Iranians in Iran join Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar

Young members of the Worker-communist Party of Iran who live in Iran have joined the scream! Since they would be executed for this act, their faces are covered with slogans saying ‘Long Live Women’s Freedom’, ‘No to Hejab’, ‘No to Islamic Rule’, ‘No to Gender Discrimination’ and ‘No to Islamic Reaction’. They have printed the calendar and pasted it behind them. This photo has made my day.



  1. Kaveh says

    Ms. Namazie is nothing more than a Zionist shill and a crypto-Jew. Her agenda has always been one of promoting degenerate Western filth to innocent Iranians. These expatriated Persians are dogs. For such a secular humanist and “devout” anti-theist, I’m not surprised this Kike Jewgold peddler did not make any mention of the disgusting holiday of Purim where Jewish rats celebrate their murder of 75,000 innocent Persian women and children.

    Fuck Islam, fuck Arabs, and fuck the Islamic Republic but keep your Western filth out of our motherland you filthy witch.

    • ... says

      Anyone get the feeling this guy’s a plant? Someone trying to be taken at face value as a hideous bigot?

      Alternatively, Rafiq, you say you’ve seen this guy before?

    • says

      It’s our dear old friend PersianWanker88, the racial supremacist and general troll. He keeps changing his IP address so that he can sneak in and spam up the place with his hateful ranting before Maryam catches him.

    • northern light says

      “Fuck Islam, fuck Arabs, and fuck”

      For a group of people trying to keep women covered up and be “unsexual”….you seem to an extraordinary inteest in sex words.

    • Ed says

      First, if expatriated Iranians are dogs, then you have just called Ayatullah Khomeini a dog; expect a posthumous fatwa.
      Second, there aren’t any innocent Iranians.
      Third, only degenerates abhor dogs.
      You may now crawl back into your motherland.

    • JA.llah says

      It just pisses me off, when I read comments from islamic fanatics like you: a religion that wants to enslave all other people, that finds it lawful to kill in the name of God, a religion that wants to enslave humanity.

      Everybody who read your Quran realizes how antisocial you are. Your Imams claim murdering is long as it is covered by laws that are invented by the successors of your so called prophet. The Sharia was invented after your so called Prophet, whom you adore like a godlike figure, was finally killed.

      In our time a religion which denies even the most basic human rights for their followers has got no place at all and has to be extinguished. The way your clerical and political leaders in the islamic world usually behave, they have to be tried at the Hague for crimes against humanity, manslaughter and genocide.

      I absolutely appreciate the movement against your inhuman governmentsand hope they will one day succeed.

      In my eyes there are only two rules by which everybody should live: If it harms no one, do it and Protect the weak from the strong.

      It really is a shame that you are allowed to express your opinion here, as your leaders deny this right to anyone in your country.

      The Iranian people are Slaves, living in the biggest prison with guards that are terrorists or at least support terrorists. People like you should be tried by the Sharia in western countries, then NONE OF YOU PERVS would survive.

      I pray every Day for the day you folks will become rational and decide to be human again, isnteasd of being demons

  2. says

    If anyone suggests staging nude protests outside Iranian embassies (in countries where that might be tolerated of course), I’ll be in it.

    If anyone wants to do one here in Australia – count me in.

    Imagine the publicity for the cause this would generate.

  3. Greta Christina says

    And can I just say: If I had any doubts at all about being in this calendar, they have now entirely evaporated. I am so humbled and proud to be part of this, I can’t put it into words. The extremely minor risk I took with being in this calendar pales in comparison to the risk these folks are taking. Knowing that my picture is one of the ones posted up there behind them… I don’t have words. Maryam, thank you for making this happen.

  4. Icaarus says

    I am wondering what the fifth sign says. You only translated 4 and to my unkeen eye all 5 look different

  5. جانم فدای رهبر says

    Thank GOD beacause my enemies are from stupidest peoples.

    nudity is not sign of protest. It is a sign of stupidity.

    Thank GOD beacause my enemies have nude body and nude and nude brains.

    • says

      جانم فدای رهبر you show a misunderstanding of what protest is.

