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تقویم انقلابیون برهنه

On 8 March 2012 International Women’s Day, the Nude Photo Revolutionaries Calendar was launched in homage to Egyptian atheist, student and blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy who posted a nude photo of herself, announcing the post on Twitter under the hashtag, #NudePhotoRevolutionary.

The calendar is the idea of campaigner Maryam Namazie to support Aliaa Magda Elmahdy and join her ‘screams against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy’.

Namazie says: ‘What with Islamism and the religious right being obsessed with women’s bodies and demanding that we be veiled, bound, and gagged, nudity breaks taboos and is an important form of resistance.’


The calendar is designed by SlutWalk Co-founder Toronto, Sonya JF Barnett who says: ‘I felt that women needed to stand in solidarity with Aliaa. It takes a lot of guts to do what she did, and the backlash is always expected and can quite hurtful. She needed to know that there are others like her, willing to push the envelope to express outrage.’

Others who join the ‘scream’ include mother and daughter Anne Baker and Poppy Wilson St James, teacher Luisa Batista, We are Atheism Founder Amanda Brown, atheist bloggers Greta Christina and Emily Dietle, FEMEN activist Alena Magelat, photographer Mallorie Nasrallah, actress Cleo Powell, freethinker Nina Sankari , writer Saskia Vogel, and mother Maja Wolna. The women are photographed by Julian Baker, Adam Brown, Grzegorz Brzezicki, Lucy Fox-Bohan, Agnieszka Hodowana, Ben Hopper, N. Maxwell Lander, Mallorie Nasrallah, Mark Neurdenburg, Vitaliy Pavlenko, and Michael Rosen.

On nudity and the calendar, Mallorie Nasrallah says: ‘When a tool of oppression can be turned in to an assertion of power, it is a beautiful thing. Nudity when celebrated harms no one, and when made shameful and barbaric harms everyone.’ Nina Sankari says: ‘In solidarity with Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, I would like to stress that our bodies (and thoughts) belong to us and to nobody else.’ Anne Baker says ‘Men in frocks constrain, control and intimidate women the world over in the name of God … it has to stop.’ Greta Christina says: ‘Sexual freedom is an important freedom — but it’s one that commonly gets ignored or trivialized.’ Maja Wolna says: ‘Irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, religion or culture we are equal. Personal dignity is a foundation of human civilization.’ Amanda Brown says: ‘Dogma will never determine where I sit, what I wear, or how I live’ and Poppy Wilson St. James says: ‘I find it strange that it is more acceptable to see on screen violence and guns than even a nipple. There is something wrong with our mindset if that is what we accept as the norm and shy away from nudity which is a completely natural state’.

Saskia Vogel says: ‘This calendar hopefully will reach people who are uncomfortable with empowered female nudity, and encourage them to reconsider their feelings about the nude figure.’ Luisa Batista says: ‘I think the calendar is important, because it may help to open people’s eyes and hearts. Women – and men – who are afraid, may find courage and feel supported by the quotes and faces and bodies of the people in the calendar.’

According to Emily Dietle, ‘If it weren’t for people who took a strong stand against misogyny and for free-expression, we’d still be in an age where showing your ankles was taboo.’ Alena Magelat says: ‘Our naked body is our challenge to patriarchy, dictatorship and violence. Smart people we inspire; dictators are horrified’.

The women in the calendar stand firm in solidarity with Aliaa Magda Elmahdy and the countless women across the world who are denied basic rights, freedoms and dignity.

Join the ‘Scream’ on Facebook and on Twitter under the hashtag #NudePhotoRevolutionary.

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To purchase a copy of the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar via Paypal, click below. Your support is important. BUY A CALENDAR TODAY! Proceeds will go towards supporting women’s rights and free expression.

To see a video of Iranian women in support of the calendar, produced by Reza Moradi, view below or click here.

Here is another act of solidarity from a group of women and men in Iran and one from two women in Iran.

To read Maryam Namazie’s interview with NOW Lebanon on ‘stripping for Iran’, click here.

To see extensive media coverage on the Nude Calendar, click here.

To leave comments on this, click here.

For more information, contact:
Maryam Namazie
BM Box 1919
London WC1N 3XX, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 7719166731


  1. amavra says

    This is awesome I love it. It reminds me of when I was breaking out of fundamentalist Christianity and I was with some friends in a park at night and feeling suddenly free, I took of my clothes and ran around in the moonlight. It really is a liberating act. The images and words are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you.

      • Don Duncan says

        “atheist’s prayer”? Surly you joke. That is a contradiction. Also, one cannot “prove” what one can’t define. I have yet to see a non-contradictory definition of “god”.

        • says

          Non contradictory definition of God:


          The Great I AM

          God cannot be defined just as infinity cannot be defined.

          In fact, even if I don’t know you, I do know you cannot be defined. Many of your characteristics and attributes may be named, described and talked about but the YOU is far more than what we see and know. Even YOU don’t know YOU and can’t define yourself. But you ARE.

          • sc_30e9e8225f9d7005a598afff4d25dd5e says

            Infinity indeed is defined. The simplest definition is: an uncountable quantity. That doesn’t mean something is endless or omnipresent, just that it can’t be counted.

            To this extent, deities are infinite, for AFAIK they can’t be counted. How would you count deities? Would the count be negative, zero, positive? Is the count integral or fractional? Assuming the count is positive, is it 1 or 2 or 3.14159… or 666 or 999 or… is it infinite? How can you tell?

            Yes, before deities can be counted, they must be defined. But do theological definitions have any real-world meaning? How can any definition be tested to ensure it’s correct? How can we tell if any deities exist in the real world?

            What we *do* know (cf. numerous studies) is that deities exist inside human consciousness, and are damn difficult to detect elsewhere. This should be a strong hint that deities are imaginary. Not mathematically imaginary, with the square root of -1 as a factor; but fictive imaginary, like we make them up to suit our purposes.

            I do not say that deities don’t exist in the real world, that their count is a positive number. I *do* say that I doubt any definition of a deity would withstand critical scrutiny, and that any definitive count of deities can be made that would be accepted by skeptics. You have a god? Prove it. Have fun.

  2. Tanya says

    A huge congratulations to Maryam for organising this and to all the contributors. The calendar is wonderful, such a strong statement in support of women’s rights.

    I just bought a copy!

  3. Besomyka says

    I’m at work so the purchase will have to wait a bit, but I do want to say that this effort fills me with such pride for the people to are taking a stand. I want to voice my support here now, and my money later. I can’t imagine it not having a social impact.

