Mar 15 2012

We won’t be silent

Here’s Hassan Radwan’s video to mark International Day to defend Blasphemers and Apostates.

Hassan who is on the Management Committee of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain gathered statements from Muslims, ex-Muslims and non-Muslims for the video.


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    Rafiq Mahmood


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    Thank you for this very moving video. I hope all who watch it will go also to YouTube and “Like” and “Favorite” it. And I hope also that it will inspire those who have freedom of speech to use it to condemn these atrocities. Although I don’t always agree with Amnesty International’s partnering with organizations of faith, they do actively work to free many of these people and to demand freedom of speech from these governments.

    Again, thank you for all the work you do and the very real risks you take.

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    Hassan Radwan

    I hope it gives courage to others to speak up.

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    Great video! Let us not forget Bahadır Baruter in Turkey!

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    Wow, what an inspiring video. Thanks to Hassan Radwan for making it!

    Again, very inspiring.

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