      Of course nudity in itself is not a sign of protest, but if someone wishes to cover me from head to foot it becomes a protest. Whatever militant political Islamists accept among themselves as appropriate sexual standards is, in as far as they are consenting adults, their own business. But they have absolutely no right to violently foist these standards on others against their will. The fact that they do so is what makes what these brave women are doing a protest.

      You have made these women into your enemies; you don’t get to pick what weapons they use when they fight back!

  6. Peoftimt says

    I thought that Golshifteh Farahani’s topless photo in Figaro was beautiful, because it showed a thing of beauty- the human body. To always sexualise it is what needs questioning. The pose Ms Farahani is in enhances the natural beauty. The other woman in the news recently, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, showed bravery (I’m sure some will try to make her pay for that photo) in challenging the system, rightly or not.
    I have never understood the interpretations of Islamic modesty- why is the burqa (and similar) only for women? Why are women treated little better than a working animal (you keep it alive, but you don’t give it love)? This questions should be asked, especially at the men who propose these ideas as religious or political figures. I thought the calendar idea, although provocative, was a brilliant idea; certainly braver than I am about my body!

  7. Rafiq Mahmood says

    The word “kafir” has always irked me. A kafir is someone who is supposed to cover up, to hide the truth.

    So who are the kuffar? Who are the people who have suppressed science since Ghazali? Who are the people who censor and are afraid of discourse? Who are the people who fear the sharp light of humour? Who are the people who cut off the heads of people who just don’t buy their myths any more? Who are the people who cover their faces to intimidate others? Who are the people who cover women in cloth cages and fear seeing so much as a wisp of female hair?

    Nudity is our scream, our protest that in no uncertain terms we are not the kuffar. Infidels, yes, and proud of our lack of faith in old men’s tales. Coverers up, no.

    We on this side of The Fence defy their cowardly covering up with our bodies, our voices and our struggle.

  8. maxamillion says

    So, the guy in the shorts has been putting it about so much that he thought he might be recognised?

  9. asadullah Mir says

    Hi everybody,

    I don’t understand what is this fuss about being naked. Big deal.

    And how does it liberate a woman to be naked? Does’nt
    it just make her an object of lust?

    And why do some commentators here repeat the mantra that the nude body is not and should not be seen as erotic? It is. Emphatically! Why should any man be ashamed of having erotic thoughts when confronted with a nude female or her photo? I think a man might be ashamed of NOT having erotic thoughts thusly. Women’s bodies are the most beautiful thing ever seen by mankind. And no doubt provoke erotic thoughts. And nothing is wrong with eroticism.


    • Brent Blair says

      Hello Asadullah Mir,

      The fuss, I think, about being naked is that there is such a fuss about being covered. Morality police in many countries incarcerate women for not sufficiently covering up.

      As far as an “object of lust” goes – I think this is the job of men. I was recently in Tehran and noticed that some subway cars were for women only. I asked my female translator why, and she said that she was frankly grateful for these women-only cars, since the men usually harass women – even when covered – and grab them inappropriately, rubbing up against them, even fondling breasts, etc. And this is the behavior of Muslim men when women are covered…?

      There are other places in the world (India, Italy) where women are so horridly mistreated. I live in Southern California, where women are so uncovered that you can often mistake them for being at the beach when in fact they’re going to lunch! I’ve seen more skin from women here than any other place in the world. But I guarantee you, if a man tried to touch a woman on a bus or subway here in that way, he’d get his face scratched beyond recognition and probably beaten up by every other man and woman on the bus! For sure, the police would be called.

      Can you explain to me why this argument about lust is used to cover women up in Iran?

      What about women lusting after men who aren’t covered? How do they control their hormones?

      How about men lusting after men? Are you suggesting this doesn’t happen too?

      Ugh. Respectfully, this is an old argument – please find a new one…


  10. fidosent says

    I don’t understand why are they yelling “sexual discrimination in Islam” … When a Muslim women wears Hijab its

    Oppression/Discrimination and When a Nun wears similar dress, she is Pious. A christian women doesn’t have “Rights”

    in her Parents property if a male child is present. Whereas Islam gives right to women for the property. Yet these

    So called self styled “Revolutionist-as” yell its discrimination ….