        • Zarquon says

          I notice you have no picture – could it be that you are a lot uglier? I shouldn’t think anyone here would like to see your questionable form with no clothes on. But this is all speculation – what I can tell, however, is that you are uglier in spirit by far…

  4. fort nerd says

    absolutely, mind-blowingly beautiful… All the participants deserve a lot of respect for their courage, the quotes are great, and the overall design makes me a very happy art geek. :)

    I was seriously thinking about submitting my own photo, but alas I can’t afford a professional photo session at the moment. Oh well, at least Poland is well represented and Mallorie Nasrallah “stole” my idea anyway :)

  5. Aerik says

    you know, after complaining and recognizing that part of patriarchal sexism is that women are always demanded to be sexual on command…. nude calendars are NOT fighting against sexism. They are acquiescing to it. This is the equivalent of going down fighting. But why even go down?

    Seriously this is bullshit. Rebecca watson did the skepchick calendar thing, and it was only after all the rape letters and shit she got for it that she began to understand sexism in the freethought community. Know what’s going to happen with this calendar? Same fucking thing.

    If what the sexists demand is sexualization, then more sex is not fighting sexism. PERIOD.

    Feminism is fighting for women’s rights to be sexual when and if they want to be sexual, not before. By linking freethinking’s women with their sexuality as something to be considered *whenever* women in skepticism is a topic, is to go against that. It is to do sexists’ job for them. It is to sexualize women in the movement even when they’re not into being sexual at the moment. And that’s bullshit.

    Massive failure.

    • says

      The world needs more nudism, I see.

      as long as the female body is seen as, by it’s very existence, as something that titillates (and thus needs to be covered up to not be seen as a sex-thing), the patriarchy is winning. nudity is not sex. patriarchy isn’t going to die until we stop considering female skin as inherently sexual.

      • supermental says

        Superbly put Jadehawk.
        The calendar makes this statement.

        Sad that some folks cannot see this.

        Maryam and all others pictured had my respect before this calendar. They have my respect now. Nothing has changed. They are all fine human beings making a great point.

      • Pete Knight says

        As a long term nudist I couldn’t agree more, it is the clothes and religiously obsessed who see sex in nudity, when being at one with nature is what we nudists feel. Nudism isn’t about seeing or being seen, it’s about what you feel, the sun and air on you body, every whisper of air is felt by the tiny hairs that we all have, a truly wonderful feeling, once you get over any self guilt you may have due to societal indoctrination that naked equals sex!

        Get naked in the sun!


        • Don Duncan says

          People who equate nudity with sex have a very limited experience with their naked body. I swam for many years in a suit. It was not until I removed my suit that I felt the full joy of swimming. It was surprising and instructive. I had not known what I was missing. I understood in a different way (with my whole body) what I could not with my intellect alone, the meaning of freedom.

    • says

      So, the lesson we are supposed to have learned is “shut up and be frightened”?

      I strongly disagree with tons of things a number of comrades in the calendar say, and often, and vocally, but that does not mean we should stop talking, it doesn’t mean we should stop being defiant, and it does not mean that we cant stand together on an issue, or in solidarity with women like Aliaa Magda Elmahdy.

    • NotEnoughGravitas says

      Nudity = Sexuality only in the mind of the observer, not in the state itself. Any erotic dancer will tell you that.

      As near as I can tell this piece was designed to outrage people who find nudity offensive, not to entice. I posit that it will be successful on both counts.

      Nice work ladies.

    • Stacy says


      If what the sexists demand is sexualization, then more sex is not fighting sexism.

      Nudity is not “sexualization”.

      The kind of “sexualization” feminists find problematic is a phony kind that has very little to do with real, ordinary women with sexual needs and desires of their own. It’s a sexual objectification that actually denies women’s sexual agency, and promotes a perfect (and often literally unnatural) style of “beauty” that includes very few of us (and then only for a few years during our youth and young adulthood).

      This ain’t that. Have you even looked at the images in this calendar?

      And–re your quote at #13–somehow associating this calendar with our movement “is to demand a public display of sexual performance”?

      Whut? Nudity is a “performance”?

      The massive failure is yours, and it’s a failure of understanding.

    • Survivor says


      You totally missed the point or, worse still, you have big, big problems that you desperately need to resolve.

      This calendar was designed to tell everyone that a woman’s life is her own and a woman’s body is her own. Learn to respect that and learn to respect women as fellow, equal human beings and then you will be a long way along the road to being a real human being yourself.

  6. Aerik says


    I mean really. When was the last time you ever heard somebody say the skepchick nude calendars did women good in the movement. HMM?

    Can’t you learn from history?

  7. Aerik says

    Sorry about the borderline spamming, but I keep having better thoughts.

    How come when some internet douchenozzle posts a pic of a skeptic woman online and says “this is why I love women in skepticism!” you recognize that it’s sexist and demeaning.

    But then YOU do it, and you expect better results?!

    WTF is wrong with y’all.

    Fuck you.

    It’s one thing to fight for individual women’s rights to do things like nude photography and erotic projects. But you have to let that be in the realm of the individual.

    But the freethought and skepchick calendars? That’s not individuals’ realms. That’s **branding skepticism with naked women**. That’s not freeing. That’s not celebrating shit. That’s encouraging people to sexualize women any time they think of skepicism.

    // long, slow, sarcastic applause.

    Thanks for the original ‘thought’.

    • says

      How come when some internet douchenozzle posts a pic of a skeptic woman online and says “this is why I love women in skepticism!” you recognize that it’s sexist and demeaning.

      um. do you really need to have the difference between a choice made by a woman about herself, and a choice made for that woman by some dude explained to you? Also, do we need to explain consent again?

      But you have to let that be in the realm of the individual.

      I missed the part where participation was mandatory or even just peer-forced.

      I’m [still] expected to share my nude body once I’m popular?!

      “expected”? again, no.

  8. Thorne says

    Feminism is fighting for women’s rights to be sexual when and if they want to be sexual, not before.

    Aerik, you’re so CLOSE to understanding! This quote is exactly right. It is their choice IF and WHEN they want to be sexual, regardless of their choice of clothing, or lack of it. Your problem (and it’s not only yours) is that you see the naked human body as an advertisement for sexuality. It’s not! These women aren’t flaunting their sexuality, but their humanity! They are saying, “I have the right to CHOOSE! No one should tell me what I must wear.”

    Only someone who is ashamed of the human form can look at these women and say they are wrong to display themselves. This is art. This is feminism. And this is RIGHT!

