Hoping that we return to the right path

Here is one more of the many emails we get at the Council of Ex-Muslims for you to enjoy.

It’s heartwarming, really,  to see all the concern. Here Khalid Najib asks why we don’t all ‘return to the right path’.

Err, Khalid, please don’t bother holding your breath. And thanks for asking but no thanks.

Here’s Khalid’s letter in case any of you ex-Muslim atheists out there want his unsolicited ‘advice’. Please feel free to give him a piece of your mind in the comments section.

Salam Alaiykum, I am writing to this organization as a concerned Muslim. What are you guys doing? Why do you want people out of Islam? Is there anything you didnt understand about the great religion of Islam? You people are former Muslims. I am astonished. Ofcourse it is your personal choice, but please dont give a bad name about Islam. As most of you know, Islam is the best religion. It makes the most sense. Please dont make a bad name about the great teachings of Muhammad (PBUH). Why dont you guys all return to the right path? Allah will bless you in this life and the Afterlife. It isnt too late to return. Thanks For Reading My Message Khalid Najib PS: I respect your freedom, but please consider my message.


  1. piero says

    I find the letter very courteous and polite. I don’t really feel like giving this bloke (I suppose Khalid is a male name) a piece of my mind, in the usual sense of the expression.

    He’s wrong, of course; Islam is a serious contender for the worst religion of all time, and it is pure, 100°-proof nonsense. Muhammad’s teachings are… well, there is no adequate word to describe them; maybe “pestilential”? “Vomitive”?

    Some choice quotations from the Koran:

    “In the mind of Allah, women are like a dirty field for men to plow with their penises. Plow them whenever you like.”

    “If someone murders your slave, then you get to kill one of his. If it was a male that was killed, you kill one of the killer’s male slaves. If a female, you kill a female.”

    “Allah will destroy non-muslim cultures.”

    Also, I would advice Khalid to stop using the acronym PBUH; It sounds like a disparaging exclamation: “Mohammed? Pbuh!.”

  2. David says

    “As most of you know, Islam is the best religion”
    5 Things its the best at
    1 stoneing women to death
    2 Cutting bits off people
    3 Preventing women drivers
    4 Honour killings
    5 Not letting people leave islam

  3. Mriana says

    Islam is the best religion. It makes the most sense.
    Why dont you guys all return to the right path? Allah will bless you in this life and the Afterlife.

    Don’t they know Xians say the same thing? Just change a couple words and make is say, “Christianity is the best religion. It makes most sense. Why don’t you return to the right path? Jesus will bless you in this live and the afterlife.”

    Not to mention Xians will ask what you didn’t understand also. What they say really isn’t much different and add to that, Xians say Xianity is the right religion. So it’s the same thing! With a few exceptions. These guys are really nuts if they think they have a corner on these statements.

  4. says

    Thanks Khalid – it says a lot when I actually feel grateful that your letter was without threats or abusive language. Something I should expect to be the norm from any human being – Muslim or not. Sadly it isn’t. But for the fact that you remained courteous and polite – I will give you credit for that.

    However, thanks, but no thanks.

    “To you, your religion and to me my (lack of) religion” (109:6)


  5. Lotharloo says

    … but please dont give a bad name about Islam.

    Such kind words. He’s giving us too much credit. I’m sorry to disappoint but muslims and muslim should get all the credit. From terrorism, suicide bombings, to honor killings, and oppression of women up do the recent “Kill the apostate!” event. If all the atheists quit their day jobs and work day and night to give Islam a bad name, they cannot accomplish a fraction of bad press that muslims regularly score for Islam.

  6. Martyn N Hughes says

    Yes, it is a very courteous and polite email, however it still doesn’t detract from the fact that the Qur’an is nothing more than a mere political manifesto (just like the Bible and Torah) and Islam does not need any ex-muslim to give it a bad reputation.

    Islam is perfectly capable of doing that itself.

  7. cag says

    Allah will bless you in this life

    How is that working out again? How is life better in Afghanistan than in Canada? Tell me what blessing that religion (islam, christianity, buddhism etc.) has bestowed on anyone that has been denied to atheists, other than placebic lies. A pox on all religion. We will not be swayed by the lies that govern your life.

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