    Holy Qur’an says : “Every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your [full] compensation on the

    Day of Resurrection. So he who is drawn away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise has attained [his desire].

    And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion.” (Holy Quran : 3:185)

    For Sure they will meet him and be rewarded for what they sowed, For God said, its not HIM that’s unjust to mankind,

    but mankind itself is unjust to HIM …

    M question to them ..
    Have you ever read the Holy Qur’an (to understand it) Once in your lifetime ?

    think once in your whole life, R U Doing it right ?

    • says

      fidosent, there was a time in Christian Europe when there were arranged marriages, child brides and women would be burned as witches or sent to live in a nunnery if they transgressed social norms. It has taken centuries to rid us of this plague and it is still not complete. But if Christianity still had political power this would still happen. Political Islam obviously oppresses women, it is clear for every one to see, and I am not interested in the pathetic excuses for it that some stupid so-called holy book may or may not contain. It amazes me that any sane adult person could be.

      But Islam will go the same way as Christianity and there is nothing you or your Qur’an can do about it. So you may as well grow up, get your nappy changed, and get used to it.

      Yes and there are some perverts who like to dress up as nuns – so what? Nobody forces them to do it.

    • C says

      When a Christian nun wears her habit, it’s by choice. Some nuns don’t wear habits. Some orders wear untraditional habits: see Mother Teresa. In all cases, they show their faces. Their habits are also historical relics that were commonly worn by Christian women centuries ago. No Christian woman is punished for either wearing or not wearing a habit.

      In Iran and Saudi Arabia, women veil themselves by law. To go unveiled is to invite jail or worse.

      An Iranian woman told of the time after the Islamic Revolution and before women were required to wear hijab. One of her male friends became Hezbollahi. He told her that he should cover herself up, lest he be tempted to rape her. After all, he was only emulating that “perfect exemplar” and sex maniac Muhammad (piss buh). I’m a Westerner who has seen many attractive women in various states of dress and undress. I have never felt tempted to rape a woman, no matter how attractive. I suppose Muslims think there’s something wrong with me. 😉

  11. Bert says

    Eventually, the naked truth of this situation, will reveal itself. 3 cheers, for people that have decided that having nothing to hide, is a good way to be.

  12. Hesham Mohamed says

    People who ask why muslims wear Hijab , I’ll give a small example : If there are pieces of cake one of them is covered and the other is uncovered which one will you choose to eat ?? answer this and you’ll know why women in Islam wears Hijab

    • Callie says

      Hesham Mohamed, I’ve heard this charming analogy before and it is just as repugnant each time. If it’s so important not to become a dried-out, fly-covered piece of cake, why don’t men cover themselves? Has it ever crossed your mind that perhaps I wouldn’t want some sullied tart for a husband?

      I respect people’s choices to dress modestly, but having lived long-term in several Muslim societies, I found it entirely counter-productive. It turns women into walking sex-objects from head to toe; strolling through the streets there was the most sexualizing and de-humanizing experience I’ve had – and I dressed “modestly” in local clothing and covered my hair. Of course, this was not true of everyone I met – I knew many kind, wonderful, and respectful people. But the system as a whole was broken and encouraged repression and sexual acting-out of the worst kind.

  13. says

    these r the sheeya of ngo in afghanistan and kabul its written in pashto and eng
    kafir kafir sheeya kafir
    jo na mane who bi kafir

  14. Jumusha says

    Dirty filthy and cowardly. And they think they’re in the right? It’s because hoes and nobs like this, they don’t get anywhere in life.

  15. Mehdi says

    خیلی از ما در حال مبارزه ایم. اما هر مرز و بومی باید به سبک خودش پیش بره.
    هر کاری که غربیا میکنن که مناسب ما نیست.

    اینجا به این کار میگن جندگی…
    این افراد هم جنده بودنشون رو به اسم مبارزه معرفی میکنن…
    هر هرزه گی مبارزه نیست

    • soroush says

      آفرین هم وطن درود برشرفت
      well we are iranian people but the people you are seeing in pictures are WHORE!!!!!!!ok !!!!!

