We need nudity: In support of Golshifteh Farahani

Iranian actor Golshifteh Farahani has posed nude for a Madame Le Figaro magazine photoshoot in a move that is seen to defend freedom of speech and oppose the strictures against women.

I unequivocally support Golshifteh Farahani.

We need nudity now more than ever to break the hold of Islam and Islamism in our lives particularly since Islam hates a woman’s body like nothing else…


By the way, don’t forget that I am still collecting submissions for the Nude Revolutionaries Calendar in homage to Egyptian blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy. This is an important initiative that must be supported.


  1. PersianPower88 says

    Golshifteh is an incredible actress, she summarized Iranian society under the occupational Islamic Republic “of Iran” perfectly in one of her interviews. She’s truly in tune with the average Iranian and is a true mihan parast unlike that other woman Shohreh Aghdashloo who is a vatan foroush.

  2. Upright Ape says

    In Iran this has caused a firestorm. It is actually worry. This is unmistakably a challenge to the system. Are her family safe?

    • BillyJoe says

      It’s not the way to fame. It’s not meant to be. It’s her way of criticising the misogyny and fear of the female form inherent in Islam.

    • PersianPower88 says

      Your comment is inherently sexist. Choosing to express your sexuality through nudity as a form of protest against womens oppression within the Islamic Republic “of Iran” is a noble act.

      We the Iranian people applaud her.

  3. naseef says

    Islam doesnt hate woman’s body as you said. It says that a woman must reveal her beauty only to her husband. Thats it.

    • says

      Why? A woman is not the property of her husband. She can show her beauty to whomever she wishes. Religions shouldn’t codify extreme sexual jealousy and obsessive control over one’s spouse.

      • alexandar says

        Whores also show their bodies beauty to every one
        you’re not right Mr. winterwind

        Islam considers that woman is precious
        And Should not offer her body for all people

        If you have a valuable piece of diamond and the fear of loss it
        Will you present it to all people ?

        Why do not we consider that the bodies of our women are precious ?

        • Ze Madmax says


          What’s wrong with prostitution? It’s a perfectly valid occupation (assuming it’s undertaken in a social environment that protects workers from abuse, of course!). Your comment does nothing but reflect how your mind is chained to oppressive ideas of morality and patriarchy.

          • Alexandar says

            ze madmax :
            prostitution is not acceptable for billions of people around the world . many countries allowed it but other many does not . so it is not right thing 100%
            peoples , religions , thoughts , laws refuses that . so you can not deny them because you accept prostitution

            And my mind is chained to ( logical not oppressive ) ideas of morality and patriarchy

        • DaveL says

          If you have a valuable piece of diamond and the fear of loss it
          Will you present it to all people ?

          First, women are not objects and their bodies are not commodities. So your analogy fails out of the gate.

          Even so, I take it you’re not aware that extremely valuable gemstones are in fact routinely exhibited to the public?

  4. An Iranian Girl says

    I`m sure that it couldnt be even the last way to support women`s rights. I`m so sorry and ashamed that these weak people only can prove their power in this way and like everyone to pay attention to their body. maybe thay dont want this, but ITS THE THING THAT HAPPENS….

    • PersianPower88 says

      You’ve been brainwashed by Arabo-Islamic nonsense which suggests that a womans body is in some way sacred, it’s sexist nonsense, a woman has the right to do whatever she pleases with her body. This protest was well justified, she did a great service to the oppressed minorities, LGBT community, and women all across Iran.

      Dorood bar Golshifteh!

  5. Qamar says

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    **Namazie, you are worried about one or two murderers and their freedom.what about those innocent girls?.
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    WHY DONT YOU FOCUS on statistics of western countries and protect millions of suffering women there? instead of wasting your time to save one or two murderers of islamic countries?….

  6. Qamar says

    You encourage innocent girls only because you don’t like strict rules which avoids girls being victimized by evil men.
    You being a woman, yourself is a victim of so called freethought of male demagogues.

    What happens when you encourage innocent and ignorant girls like alia maghda el mahdi and golshifteh farahani and they go little further and their children (God forbid me) become the following?

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      • QAMAR says

        **Mariam Namazie, ..The above porn (nude) stars death statistics is copied from a Christian site…..99% of pornography is produced in freethought western countries…..your comparison / statement of sex obsession to Muslims and Qur’an is so funny and a big joke.

        Your tactics to change the reality and the topic into Qur’an itself shows how unintelligent you are, and how deeply you obsessed with “anti Islamic ideology”.

        I can only pray for you for your problem with the following:
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        **Mariam Namazie, you are directly attacking the belief of almost 1.6 billion people around the world…you pretend yourself as a normal person on TV and to the world….don’t you think you are a vulnerable woman having strong OCD?..

    • jimmy60 says

      How do you know that these women are innocent and ignorant or is that assumed because they are women?

      There is a big difference between posing nude and pornography. Nudes aren’t even necessarily erotic and some porn is so graphic it is no longer erotic. Erotic art is one of the oldest art forms we have. Yet by your logic the person who might model nude for an art class is suddenly a porn star. These porn stars that died young usually died from the lifestyle associated with a semi-underground profession. For the most part, it wasn’t the sex or nudity that killed them.

      I think these are intelligent young women who are making a very brave and necessary statement.

    • DaveL says

      You encourage innocent girls only because you don’t like strict rules which avoids girls being victimized by evil men.

      Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to you that these strict rules constitute the victimization of girls by evil men.

  7. rintin says

    Why is she the only one in the ad that bared her chest? Are only “ethnic” women’s chests suitable for that kind of exposure? This smacks of Orientalism.

    • says

      Sadly, modern fashion photographers sometimes incorporate racist tropes into their art. For example, sexually objectifying or exotifying the bodies of African/Middle Eastern/Asian women while presenting the bodies of white women as pure and virtuous.

      But in this case, Ms Farahani was making a protest against repression. We should respect her autonomy and take her nude photo in the spirit it was intended, i.e. an assertion of her own freedom and control of her own body. That’s a sentiment we should all support, regardless of misgivings we might have about exploitation of women through nudity.

  8. Kris says

    Hi Ms. Namazie, I would just like to thank you for posting these kinds of stories. Golshifteh Farahani is one brave woman.

    I can’t believe some of the commenters here (naseef, Yo, etc.), it’s truly distressing :(

  9. sunny says

    she seems to a good actress but 1 thing is for sure she has a good body & wonderful assets. i dont see a reason she should not go ahead and show to the world what she has got. for __ women its high time to shed their clothes and come out in open.
    she has done a good job and she should be rewarded if she chooses to do this on day to day basis.
    i wish her all the best and urge her to be open and wild because not just some men but the whole world likes nude women.


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