  9. Aerik says

    Sincerely, put yourself in the place of a woman who just discovered the skeptic movement. You might be thinking, “what the hell? I worked to separate myself from these other ideologies that always demanded I bow to their sexual whims, but when I get here, I’m [still] expected to share my nude body once I’m popular?! Or get popular by being publically sexual? WTF”

    That is the message of a company calendar, of any nude calendar put forth by an organization. and it’s dumb to think otherwise. And we shouldn’t be doing it as skeptics. We shouldn’t be doing it as feminists or humanists in general. We shouldn’t be doing that as decent human beings.

    If Greta and the others want to do erotic/nude things on their own individual time, more power to them. But to directly associate it with the skeptic movement is to demand a public display of sexual performance on the part of women, and that’s wrong.

    • Arminius says

      Seriously, where do you see anything sexual going on in these pictures?

      On another note, it’s not like pictures were ever demanded from anyone. It’s pretty clear that these are all volunteers who wanted this calendar to happen, not people who were forced into it.

      • says

        Seriously, where do you see anything sexual going on in these pictures?

        Seriously, where do you see anything sexual going on in these pictures?seconded. as I said above, as long as female skin continues to be seen as inherently sexual, we will continue living in a patriarchy. “sexy” pictures are sexual; nude pictures are just naked.

      • josh says

        I agree that there’s nothing inherently sexual about this calendar. That said, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with photos or whatever that are inherently sexual or just potentially sexy. My impression is that part of the message here, not the only part or the largest necessarily, is that sexuality is not an inherently bad thing. Sexuality, particularly feminine for the case at hand, isn’t a dirty, shameful thing that has to be controlled and purefied within the constraints of religion.

        • Anji says

          I completely agree. While there’s nothing sexual happening in the images, I think a very important message from this calendar is about being comfortable with your body. And it hopefully follows, once you’re comfortable with your body, you will begin to be comfortable with your sexuality, which is a wonderful thing.

    • antialiasis says

      Where on Earth are you getting the idea that women are expected or demanded to participate in this?

      I am a woman who is pretty new to the skeptic movement as a movement, and when I see this I think, “Oh, hey, awesome, it’s women choosing to take a stand in a provocative way.” I don’t think “Oh, no! Now I must take a nude photo of myself and also be part of a nude calendar, whether I want to or not!” – the idea is profoundly bizarre to me.

      It seems to me that you’re simply deciding that women can’t possibly choose on their own accord to be nude, so if women are nude it must be because somebody is demanding they be nude, in some outside sexual interest. That isn’t the case. Women are not incapable of choosing to be nude of their own free will.

    • Anri says

      How dare these women chose their own way to make a statement!

      They should show they are free by making statements in the way I want them to and no other!

      Ok, that sounded smarter in my head.

      Let’s try again…

      I think that these women are doing the freethought movement harm by thinking that they are free enough to do what they want with…
      Hmmm, best start over…

      Look, if we just let these women do what they want, pretty soon we’ll have to let them…
      Drat, doesn’t work either…

      Tell you what, when I can object to this in a way that’s neither puritanical nor oppressive, I’ll come back, K?
      Don’t worry – I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to tell these women how they really should be making the points they are trying to make about people telling them how to do what they do!

  10. says

    Many thanks again, Maryam for the opportunity to participate in such a superb calendar, and to the people involved in putting this together!

    Here is a link to my blog post about my participation in the calendar, with full interview:

    It is my hope that this calendar will reach out to those who most need to hear our message, and that other viewers will find this to be an artistic and powerful display, and will unite with us in support of free expression and civil liberties.

  11. says

    Aerik, the idea that women can’t be naked without it being for the purpose of arousing someone else is the reason this calendar exists.

    If the name of this calendar was “HOT SEXY XXX SKEPTIC BOOBVAGINAPARTY” or something then you’d have a point. But it’s not. Every naked picture is accompanied by a quote that clearly illustrates the purpose of the calendar. Not creating this calendar because people would immediately think “SEX AND PORN” would be incredibly silly, considering that that kneejerk reaction is the whole reason this calendar was ever made.

  12. says

    though, here’s a thought:

    nakedness is a protest against the demand to cover, and rightly so. but as Aerik so ineptly is trying to say, it’s not the only demand on women, and in the West the demand is actually often to be as little and as sexily dressed as possible (and not display any personality or personal preferences).

    So I wonder if there would be a good, clever way to subvert the sexualization demands of the West, as well? I mean, here we have women who wanted to protest sexism by showing their body, and that’s great. But, how would one visualize the choice of some other women not do do so?


  13. says

    and TBH, I am somewhat uncomfortable with the skepchic calender; but this is different, and it’s blatantly obvious that it is so. In fact, this reminds me of the pictures that for a long time ran in the German BRAVO when I was a teen, which were part of a series that helped me greatly to not come away with a distorted idea of what people’s bodies really look like. It wasn’t “sexy” nudity, it was just nakedness (though, the pictures in this calendar are more artsy than the BRAVO ones, obviously).

  14. Patty says

    BRAVO!!!This is great! Really, what a joy! The photos are beautiful and the calendar is so well designed. And the fact is, all of thsse women chose to be here and they have a message. I know for some it’s still so uncomfortable to see and deal with women leading their own life and having their own opinion and deciding over their bodies (clothed and naked) themselves. Then they will come up with all those excuses, lame discussions, rationalisations and threats…
    But you know what – get over it…

  15. Jeroen Metselaar says

    It isn’t that hard to separate nudity from sexuality. Even if you must make it sexual then sex is still natural and a normal part of the human experience.

    If you can’t look at pictures of these naked women without making it vulgar or nasty in your mind you are part of the problem this very action addresses.

  16. says

    Suggestion for project 2: Building a UAV to drop 10,000 of these over the Grand Mosque at the beginning of Ramadan. That should get some attention.

  17. mudpduddles says

    Wow! Brilliant calendar, really inspiring. I hope you manage to do this every single freakin year. Well done!

  18. Amy says

    Aerik, you are so right! This calendar will be nothing more than a toy for men who want to jerk off. It does NOTHING to further the cause of freeing muslim women or anything like it. It makes me ill to think that there are men who will see my daughter in this calendar and have foul thoughts. I cry and then I get upset and then I cry more. I have not, nor will I look upon her pic other than her face just to verify that she has put herself out there so that men can comment like the following: Donald Morton – “I’ll be in my bunk.” This is NEVER what I wanted for my child and I am deeply hurt and disturbed that she would participate in such a LIE.