      • says

        There is nothing wrong with nudity and everything wrong with your misogynist view that a woman’s body is dirty if not covered. You are right – there are all type of people in Iran and everywhere – those who hate women and those who don’t.

  16. sara says

    Freedom, freedom of expression
    There is nothing in the West

    Despite Iran’s Islamic leader is always free

    Islamic Republic of Iran

  17. nina says

    Nude? So primitive… There aren’t diffrent like dog, cat … Meanwhile someone’s dog or cat wear cloth? How be ashame. We are human not animal…are you???

  18. baran says

    Honestly my interpretation from religion is not strict and usual as it seems is now all around the world but I believe on freedom and eqaulity for men and women. However in very free cultures still limitations in morals are exist. If any love making happens on a public area definitely people were arrested by police!!!!So let us to be mindfull and do not mix issues. I am sure nowadays women are suffering from limitations in their social freedom in most of islamic countries but somethings deep inside me says protests like being nude is over-reacting to a mis-understanding of Islam!!!!
    Islam or any religion rules are RAW in nature and should be cooked by scholars but not by politicians!!!!!For me looking on my concious is the best way to find out what is right and what wrong. Religions tried to remind us to refer our concious and judgment….not justifying murder,betrayal, wars and exploiment in the name of religion….

  19. saman says

    ba dorrod faravan be khanum namazie aziz ,be omid roozi ke roshanfekrani chon shoma dar iran azadaneh faaliat konan ,afrade aghaboftadeh va bikheradi ke mokhalefe shoma hastan va mozdoore jomhoori islami hastan che ghalati mikonan inja??

  20. goli says

    مرگ بر شمای حرام زاده. آخه کی با تصویر غیراخلاقی تغییرات ایجاد کرده . چقدر احمق هستید


  21. J says

    Well, going out naked is considered public indecency almost every where in the world. What we need in Iran is freedom of faith and belief without having a government dictating how you should think on you and monitoring if you are following them.
    Just think of the kids who see their mom or another lady naked, what effect would it have on their psychological growth (actually somehow their doing the same thing the government is doing but on a different scale).
    Also they should know that they are harassing the males deprived of any sexual activity in their own country (youth generation not able to get laid because of the control government has on sexual activities). By going naked they are arousing the poor guys sexually while not giving any feedback to them 😉
    (see that’s what they’re doing to someone like me, in my thirties and still virgin)

  22. Rohit Verma says

    It would be great if some Iranians can hold a nude protests in from of Iranian embassy in UK, Canada, France etc

  23. soroush says

    iranian people are good but sometime you can find some whore people in iran but that’s not saying that all of the iranian people are whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. irani says

    she is not fighter . she is fucker
    اینا مبارز نیستند جنده هستند
    فقط جنده ها این طوری مبارزه می کنند
    خاک بر سرتون که واقا احمق هستید
    واقا ارزش یه انسان به برهنه بودنشه ؟
    شما انسان نیستید شما حیوانید

  25. says

    These fighters are not a whore
    Only in this way bitch fight
    Really stupid that you land on your head
    Really worth Bvdnshh a naked man?
    You’re not the man you Hyvanyd

  26. Brent Blair says

    Maryam – you are such a courageous woman.

    I just came back from Tehran and met other courageous people at a theatre conference. I think the best responses here are the ones that offer complexity and respect for Islam and Christianity, without hatred or judgment, but still emerge with the conclusion that human rights must rise above religious laws.

    Religions in the world are such important vehicles for people to make choices. Faith must be a choice, a selection. Otherwise, unless it is free will, it is not faith. Faith cannot happen when it is imposed, on anyone – men, women, gays (yes, Iran, there are homosexuals in the world), etc.

    How lovely when women cover themselves for their faith if they choose to. Catholic women used to cover their heads as a sign of respect entering the church. Jewish men cover their heads as a sign of respect. In my country, people wearing hats take them off as a sign of respect – supposedly, to God…

    I don’t believe in God myself, not the God of established religions – I have a great faith that guides me, though. Nonetheless, to all the people spewing hate, Maryam’s message is simply beautiful and courageous.

