Khomeini and the Dustbin

You know the absurd cardboard cut-outs of Khomeini disembarking a plane to ‘celebrate’ his arrival in Tehran, inspecting the military, and so on (which incidentally heralded the beginning of Islamism’s expropriation of a left-leaning revolution and its slaughter of an entire generation)?

Well, here’s a better place for the cut-out.

It’s called the dustbin of history. And it’s coming soon for the rest of his gang…


  1. lordshipmayhem says

    I’d like to believe that the end is coming soon, but frankly I doubt it. Theocracies like Iran tend to be even more tenacious than regular strong-man dictatorships like Syria and Egypt. Their religious believers try to brainwash the kids into believing that rebelling against the Supreme Leader is the same as rebelling against Gawd, and helps to create fanatical Brownshirt-type oppression willing to crush any hint of opposition to the holy orders of the theologians. The leadership itself feels it has Gawd on its side, and “nobody can defeat us, because we have supreme supernatural power on our side! Fight the apostates!”

    If the Iranian theocracy gets overthrown in my lifetime, I fear that the battle will be epic and bloody, and far from short.

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