    • piero says

      These nude pictures are a statement, not a titillating porn magazine. Some people might jerk off at pictures of Mahatma Gandhi, and I’m sure there must be somebody who jerks off at pictures of electronic circuits.

      A nude person is just a human being in his/her natural state. Do you think nudist are permanently aroused? As other commenters have said, nakedness and eroticism are quite different things: a fully clothed man or woman can project eroticism, a totally naked man or woman can be just a naked human being.

      • Martyn N Hughes says

        I fully agree with Piero’s sentiments.

        As for the calendar, WOW! It is beautiful. I will purchase a copy.

        Congratulations all.

    • MLR says

      Hi, Amy. I’m male, and this calendar is not a “toy” for me. I found it to be emotionally moving with a very powerful message. Of course there are men out there who will look at this and, as you say, have “foul thoughts” but guess what? Some men can and do have those thoughts about women who are actually fully clothed, so covering from head to toe does not somehow prevent that, and even if it did it should not be required. I think that’s one of the points here: that women should not be forced to cover themselves out of fear that men might have sexual thoughts about them. How and why have men’s thoughts become a woman’s responsibility? If a man has sexual thoughts about a woman, clothed or otherwise, how he acts on those thoughts is NOT the woman’s fault, regardless of attire. A woman’s nude body is her own, and I think that’s what this is about.

      • says

        You must have read my book, “Let’s Git Nakid”, which I published last year. Just kidding, our thoughts are the same regarding men’s responsibility to women. In short I wrote that men are responsible for themselves and their actions all the time even when it comes to responding a woman, seductive or not. It is the same as how we men respond to other men, fight or flight or friends or passersby. The sex should not enter into it. Everyone is to be respected and treated the same.

  19. Shelly Sands says

    Wonderful! Beautiful! Liberating!

    Your courage reminds women like me that I am free and beautiful as I am.

    Thanks, ladies.

  20. embertine says

    Gorgeous, and I have ordered a copy. To those who think nudity is inherently sexual or pornographic, thank you for proving why this needed to be made.

  21. embertine says

    Plus, kudos to Maryam for going with a cape. The world needs more capes. Particularly for Caped Crusaders!

  22. 1000 Needles says

    Much respect and congratulations to all the women that put this together. This is a very powerful message.

    Thank you all for your bravery!

  23. I'm_not says

    Maryam, a wonderful thing, full of truth, beauty, intelligence and wit.

    The last time I saw you speak was at the London Rally in February, I recall you were wearing many layers, a hat, scarf and gloves but that day and this calendar share your usual dignity, self-assurance, dignity and authority.

    Congratulations to everyone involved for carrying this off with such elan.

  24. says

    Thanks for your support! It really means a lot to us. I’ll give an update on the the finances around the calendar and what the money raised will be used for on Monday next week as I am leaving for the QED conference in Manchester tomorrow and won’t be online for very long for the next few days. By the way we have had some good media coverage too, which I will post tomorrow before I leave.

  25. gramefletcher says

    Nudity is not sexual. However, repressive and controlling ‘authorities’ prefer us to believe that it is. The more they can provoke our desire for freedom of sexual expression, the more they can control us by denying us such freedoms. It’s a ‘make them hungry then withhold food until they are compliant’ tactic. Sex doesn’t just sell things, it is also a tool of government.

    If we – as a society – found nudity unremarkable and unarousing, there’d be less sexualised reaction to nakedness. In a nudist camp the only time people get excited about nudity is when people fail to protect themselves from burns at barbecues. People don’t dress in order to prevent sexual activity, nor do they undress only when they intend to engage in sex.

    We are conditioned to look at images of naked people in a sexualised context. Seeing images of people of the gender for which we have a sexual preference prompts judgements in sexually repressed viewers of whether they would envisage wanting a sexual relationship with the person depicted, if the image is of someone of their own gender they tend to judge whether or not they themselves would be more desirable if they resembled the person in the image. Images have that superficial quality, as the personality of the person depicted is not completely or reliably shown in a photograph.

    Even though it’s not the intention of the sitter or the photographer to eroticise the image, the response of the viewer is unreliable. So there are problems of ambiguity in presenting posed images of nudity (rather than ‘matter of fact’ images) as a declaration of unwillingness to be objectified. The audience is not controlled by the participants.

    Sexuality is a ‘private’ matter but it is of public concern, because authority seeks to manipulate our private freedoms. There is a danger of this being interpreted as ‘fighting for peace’. Self-objectification is not the greatest way to campaign to be seen as people.

  26. Eric says

    I salute and congratulate you. Nudity is an honest statement of humanity — for all sexes and genders.

    Great design on the calendar, too. Aside from the August typo, my only caveat is that small all-caps type on the dates is hard to read.

  27. says

    I think shes more like a pre-Islam Egyptian type. Maybe her real calling is to help revive an Egyptian Pharoanate than pose nude. It’s all that uncollected energy that has no where else to go so Maryam poses nude.

    In another day and age Maryam Namazie might well have been a High Priestess of some sort. Maybe if the old Egyptian religion is revived, Maryam would not feel so overtly sexual as her energy would be in the calandaric Rites of Old Egypt. Maryam would have somewhere to place all that energy instead. How about starting a movement for a Pharoanate instead Maryam? Theres only so much one can do with nudity and free expression!

    • michaeld says

      This is honestly dumb but I will reply to it anyway. Why would any secular atheist want the return of the pharaohs?

      This is a complete non sequiter out of left field that I really wonder if there’s something wrong with you or if you are just denser then diamonds.

      Pose naked as a form of protest and solidarity and I guess you’re into sex magic and reviving ancient egyptian theocracy/monarchy. If you could fill in the middle part where you connect the 2 I’d be very interested to see what kind of mental gymnastics went into it.

      • says

        This is honestly INGENUOUS but I will reply to @michaeld anyway. Any secular atheist want the return of the pharaohs, but any ethnic blood Egyptian who does know that a Pharoah is effectively the head of all FREEMASONS worldwide (even England) by occult and historical boorrowings by FREEMASONRY, as well as Israel (Israelites were the deposed remnants of the Egyptian Priesthood of the last Pharoanate . . . ) and by extension all the NGOs and apparati of Israel worldwide. Is that so stupid?

        This is a complete reverse of non sequiter out of right field that I really wonder if there’s something wrong with you or if you are just lighter then lead.

        Pose naked as a form of protest and solidarity is the EXTERNAL aspect of what Maryam is, and no I’m not into sex magic outside of my caste but into reviving ancient Egyptian theocracy/monarchy FOR the good of the world. There’s your middle part where I connect the 2, but not the 2 of that you mention. No mental gymnastics went into this, I still do not have access as you consider ‘access’ yet – in full unity at any rate.

