Iranian women in support of the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar

See a video of Iranian women supporting the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calender here.

The Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar will be published here on 8 March 2012 to mark International Women’s Day.

. تقويم انقلابيون برهنه ٬ يک ابتکار اعتراضي بين المللي هشت مارس روز جهاني زن آمده خواهد شد

In the meanwhile join the ‘Scream’ on Facebook and on Twitter: under the hashtag #NudePhotoRevolutionary.


  1. Martyn N Hughes says

    In place of those who want to but can’t…
    I believe in the equality of women and men…
    My nudity is a ‘no’ to stoning to death…
    My thoughts, my body my choice…
    My nudity is a ‘no’ to political Islam…
    Why not?
    I am a woman…

    And I bloody love it!

  2. F says

    Maybe this will put Rush Limbaugh through the roof. Good timing!

    Let women be free of ridiculous controls.


    I appreciate your attempt. But my concern is, do you think that the Nude Calendar would make any meaningful change in the Women’s discrimination in Iran. I am worried if this would create a reactionary attitude by those women who are religious and at the same time who wants to erase those discrimination against women in Iran.


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