    Fight on… blessings.

    • Azzy says

      @Brent Blair
      Sorry! My late reply. I did not notice your reply.
      I Don’t know how and why the Iranians are using this argument. I am not for covering women up.
      Not even one inch. I would like to see them A’la jour de nee.

      Women who lust after men are great! More power to them!

      Men lust after women. I never said they don’t. I said I don’t find that offensive. Nor do I find lusty women offensive. I would like to have the liberty to get on board from Kings Cross in a bus stark naked and get off at Fence cross, without anyone batting an eyelid.

      You have a wrong take on me. I want the world to do away with all clothes. Why stop at just removing the veil, burqa or head cover. Let’s go all the way, let us roam around nude.

      Are you opposed to that? Why?

      And I find any restriction on human sexuality, particularly gender based, ridiculous.
      You just want burqas discarded. I would want the whole kit and caboodle jettisoned.

  27. Azzythehillbilly says

    Wow! This bunch of bodies could make for a very nice porn video.

    Moral values be damned. Who wants moral values. Nudity is so thrilling.

    I think this blog should start selling porn. Mariyam Be-Namazie could make a cameo appearance. That would boost the price. What?

    And what is this foolish talk about Zionist Shills and Crypto Jews? These peeled bananas are the owners of their own flesh. Not for us to object. They are free, madar pidar aazaad even.

    So carry on Mariyam Be-Namazie with your antics. It doesn’t bear weight with you if this mode and manner of protest will fail to sway any Iranian. At least your masters in the West will be happy. And for you that is all that matters.

  28. Azzythehillbilly says

    Is that all you have to say, pretty miss? A personal attack? How nice!
    I might be an idiot for commenting on a blog of lies and misrepresentations and inviting personal slurs, but at least I have not sold my spirit or my morals to the Devil in the West.

    It is not hard to see through your litany of lies Khanum. you are wasting your time if you hope to convince us to discard our culture and values.

    I’d rather accept having to wear a burqa, if I have no other choice, then to subscribe to the latest disease from the west.

    We are not ready to slavishly follow what society has turned into in the West. It is evidently not just the so called Islamic Misogyny that you want to destroy madam, It is our entire system of values you are lusting to demolish.

    Do you really believe that we are all blind?

  29. رضا says

    بهتون بی احترامی نمیکنم ولی این کارتون درست نیست.فکراون دنیاتونم باشید یه کم.این کارغیراخلاقی است.درضمن زنان آزاد هستند!

  30. says

    @ Azzythehillbilly

    Nudity is so thrilling.

    Best stay away from the zoo then, you would fap yourself to death.

    Why are you such a prude? There is nothing wrong with nudity. It is not porn – that is just your sick little mind projecting again. It is you who is sexualising nudity. It is you who perverts nature in your own mind.

    Devil in the West

    What a joke. What has nudity got to do with the west? Everyone, in every culture goes nude. Your narrow-minded parochialism is showing. Yet again.

  31. sina says

    مبارز لخت؟؟؟؟
    یکم احمقانه نیست؟
    وخنده دار…………عزیزم ارضا شدنت و چیزای این توری رو نزار پای مبارزه

  32. mohammad Iran says

    they are some bitch and nothing more.
    iranian people loves their country and republic .

    viva islamic republic of Iran.
    down with Hypocrites

  33. Azzy says

    Best Comment

    Ms. Namazie is nothing more than a Zionist shill and a crypto-Jew. Her agenda has always been one of promoting degenerate Western filth to innocent Iranians. These expatriated Persians are dogs. For such a secular humanist and “devout” anti-theist, I’m not surprised this Kike Jewgold peddler did not make any mention of the disgusting holiday of Purim where Jewish rats celebrate their murder of 75,000 innocent Persian women and children.

    Fuck Islam, fuck Arabs, and fuck the Islamic Republic but keep your Western filth out of our motherland you filthy witch.


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