        Monotheism is based on Amon-Ra who was rewritten into the Talmud and turned into the YHVH deity. Israel is the successful colony of Egypt that has a hold on Fremasonry of Engkland and USA, the Illumiti and all regions not beholden to egregores Christ and Jibril who directly draw from Amon-Ra’s legacy who in turn was derived from the Elder Pantheons of Egypt. The Nile culture is set to rise again and PROPER FORMS in worship will be the future of all who have dared derive or invoke anything in the Pharoanate’s name. Think deeper before you speak and be HONEST knowing how far the torture of 1 single man, the locve of another, and love of millions can go as compared to something as old as civilisation . . .

        • Tumbledown Survivor says

          The river Nile may rise but I doubt greatly that we shall see the rise of a new Pharoanate. Pharoahs drew their wealth and power by enslaving and oppressing their people and their enemies. Eventually the Pharoahs became so delusional as to declare themselves gods!
          Gods exist only in the mind of mankind. When the people cease to believe, the gods disappear and with them the so called civilisations that created them. How many gods have come and gone? How many civilisations have disappeared. None have risen again to their former glory.
          Maryam and her colleagues posing in the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar are surely standing for their rights as women; as human beings to oppose the religious and political oppression and enslavement of their gender. May they be successful!

  28. says

    That’s great!! Religion is a massive headache and should be scrapped. Or failing that people that twist it to suit their subjective ideals should be ignored.

  29. says

    Just bought my copy! Cant wait for it to get here, so that I can hang it on my wall and explain to EVERYONE that comes to my house exactly what it is about and where they can get a copy of their own. I’ve reblogged about it too so I hope to send a couple extra customers your way:)

    It would be really nice if, once the proceeds are spent on something or donated to a certain organization, if you could let us know?

    Thank you so much!

  30. Survivor says

    Greatest respect for all of these courageous revolutionary women!
    Surely religions are supposed to give us a set of rules by which to live. Religions should not be a means of justifying the oppression of large groups in society and in particular – women.
    I’m an atheist and proud of it! To some that makes me an evil person but for me the greatest evil is the interpretation of religious, political or legal dogma that encourages oppression.
    If this calendar offends some people, so what! Every society contains those that are too small minded to see the true objectives in any campaign.
    Long live the revolutionary women! May these peaceful freedom fighters be successful.

  31. says

    Some of these women are very sexy and look good naked. I would love to meet some of them and make them cum and cum and cum and cum. Especially, the ones that are married, that would be SUPER HOT!

    • Martyn N Hughes says

      I see having the calendar mentioned in the Daily Mail wasn’t a good idea afterall.

      Ah well…

    • piero says

      If you buy the calendar, you could roll it very tight and stick it up your arsehole. I’ve been told that prostate massage can be very stimulating. Alternatively, you could just leave and post your comments in a more appreciative environment; just do a Google search for cunts, sluts, filth and morons.

      • says

        Well the Google search for morons had you listed as the very first link. I see you are full of anger from this and other posts I see you made here. Which is worse, to make a post such as I did or to make posts full of anger and wanting to tell others here to “fuck off’ the words you chose to use? I see you as no better than others here, actually you are jut as bad in other ways. As Jesus said, ” Let those who have not sinned cast the first stone.” You certainly could not or should not throw any stones.

  32. Peter Y says


    RE – the nude calendar.

    This a very brave thing to do. We in the west take things for granted as a way of freedom. It took a while for nudity to come out in the open over the years but the west got there. Congrats and you all – be safe.

    Well wisher.

    • says

      I applaud the efforts of these women and men who understand and believe it is our God-given right to be free. Freedom allows each person to be themselves without being condemned for who he/she is. With life being a journey and all of us seeking to find ourselves, to find out who we really are and what we really believe about ourselves and our place in the world, the TRUTH is forever unfolding. Freedom, equality, acceptance, respect and peace are all God-given. What has been given has also been perverted by those to whom power has been given whether it be in politics, religion or in the home. Everyone deserves respect. I address these issues in my book as I look backwards from 2025 to 2012 and note the changes which were taking place. This SCREAM is part of the story. It, along with other protests for equality, will come to fruition in the days to come — even world peace which I conclude with in chapter 25. It is almost here. Can’t you taste it in the air? Check my website: or obtain my book “Let’s Git Nakid” — misspelling is intentional. We are one and part of the ONE whether we want to be or not. “ME” is just an upside down version of “WE”. What I want for me, I also want for you.

  33. Icaarus says

    After much thought, and a couple of revisits to the calendar I came to a realization that I am embarrassed to have not come to before. Non sexual nudity is humanizing. I looked back on each picture wondering what her story was. Wondering if a scar was from surgery or a motorcycle accident, a bruise was from clumsiness or rock climbing. At the same time not judging, just wondering. I have tried to think of people as human first, as an individual second, and third. This calendar reminded me to do it more often.

  34. One man says

    It’s so sad, mad and bad! Normal muslim women couldn’t do this kind things never! Its totally provocation of the west. Did not you find anthor way to say your opinions, thoughts, suggestions… It is not right way…

    I hope goodness for ever people!

    • Survivor says

      Are you saying that “Normal muslim women” couldn’t do this kind of thing because of their OWN objections to nudity OR are you saying that Muslim women would not be allowed to do this? Most of living in the real world realise that it is the latter. Islam represses women and treats them as second or third class citizens.
      Do not blame the west.It is your outmoded ideology that has caused these courageous women to pose naked as a protest against the conditions under which you and your friends force them to live.
      Women’s lives are their own. Women’s bodies are their own. Lear to respect women and then you will see that they are, at the very least, your equal.

      • says

        This saying is worthy of repeating:

        To the effect: “Woman was made from man’s side and not from his feet that he should walk over her. Nor was she made from his head that she should lord over him. Being made from his side, she was his equal.”

        (Reference is to the creation story found in Genesis, the first book of the Holy Bible of the Jews and Christians)

        • piero says

          I’m sorry, but I disagree. Nothing written by barbaric tribes three thousand years ago is woth repeatin. I can cite hundreds of Bible verses thst suqarely contradict what you are trying to convey. The best quotation I’ve ever found in the Bible came from one I threw into an open fire: it made a lovely crackling sound, especially the leather binding.

          • says

            There is a great saying I heard that goes, “God loves you but I’m not God.” I think you would make a lovely crackling sound if thrown into a fire and would also make the world a better place at the same time.

