Apr 01 2012

Nudity is freedom

I just got back from yesterday’s brilliant FEMEN Paris action in support of women in the Middle East and North Africa.

Most certainly, nudity is freedom…

Censored Femen: Paris Nudite – Liberte manifesto… by TECHNOLOGOS

In addition to FEMEN Activists and I, other protestors included popular Lebanese actress Darina Al Jondy and well-known French women’s rights activist Safia Lebdi. I have ‘No Sharia’ on my body and ‘I am not your honour’ on my arms; my sign says ‘I am not a commodity’ in Persian. Here’s a few more photos:

By the way, you can read an article in the Global Post on the Topless Revolution here. 


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  1. 1
    josh stein

    …April Fools?

    1. 1.1
      Maryam Namazie

      No! I was really there yesterday.

  2. 2

    Going without clothes, especially on a nice warm day is indeed very liberating, and public nudity is the very definition of a victimless crime.

  3. 3

    Don’t be so quick to condemn my nakedness.
    A man is one who trembles in the presence.
    There are very few of those.
    Why not go naked?

    The ram of experience must be fed
    and ripened for the sacrifice.

    Then all these customs will disappear like clothing.
    There’s only the soul.

    I went everywhere with longing
    in my eyes,
    until here
    in my own house

    I felt truth
    filling my sight.

    Lalla, translation by Coleman Barks

  4. 4

    Thank Dawkins for women such as these!

    Every time I see them – and others such as the participants of the ‘slut walk’ camp – I feel somewhat grateful for their presence.

    If we were to wait for men to do something, it seems we’d be waiting forever.

  5. 5

    A woman (or a man) should be free to walk down the street in the burqa, or in the buff, according to her personal preference. As France currently bans both, might I propose for Femen’s next demonstration, that they alternate sky & burqa-clad protesters in their line-up: “Muslim Women Let’s Get Naked” … “My burqa, My Choice”, “Humanist-Muslima solidarity”, “Liberté, Egalité, Sororité”.

  6. 6

    Well done Maryam. Though some demonstrations of nudity are pure exhibitionism in my opinion the one you particpated in had merit and was most definitely a two fingers up to the Islamists.

    Furthermore I have a feeling the fact you took part in this demonstration will give you a psychological edge on the next debate you have with the Islamists. It’s win win all the way.

    Best wishes

  7. 7

    So…anyone notice any earthquakes happening? No? Huh. Kazem Seddiqi must be so confused right now.

    Good on you guys for continuing to be the agitators of progress.

  8. 8

    Have you considered that perhaps it’s the woman’s choice to wear a burqa/niqab/hijab? In some cases, of course, it is forced, but those are relatively few. And whilst nudity may be liberating for some, perhaps others find it equally liberating to go about their daily business with no clothing.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Please go to the evil mosks wearing a burka and have holes for breasts. Then teach about equal rights. and post, post post!

  11. 11
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