecting a corrupt ruling class from the masses they leech off of! Oppression of women was a flavor of the opium dispensed as mothers often notice the oppression of their children before men will.
    Of course, Karl Marx was a living embodiment of that principle in how he treated his own wife and family! He set the example as revealed in writer, George Orwell’s Animal Farm for the pig, Napoleon which is all too often idicative of leftist hypocrites!
    Theistic ideals as CS Lewis observed, are only as good as the people behind them. What would have made CS Lewis and his spiritual supporters better rulers than the Karl Marxs or Mohammads of the world? The power of enlightened principle and tolerance called the “Middle Way” by Lao Tzu which really should be the voice of the Divine to humankind governing true spiritual orgs!

  3. F says

    A frightening fact for the misogynist control-freaks of the world:
    Women are naked underneath their clothes all the time. Women actually exist, and they are real people.

    Scary, right?


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