            God Bless you Piero because I and others have no use for you.

  35. says

    Hi Maryam,

    I think your calendar is great – thanks for taking action to stand up for those who are being oppressed!

    BTW, if this helps, I made a somewhat-simpler URL that you can use to promote your calendar page:

    That will automatically forward to your calendar page. I personally had kind of a hard time getting the original URL right when playing the video ad. I actually had to replay it a couple times to get it right. So I thought I’d make a simpler one in case it’s helpful. (I couldn’t get, it was already taken.)

    Thanks again for taking a stand!

  36. says

    I am in sympathy and agree with most of what you are saying – but I was disturbed to read the name of the organisation producing the calendars & photos – “Slutwalk Co”.

    I would have expected you to distance yourselves from anyone using that kind of title for their business!!

    Good luck with all you are trying to achieve.

    Gordon Northing

    • says

      The volunteer designed was co-founder of SlutWalk Toronto – it was a movement responding to a police saying women will get raped if they dress like sluts. It was a political move against that form of misogyny.

  37. Mr. F says

    The photos suck and the whole thing reads like a piss-poor community college freshman art project. Show someone wiping their ass with a Koran or using a crucifix as a dildo, maybe that might create real interest. Otherwise, this is more of the usual pussyfoot bullshit that does nothing.

    • Survivor says

      Obviously the wrong web site for you to visit. The calendar and the web site are about freedom of choice for women. The calendar makes a very strong statement which is obviously well above your level of understanding.

      • Mr. F says

        Go on; keep exploiting the plight other people for the sake of your own unoriginal thoughts. That calendar is a piece of simplistic, sophomoric shit and you’re brain-dead morons who only dreamed they ever had a clue. Whatever country du jour is hot news on CNN will be your next crusade. All that people like you want to do is substitute someone else’s fascist agenda with your own fascist agenda.

        • Survivor says

          Definitely good for a laugh Mr F.
          Just to straighten things out a little:
          -I don’t have a Nazi agenda
          -I don’t have CNN
          -I don’t exploit people.
          My thoughts may not be original in that they are the thoughts of others too but they are my thoughts. You may consider them moronic; that is your right. You, unlike many of the women and men that live in the Islamic world, are allowed freedom of expression.
          Yours is an angry, boorish response. If that runs true to your character then it is likely that you will be the one with a “Nazi” agenda!
          Don’t abuse people simply because you lack the intellect to indulge in sensible discussion.

          • Mr. F says

            What do you know about the “Islamic world”, what you read on leftist blogs? How much time have you spent in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi, or Palestine? Go there and preach your imperialist diatribe and tell them how they should live. You’re just a wannabe missionary hawking elitist white woman hippie bullshit instead of Jesus. At least the Jesus tards have the balls to go put their ass on the line instead of just playing at “solidarity” by making an ‘oh so original’ calendar of shit photos.

            You don’t exploit people? If you think that you are fucking deluded. All you do is exploit people by sticking your values onto others to justify your own misguided notions. Your very existence is the result of exploiting people, you boring hypocrite.

            Finally, fascist does not equal Nazi, you mindless drone. If your education didn’t come from the back of a cereal box you might know that. Maybe you need CNN. It would be a step up for you.

        • Survivor says

          Ha,ha, ha. What a joke you are Mr F.
          Full of erroneous assumptions and vitriol. You are totally wrong on all scores. Clearly you know nothing, have done nothing and are nothing. In some ways it is good that there are nothings such as you in this world as you give the rest of us something to laugh at.

          • Mr. F says

            LOL! I love how easy it is to get supposed “free-thinkers” to show their true colors: You’re a judgmental twat who dabbles in fascist masturbation fantasies between trips to Starbucks. Hopefully someone will start blowing shit up in Iran and you can wail about that while driving the Prius to your shit job.

          • Mr. F says

            I love how easy it is to get supposed “free-thinkers” to show their true colors. You’re a judgmental twat who dabbles in fascist masturbation fantasies between trips to Starbucks. Hopefully someone will start blowing up shit in Iran so you can have something new to wail about while driving the Prius to your shit job.

          • Survivor says

            Thanks for the entertainment Mr F.
            My leave finishes soon and I have to return to Afghanistan to clear landmines and IEDs.
            By the way, I don’t drive a Prius.
            What do you do for a living? It seems likely that you will be the type who spends all day trolling the internet and trying to annoy people. In the evening you probably drag your obese self out to go to drink away your benefits cheques and brag to your pals what you have done during the day.
            After you get some much needed psychiatric help you should be able to get a job at Rent a Cretin ltd.
            Over and out.

    • piero says

      Maryam, would I be in breach of your comments policy if I told this poster to fuck off? Because I really want to tell him/her to fuck off, but I wouldn’t want to tell him to fuck off if that meant that I could be banned or something like that. Perhaps I could say that “if Maryam’s comments policy allowed it, I would tell you to fuck off”. Or maybe “if I ever met you in person I’d say ‘Hello’ and then ‘Fuck off!'”

      Or maybe I could tell him/her to fuck off in Italian or Chilean Spanish: “Vaffanculo!”, or “Ándate a la concha de tu madre”. Or even in Greek: “Gamó to muní tis mana sou”. That’s surely within the rules, isn’t it?

      • Mr. F says

        What, you need permission to tell someone to fuck off? I bet you ask for permission to take a piss, too. If you met me in person and told me to fuck off, I’d laugh and kick your balls through your mouth. Then again, a man who has to ask to speak his mind for fear of being “banned” doesn’t have any balls so it would be a wasted effort on my part. Maybe I could slap you with your purse instead.

        And if you think you’re clever pretending to be a well-travelled man of the world busting out with “Chilean Spanish”, it just shows what an insecure tool you are. I bet you’re a real adventurer. LOL! Go get some Grecian Formula for that old man beard you think makes you look wise and fuck off.

      • Mr. F says

        PS: Piero, since I realize you also suffer from white man’s guilt I can’t hold you completely responsible for your idiocy. There are doctors who can help. Please get help.

        • Survivor says

          Oh Mr F! What rhetoric.
          Did Dr Goebbels write your latest rant?
          Do you still possess your brown shirt with the SA logo or did you regress to the point where you became worthy of the black shirt with SS runes?
          Your threats show that you are just the type of unthinking brute that would fit in nicely with those neo-Nazi groups that exist in the back alleys of areas inhabited by the thinking impaired.

          • Mr. F says

            Still trying with the Nazi thing, huh? This seems like a bit of psychological projection on your part. Most likely you’re a closet self-hating Jew who can only dream of coming out and embracing your true feelings.

  38. says

    Sure it’s an individual’s right to decide whether or not they want to be publicly shown naked. But most women aren’t interested in this. Most importantly what they should have a right to is an education, the right to determine how they make a living, other than being dependent on a male and the right to be respected as intelligent human beings and not just available for the gratification of men to be bartered for dowries. Then again, there are some who think equality means lowering themselves to the worst male behaviour such as swearing, getting drunk and being promiscuous. That is what choice means.

  39. Lillian says

    This is the one of the most beautiful and empowering things that I have ever seen.

    It is things like this that make me proud to be a woman.

    • says

      As a young Art student (many years ago!) – the first lesson of all happened to be ‘life-drawing’. This was a cause of some embarrassment at first but we soon came to accept that the female form was so normal to us and you were left wondering what all the fuss was about. It was a source of ever changing drawing problems that gave us an understanding of structure and balance and harmony. On this subject we learned the skills required to tackle the underlying structure of any subject under the sun. We had a strict tutor who was very demanding in his quest for accuracy in proportions and thorough understanding of anatomy and lighting. The concentration required for a two to three hour session could be quite mentally exhausting.

      The models were not chosen for their glamour – but were just variations of the endless differences that exist amongst specimens of human kind. We did more rarely have a male model, but the attitude was the same.

      The Burka indicates a problematic mental attitude and informs us of a very distorted state of mind brought about by severe conditioning.

      • piero says

        Wonderful post. There is nothing so difficult to draw as a human body, because we naturally have a sense of its proportions. Anything else can be drawn imperfectly and still be recognizable, but not a human body or face. A life-like portrait must surely be one of the most difficult tasks for an art student to tackle: a nostril a fraction of a millimetre too wide, a shadow a little too deep, a drawn line where the environment should form it can ruin the effect.

        For what it’s worth (not being an artist myself), I fully agree with you: if you can draw a credible human body, you can draw anything at all.

  40. Mark says

    Love the calender. You’ve all arrived at the ball beautiful, adorned in your unattire for the celebration of the end of patriarchy. You’ll help usher out the bronze age lunacy holding humanity back. All the gods and demons dressed in their gold and silver robes speckled with precious jewels are revealed as ugly by your light. Misogynist hate filled men fear those they can’t control. They see their shriveled little selves in the mirror you hold up.

  41. Vulcan51 says

    Amazed at the calendar. Each picture says to me “I am me. I am woman”. Some say to me “I am me. I am my own woman”. There is more than a hint of “I am my own woman. Don’t mess with me!” too.
    It hits the spot and does what it is intended to do. Hope it sells well and takes it’s messages to everyone.

  42. Riley Wilkes says

    Puts a whole nuther perspective on the “body politic.” But hey, we are all free to be, me and thee. Pose on.

  43. Robert says

    @Piero – what exactly are you trying to say here, and why?

    Are you over 14 years old? You don’t sound it.

  44. redwolf68 says

    Maryam, excellent work! I think it’s important for Muslim women to be empowered, and the Prophet (peace be upon him) actually wanted that for them – to be equal with men in Islam…a little-known fact of Muslim history. I hope you’ll continue to do this and show the world that Muslim women – and ALL women – are beautiful. Salaam alaikum! :-)

  45. كوروش says

    لينك دان لود تقويم مشكل دارد و كامل دان لود نمي شود لطفا دوباره اپ كنيد

    مرگ بر جهموريه اسلامي

  46. Shuun says

    To the mother who wrote (think it was a mother) “it makes me sick” to think there are men who will look at her daughter’s picture and jerk off, I say to you have no worries. Even if your daughter was covered from head to toe, certain men would have the same feeling. What other people might or might not do should never be your business. Let it be their business.

    What these women are doing is courageous and revolutionary. The excuse that men would be aroused by women’s bodies and actions is what is sickening to me. I get aroused by mens bodies and actions, but I do not see them worrying about that, and they shouldn’t Nudity is natural as we are all born nude. If God wanted us to wear clothes, we would be born with it. It is natural to be nude. It is also natural to get aroused, for that’s what creates other human beings.

  47. Olle Björngreen says

    If a man don’t show the woman a big respect, he will not be called a man. In my point of view he is a coward and not worth to mention. I like your idea and I will send you and all women a good luck and hopefully some day (soon?) the man and women would be equal men.

  48. writeous says

    Infinite and Eternal Blessings.

    meditation @ 4:20/we love naked truth


    support you Maryam Namazie and all women!

  49. says

    Hello, I received your calendar. A beautiful message of future. Natural women who assume(accept) totally and who defend a noble cause: the freedom of the women in the world and especially the respect for their choice, whatever it is. Thank you very much and continue your fight.

  50. Josh says

    Nude women, freedom, equality, and revolution. All that’s missing is pizza and sushi and that’s the entire list of my favorite things.

  51. كوروش says

    يك فايل عرضه نداري اپ كني اون وقت وبلاگ فمينيستي را انداختي؟؟؟
    بابا اگه خودت بلد نيستي يا سوادشو نداري به يكي كه بلده بگو اين تقويم لامصب رو حجمشو كم كنه و مثل ادم بزاره رو سايت
    دوماه مي خوام اين گوه رو دان لود كنم زير سه مگ قطع مي كنه

  52. Shahrooz says

    After several attemps, downloaded file could not be opened, would you kindly send it by email?


  53. hossein zamanzad ghavidel says

    what do you know about islam!?i think you all are maniacs,indeed sex have just wanted to show off and win your you know,i am a regyme criticker.but you are the dirty sides of iranian people!!!!!you are just complexive aliens!!!!i dont want the revoltion which will be bye you!!!!mollahs better than you??!!

  54. hossein zamanzad ghavidel says

    i forgot to tell!you all atheists are the servants off freemasons and illuminatids!!!!!!!!!!!just this.nothing more!

    • theophontes says

      @ hossein

      what do you know about islam!?

      Which islam?

      i think you all are maniacs,indeed sex maniacs.

      Projection, much?

      i forgot to tell!you all atheists are the servants off freemasons and illuminatids!!!!!!!!!!!just this.nothing more!

      Please provide citations to prove your claims.

      Oh wait, you just make shit up, don’t you?

      • hossein zamanzad ghavidel says

        hello.i dont want to blemish you,but let me tell something about me.i grew up in turkey and finished high school there.i studied 2 years in heidelberg university and i lived in wien for four years.i can speak,write and read 6 languages.i have a travel agency in iran.i mean i am NOT A RADIKAL OR A BIGOTED person.but the thing that i can not understand is WHY TO SHOW SEXUAL ORGANS,WHY TO BE NAKED TO CONDEMN SOMETHING?!IT IS NOT THE WAY OF OUR CULTURE!!!and please read islamic books.not shiatids books,hanefid books.for ex. RISALE-I NUR.LEARN WHAT ISLAM IS?I MEAN REAL ISLAM.I AM SORRY IF I HAD BROKEN YOU,BUT IT WAS A REFLEX.if you write anything i am with you,but if you continue your way with sexuality that will make me to think that you are the servants of illuminatids or masons.dont do sexual advertisements,write something and let the people follow the book i advised,and maybe you back up your mind.

    • Tumbledown Survivor says


      Two very uninspiring and clearly bigotted rants from you.
      These ladies are entitled to protest against the treatment of women under oppressive regimes. The way that they have chosen to do it is very courageous and worthy of support by all lovers of personnal freedom.
      I am an atheist and I find your untrue comment that I am a servant of Freemasons and the “illuminati” to be offensive. I have no knowledge nor affiliation to either group (although the existence of the latter has yet to be proven to the normal/sane populations of the world).
      You really should have some facts to back up your opinions.

  55. Cane says

    Don’t bullshitting, about Atheism. All atheists around the world (I don’t know about “Iranian version of atheism”) believe in social behavior fundamental.
    Nudism is a plain cultural and political movement practicing. They advocating and defending social nudity in private and in public.
    “These ladies are entitled to protest against the treatment of women under oppressive regimes”? Protest against what? Being covered in Iran? Are they mad at it? Is that why they get naked? Just shut it.
    Even In our America we would not to see naked women or men in street. Culturally you are a million miles away from us, wherever you live.
    Get dressed, you‘re not that pretty as you wish to be, neither those naked women.

    • Tumbledown Survivor says

      Perhaps if your comment were intelligible I could make a suitable reply. What language is it supposed to be in?
      Apart from that, I have to say that you are unwise to threaten me or to try to suppress my thoughts and words. You may be an arrogant bullyboy forcing your views on others in your homeland but it doesn’t work in the civilised world. Perhaps you should “Shut it” yourself.


        you know what?let me give u an are atheists and do not believe in other world.if your ideology is true,i will not be punished in the other world.but if my ideology is right you will not have too much comfort in hell. I GUARANTEE YOU THAT.believe me.from now on i will not give anyone any answer.i have a lot of business to do.I CAN UNDERSTAND ENGLISH,BUT IF I WRITE GERMAN OR TURKISH YOU WILL NEED GOOGLE TRANSLATOR.JUST SHUT IT!!

        • Tumbledown Survivor says

          Hossein/Cane – whatever your name is – am I supposed to be impressed by your drivel, your arrogance or by your huge ego? If so then you have failed misserably.
          Many of us can speak more than one language. For example, I can speak English, Spanish, French and German. Google translator is not always needed!
          I have a PhD in Chemistry and other qualifications but do not consider that these make me better than any person (male or female) on the face of this planet.
          I run my own business. That’s my choice and that doesn’t make me a more important person than anyone else.
          If you need to believe in a god either for comfort or to have someone to blame for your failings then that is OK but don’t tell me what I should believe or what will happen to me when I die as you have no idea. If there is an afterlife I think that I could cope with just about anything but meeting an aggressive, arrogant and self opinionated oaf such as you.
          If you are prepared to follow the teachings of men that wear dresses and wrap cloths around there heads that is fine. As far as I am concerned they represent themselves and not a god. Religion is a fraud.
          If you wish to take a childish temper tantrum and refuse to respond to any comments on this page that is fine too. It means that the rest of us do not have to tolerate your drivel and rantings. That’s great for us!
          Tell me why I should “SHUT IT” because a fool such as you tells me too? There is no way that you can make me do that.
          Do not attack these courageous women for standing for their rights and for the rights of all women who are oppressed. You are not in a position to dictate to others no matter what your ego may tell you.
          Please do follow your own advice and “SHUT IT” yourself before you make yourself even more of a laughing stock than you already have.
          If you require any assistance with understanding any of my comments I will be happy to help.

          • HOSSEIN ZAMANZAD says


          • Tumbledown Survivor says

            “Shut it” first appeared in a comment made by someone identifying themselves as Cane. Was that an alias?
            What evidence do you have that I am against Islam? More ranting! I do not care what other people wish to believe. I do care when some people try to enforce their views on others or use religious or political dogma to oppress, demean or subjugate others.
            Where in Germany will you be and on what dates? What do you intend to do? Pursued me that I am wrong in my views by logical discussion? I doubt that you are capable of that.



  57. Tumbledown Survivor says

    Is “Cane” an alias for you?
    I’m always open to the views of other people when they are presented in a sensible and logical manner. That does not include people who simply say that they are right and that I am wrong without being able to present any evidence for their claims!
    I don’t need a religious ideology to give me courage. You have no right to tell me that I lack courage in any way. You do not know me! You have never met me!
    If you are happy to die for your religion that is fair enough.
    I have fought and will continue to fight and if necessary will die for causes that I believe in. I do not happen to believe in ANY religious dogma. I include Christianity, Islam, Judaism and any other that you care to think of.
    I especially deplore any political or religious dogma that demeans, oppresses and subjugates one section of the community for the advantage of another.
    Does you Islamic faith allow you to pass judgement on others without any knowledge of them? If yours is the religion of peace and love for all, where is your tolerance?
    I find it hard to tolerate the intolerance and arrogance of others when it is employed to disempower a section or sections of their own community.
    Do NOT judge me OR others. Do NOT attempt to demean me OR others. You have no right to do that. You have no proof that your ideology makes you a better person than anyone else in this world. If you believe that you are better then you have only arrogance that has resulted from your indoctorination. It is you then that lacks courage as you have to have the crutch of your religion to lean on. Courage is not an inner resource for you.

  58. Tom Hail says

    I bought one and told them to pass the calendar to someone and save the shipping. Then I downloaded for myself. Awesome courage and message from all these women! Bravo!


  1. […] The Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar – daily awesome impression Timo Maier28. Mai 2012, 10:13 Uhr, 0 Reaktionen Kategorie: Erotik, Fotografie On 8 March 2012 International Women’s Day, the Nude Photo Revolutionaries Calendar was launched in homage to Egyptian atheist, student and blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy who posted a nude photo of herself, announcing the post on Twitter under the hashtag, #NudePhotoRevolutionary. via […]

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